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Looks great, best of sales mate!

Tristan Gerrard..

Thank you!

When wordpress will upgrade, if your theme will not compatible, do you update your theme ?

Thks :)

Yep, we are going to upgrade the theme when WordPress does.

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Looks awesome! Good luck with sales ;)

Is available in white background?

Not at the moment, will add this option soon.

Trying it out.

I can’t get the slider working. I have it setup to display 5 images from a certain category on the front page. No images show up. Anything I’m missing?

Hi, make sure you are using “featured image” option, do not insert images into the post. One post = one slider image. The perfect image size is 1090×384px If you need further assistance please e-mail us directly support@yosoftware.com

No portfolio post type?

Will take care of it ASAP. Thank for your feedback.

i like the theme except for the div.post-options… too bulky imo… easy to modify if i buy the theme?

If you’d like to delete the entire block just simply find a function named “YoliteBase::postOptions();” in the desired loop (all loops are placed in files with the content prefix ) and comment/delete it.

This will delete the entire block, but you’ll get rid of the “read more” button also though.

any suggestions on how to modify it so I somehow get the read more button but delete the block? added it to my list of possible purchases next later this month.

We’ll be more then happy to assist you once you have the theme. Thanks for your interest!


What about boxed one?

At the moment, there isn’t a boxed version.

Hi, I would like to know if this is compatible with a store/ecommerce plugin? And since the layered psd files are included, is it possible to change it the black bottom to a white background?

Yes, its possible to change to a white background in the psd.

Hi. What’s the date format for Event Calendar? There’s no reference to this either in the theme or in documentation.

Hi, the date format is DD/MM/YYYY ie. 12.03.2013 When adding new event to the calendar you’re using date picker on the right hand side of the screen, labaled Event Date. Cheers!

There’s no datepicker. Besides, when I click on this event in the widget, it takes me to 404 page. I tried DD/MM/YYYY format and 12.03.2013. None show up on the calendar page. Your guide does not explain anything about Event Calendar. What did I miss?

Please e-mail us at support@yosoftware.com and I will guide you through.

Having issues with the calendar page in WP. I can create an event but it doesn’t show in the calendar page, nor does the calendar work, there are no dates in the calendar, its just blank.

How do I fix?

Hello, the bug’s alredy been fixed, the update is being processed at the moment by the ThemeForest staff. You should be able to get the updated version very soon. If you can’t wait just e-mail us at support@yosoftware.com and I will forward you latest, fixed theme. Sorry for the trouble.

The latest update, including calendar fix is up and ready to download.

Does your events page have a list view?

I am look desperately for a nice new theme that has a good events side of it.

But really need a good looking events list view rather than a calendar view.

And also need a good widget for up and coming events.

Please let me know


Sorry, no list view as of yet. Will include that one in the next update. Thanks for your feedback.

I’m having problems with the Contact page. I have created a contact page and selected the Contact template, but my page is blank and there are no options in WP for the contact page.

I was hoping the recent update which came out yesterday would resolve this issue but it hasn’t.

I have noticed that I there isn’t a contact.php file in my folder I downloaded.

Please advise.

Hi there, please check your e-mail.

Can anyone recommend a good gallery plugin that will work with this theme?

Hi, e-mailed you again.

Hi, I want to delete the default logo, I don’t have a logo myself. But when I go to delete the default logo all I can do is add a new logo. I can’t delete the one that is already there.

How can I delete the default logo?


Hello Panadadon, u need to have a logo. As I workaround you could just upload transparent file. We will include this feature in our next update. Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated!

hi, i was just checking out the demo and realized your theme doesn’t have gallery? can u add this option? i really need that.

Sure there is a gallery ie. http://yosoftware.com/themeforest-wp/?p=245 Any further questions e-mail us support@yosoftware.com

oh ok cool. so there is a gallery tab in the admin where i can just add images to create a gallery? also do u provide sample data just like your demo to get us started?

Our theme uses WP built-in gallery functionality so you can insert gallery within any post or static page you create. Additionally gallery is combined with our custom gallery widget which can be placed in a sidebar for example. Sure I will e-mail you the sample data to get you started just e-mail me one you purchase the theme.

ERROR: Shortcodes in kitchen sink are failing. You are calling function that requires WP core without loading. Causing error in tinyMCE

Could You point us which Shortcodes did fail? I just checked and all of them works fine…

when using the YO button within tinyMCE, for buttons, or icons. WP 3.5.1

Can you paste exact error via e-mail to support@yosoftware.com ? We will be happy to resolve your problem. Also please write your os and browser. Cheers :)

Is it possible to add a color theme (yellow) my self? Or can this be done in an adminpanel? (didn’t buy the theme yet)

It cannot be done in an admin panel but you can do it yourself by modifying the theme. Will try to add more colours in the next update, thanks for your feedback.

Having issues with the calendar page in WP. The calendar does not show events nor calendar month, its just blank. I’m also having problems with the Contact page. I cannot create a contact page and there are no options in WP for the contact page.

Don”t know if i have the latest update everyone is talking about but just purchased yesterday. Also noticed that there isn’t a contact.php file in my folder I downloaded.

Please advise.

Hi, e-mailed u.