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Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to turn off the comments on particular pages. I only want to have comments on a few pages and not all of them.

Any suggestions, as I cannot see an option to do this when I create new pages.

You can turn on/off comments in “screen options”, in the top corner, just under your avatar.

Hi I just wanted to know whether it is possible to change the date format in the calendar in this theme.

I am developing the site for a friend based in America, but I don’t see an option to change the date format within the WP settings for this theme and the normal settings in WP doesn’t seem to work when I try changing the date format there either.

Any suggestion into how I can change the date format to be Americanized?

Hi, there is solution for that. Please open event_custom_post.php and on line 61 adjust date format or change it to

jQuery( ”#event_date_input” ).datepicker({ dateFormat: ’<?php echo get_option(‘date_format’); ?>’ });

This will use your wordpress default date format. We will include this in future theme update, cheers :)

Hi I had applied the code fix for the date format which worked, but the fix has made the calendar stop working and the events added now do not show in the calendar.

Is this due to the fix? How do I get this section working again?

Thanks for the help.

Could I see Your changed code? Please write to support@yosoftware.com and ill try to help You get this calendar events section working again :)

great theme, is there anyway of making the logo area / dimension bigger

At the moment only manually by editing core.css, on line 7 adjust width and height to your needs, Cheers :)

nice one. many thanks :)

hi there

i cant figure out how to make the main slider image different from the post on the home page.

i keep getting a duplicate, the main slider post is the same as the first post on my home page

can you help



Hi, this is how the theme works, if you want to keep them separate you need to create slider specific category ie. slider and use it as a feed for the slider in YoPress settings. This way you can distinguish what you want to have in the slider and what goes into the mail blogroll. Hope this helps.

hi there

i want to change the height of the feature images on the front page and post pages, can you advice me please

Hi, unfortunately you cannot adjust the size of the images in the WP or theme settings, these are fixed values but if you wish you could edit the functions.php file, lines 143-146

add_image_size(‘event_thumb’, 165, 232, true); add_image_size(‘gallery_thumb’, 134, 134, true); add_image_size(‘post_index_thumb’, 340, 208, true); add_image_size(‘slider_image’, 1090, 384, true);

Once edited you need to upload correctly sized images fot the changes to take effect. Hope this helps. If you need further assistance please e-mail us directly support@yosoftware.com

Greets, Yosoftware Team

Hello, good evening. I looked at your template and I ended up really enjoying just have a doubt. In the right column “CHECK OUT OUR HOT HD VIDEOS! ” Did these videos is a category? Ie I create a post where I define a category Video and he appears? Could you elaborate?

If I take the video and put a post in a new category that is not a video but a picture that will give access to a post on the site will work?


Its our very own video widget – you define in which category the widget has to look for videos. If any are found, it returns them in a list thats visible in the sidebar. So – yes. Its category dependant.

There is the option category boxes?

hi i cant seem to get the theme colors to work, works when i preview but after i save and loo online it always stays orange

Hi, You need to change it in core.css and include color theme which You want. Its all described in documentation, Cheers :)

There is the option category boxes?

No such an option at the moment.

In the index blog dont create good two columns of every post when the categories are different. See the example in my web please. http://placereternoxxx.com/ (is a adult content +18)

Hi, this is normal, as for how html works, you need to keep the formatting of your titles and exerpt the same and your posts will layout properly. Hope this helps. Nice pages :D

now I keep the formatting in my titles and excerpt are the same… but the layout no show properly… please check out and help me

Can you please e-mail support@yosoftware.com and I will guide you from there.

Is there an ideal size for the “advertisement” portion of site?

Hi, I am not sure if I know what you mean by ideal size. You can put ads in sidebar, in all widgetized areas, you could use the slider as and ad holder plus there are widgets in the footer and a special place above the footer. The best tool we can recomand for managing ads with maximum ease is http://codecanyon.net/item/60-second-ad-manager/4489071 If you need further assistance please open a ticket http://yosupport.freshdesk.com Cheers!

This template accepts the version of wp 3.5.1? thank you

Yes, it does.

Hi there, how is it possible to show more than 1 event per day in the calendar? At the moment only 1 event is shown no matter if I created 2 or more events for the same day.

Hi bizzl007, at the moment only one event per day, but theme update with better calendar and few new features is comming really soon, stay tuned :)

Hi and thank you for your great theme my question is: is there a way to change logo and use swf animated logo? if yes whats the best way to achieve that?

thank you

how to do that or example? thanx

The home page wont show in full width for some reason

Please open ticket at http://yosupport.freshdesk.com and we will try to see why thats happening…

hi love the theme, how do i take off your name off the copyright…no option unless i go in backend????

hi lenalevy, You will need to edit themes/orange/footer.php and remove it there on line 21, Cheers :)

thank you…how do i not maake the slider link to another page…like a post??? i dont want the slider to be clickable…all the pages are coming up like posts too. this is a theme for a restaurant…not a blog?

Depends on which slider are You using but just remove <a> elements from there and leave just images (slider*.php files). Cheers :)


How do I change the logo? I can only see a favicon upload?


Created little how to for You http://cl.ly/image/1C3s2o3S1U2v When You will click on Customize You’ll see option to change the logo :)

Hi, I appreciate this and I am aware how it usually works, the only way I can change the header image is by deactivating your theme!. I raised a ticket with a screen shot! Thanks :-)

Hey, wrote reply to Your ticket. :)

Where I find the Easy XML Downloader – .xml with demo content? I’m waiting thanks

Hi gabrielvela, thank You for purchase. Here You can get xml file http://cl.ly/code/270Y0x3R420o

Hello! Good night! How are you? Thank you for the answer, I had success in doing what you told me. I have another doubt. I published a post with an image in the “Featured Image”, but it is not appearing the entire image, just a part of it. How can I do to appear the entire image on the post? Thank you very much!

Hi, can you please tell us the exact situation. It would be the most convenient if you could post a ticket here http://yosupport.freshdesk.com/ Cheers!

I have the same problem as khaliddaniels with calendar its not showing dates or events please reply to findasound@gmail.com thank you

Sent You an email

Is there a way to install the full theme as it looks in your live preview and then alter it from there? Would like to take how you have it organized and then customize it from there.

Thank you.

Hi MjBiller, thank You for purchase. Here You can download xml file with demo content http://cl.ly/code/2v2c2U1X0u3q/previewwebsite.wordpress.2013-06-05.xml , Cheers

In Wordpress admin you will need to go to Tools > Import and install Wordpress Importer and then import that file.

How do you change the main blog page to just be 1 post across (plus the sidebar), like you have in your live preview? The default right now has 2 posts next to each other and then a sidebar.

Hi, can you point me to this example. Please do so by opening your ticke here yosupport.freshdesk.com Cheers!