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Hi, I installed this theme and there are few things that aren’t working for me:

• New events aren’t showing up in the event calendar • The slider was working but now it doesn’t • I believe there is something missing in the index.php because whatever I page I select to be the static homepage, doesn’t pull in the same styles as the others ( I did find a work around by adding post offset div in the meantime)

There are a few more issues. Should I create a ticket on the support forum?

The site in question is horizonatharrys.com/dev

Thanks in advance

Hi mascotagency, yes please open up support ticket, I’ll help You out there. Cheers

Will do. Thanks again.

would it be possible to possible to have just one post at the front page instead of showing one image and a summary of the post?

Hello, is it possible to add a link to the background with an image? and i still like to insert a link in the main banner/slider on the top, for this one http://www.zoomenlinea.com/, but i dont really know how to, in html/css, or where is the exact file to!! Thankyou!!

Hi diega, You want to have clickable background ? For links You have to edit header.php change html markup and add some styles for it. Cheers

Thanks a lot!! Yes i d like to have a clickable (link) for the background; in terms of the links for the header banner, i found the “header.php” but i m not that good with html/css, could you help me, being more specific?

The event calendar plugin isn’t displaying events through month of December and January. Would it be possible to get some assistance with this issue?

Hi mascotagency, thanks for reporting this. Ill fix this ASAP, Cheers

Just submited update for review, please message me via codecanyon contact form and leave Your email address if You want that update. Review process may take some time. Cheers :)

Will do. Thank you.

Hello, i edit header.php change html markup and styles, to embed a link in the Slider/banner, but I failed all the template. Is there a specific code to insert? or is it possible to switch to another slider, that allows insert links? I REALLY NEED TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, because clients advertise on the slider”“

Thanks for your time and patience!!!

I have installed the theme and the right side widget menu is appearing on left. Also the YoPress I selected the Flexi one and it is not appearing. Can you please let me know whats the issue?

Hi aliafsar, please open ticket at https://yosupport.freshdesk.com Then i’ll be able to help You. Thats the only way…

I am considering buying this theme, however I have a few questions: (Disclaimer: I am very new to the world of website creation. Please excuse me if the questions seem a bit elementary)

1. Is it possible to add a store/ecommerce portion to this theme at some point? Specifically, is the theme compatible with wordpress ecommerce?

2. Is it possible to change the names of the tabs?

3. Is it possible to include more tabs at the top of theme?

4. Is it possible to embed videos from youtube as well as post self-hosted videos?

5. Can you show me an example of how the self-hosted video format would appear on this theme?

6. Is there a login feature to the theme?

Thanks! :)

Hi, please e-mail us support@yosoftware.com and I have all the answers for you.

Hi, just bought this theme and I got this error when activating it.

“Warning: file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/customers/f/6/5/clubglamour.se/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/orangeWP/yopress/core/interface/IRunableComponent.php/WP_User_Search.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/customers/f/6/5/clubglamour.se/httpd.www:/customers/f/6/5/clubglamour.se/httpd.private:/customers/f/6/5/clubglamour.se/tmp:/customers/clubglamour.se/clubglamour.se:/var/www/diagnostics:/usr/share/php) in /customers/f/6/5/clubglamour.se/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/orangeWP/yopress/core/YoPressBase.php on line 560”

Please need help?!

Hi AlbinApple, thanks for reporting this strange error. I’ll check this and let You know asap. Cheers

Thanks for fast respons. I’ve tried to install both Wordpress 3.4 & 3.5 and the latest wordpress-version but still getting the same errors. Please let me know when you’ve got a solution on this problem!

Any solutions on this problem?


I am using both Orange Themes: It looks good. www.djotto.com One problem I am with the Word Press part: I need a category search or index. When I reference the site with clients I need to be able to find the individual posts. Thanks

No, In word press I use the ‘Category’ tag for venues I have worked at and for sorting dates: ie. ‘Wedding 2013’ is a tag. I want to able to search by tags.

Will this theme be compatible with Wordpress 3.8??!

Yes. It is.

Thanks so much, but now, will this theme be made compatible with Wordpress 3.9? With 3.9 I cant see the YO shortcode menu item on the text area on pages, posts, etc.

Hi, i purchased the template a while ago

now rss and xml feeds are not working

my website: http://www.middleeast.fm/

please check feed links:

http://www.middleeast.fm/xmlrpc.php http://www.middleeast.fm/feed/

Thank you

With 3.9 I cant see the YO shortcode menu item on the text area on pages, posts, etc. Is there an update coming soon??!

Can any one help pls. When I put “Front page displays” as “Static Page” I cant open ANY post or calendar link. But when I switch to “Your latest posts” all works like a charm. And one other question is there any forum for this theme?

I have opened the ticked but no answer so far.

P.S. First it was on WP 3.9 and then I have dowgrade it to 3.5, and still same problem.


One other thing I can’t find any PSD files inside…

There are no PSD files on it. Please send to us. Thank you.

Hi blitzblitz, sorry, looks like it was not included into latest package, leave your email here or at https://yosupport.freshdesk.com and ill send you zip with psd via email. Cheers :)

Thanks for your quick response.

hi .. pre-purchase question .. can i add custom link on the event image ? new tab to eventbrite for example

Hi loailabani, you can set Buy url, image link always links to event page, Cheers :)