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Man I really like it. Well done! :)

Hey really nice template. It’s simple and really well built. One thing I noticed was the round edges at the top are kinda edgy. Other than that, this template is really great.

Thanks a lot. I really apreciate your opinions.

Best regards

try to make this a wordpress theme..will be great (felicitari)

will there be an html version? nice work!

I will make a html version of the layout as soon as possible (hope in a week). Thanks a lot for the good thoughts.


beautiful. If you decide to post that background on graphicriver, let me know. I’d love to buy it.

Nice :) When you do make a HTML /WP version, could you make the background changeable? Cheers :) I would buy but I dunno how to code into HTML :P

very nice.

I’m very flattered that you guys like my layout :)

Thanks again so much.

Really great design mate!

Great Design… Is there an html version??

Best Regards,

yeah, this is really nice PSD theme, clean and detailed. Good luck buddy!

You guys are the best :) There will be a html version…next week I think.


i wait hmtl version then i buy ;) thank you (merci!)

Waiting for HTML version also ! Great design

Ok guys, I will hurry up the things with the HTML version.

Best regards!

Love it! The kind of template that makes an impact on your visitors.

Can see a definite use for a HTML version, it’s this kind of quality that makes ThemeForest work!


I agree with Jigowatt. (The guy whos created loads of decent designs & that on ThemeForest) Creating designs like that could make you get rich quick on here ;)