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Hii I am using the Facebook Plugin to insert the Facebook Like Box in the Widget. I add a code to the Facebook files to make this and the Coment Box(for the post) responsive, and it works but only in the post page and not in the home. Please I need to fix these, because if it works responsive in the post-pages, why not in the home????

my web is http://www.egocitymgz.com

thanks a lot….

Hi tocancipa, please open ticket at http://yosupport.freshdesk.com/ , let me know which facebook plugin is it and we will try to fix this. Cheers

The same problem capitalnewmedia: Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to turn off the comments on particular pages. I only want to have comments on a few pages and not all of them.

In some pages is not necessary have the comment box and social network

I’m waiting thanks

Hi Gabrielvela, sure you can, it is supported by Wordpress out of the box, have a look a this vid tutorial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD08CkyaZYw

Ok and the and social network ? Thanks

Hi, I’m curious what the changelog of the last themeversion is? (As I also mailed a couple of days ago).

I can’t discover the new changes on the website nor in the zip file of the latest version.

Cheers, C

Hi, okay, so no more detailed info than this? ... Too bad. Since I’ve changed some CSS elements, what is the best way to upgrade to this latest version? Only overwrite specific files? (I want to use the latest version of the Events calendar for instance)

Events calendar is now supplied as plugin You need to install

You only answer an example question. Nevermind, I’ll sort it out myself. You are not really helping out.

Hello, Great theme but I have installed several versions of wordpress and everytime I add a page and it adds it to the main menu, the menu seems to be lacking the CSS, it looks all screwed up, left justified instead of right justified and no rollover, etc.! This is a fresh install… whats the problem? Any ideas?

Hello :) Yes you can, you will need to edit php file as its not yet implemented as admin option. Open yopress/core/widgets/video/video_widget.php on line 26 and replace it with

$args = array('category' => $instance['cat_ID'], 'orderby' => 'rand');

its makes sense, but unfortunately when I add that small piece of php code, it breaks it. It does randomize the selection everytime I reload but it only loads the first video and I loose the list (had 5 listed) and it seems to break all the widgets around it. Any thoughts?

Please open ticket at https://yosupport.freshdesk.com and ill guide You from there its the only way. Cheers :)

How can i disable mobile version?

Hi gabrielvela, thank You for purchase. You will need to remove css media queries. Thats also good option to include in admin area for next update…

Hi, I cant seem to make the content for the events calendar to link to the content page. Any suggestions? Each time i create a new event under the events section, the pop up populates on the calendar highlight prompting a link to the ‘view poster’ but it just takes me to a broken link page not found.

Hi ambermemerick, please open ticket at https://yosupport.freshdesk.com and provide more details about Your page. Also please try to enable/disable for a moment custom permalinks in Your WP instance

Nice Template, i download the xml file to make it look like the live preview but i accidentally delete files of the PAGES AND MEDIA, when i tried to reload the xml file again, it says that all files already exists, there is a way to do all the process again? Can i Change the color of the background and the green color in the css or i have to change them in phostoshop?


Hi diega, You will need to delete those files and posts, alos remove them from Trash. Then try to load xml again. About colors, there are different css colors templates included. You will need to just use one of them. Cheers :)

It worked, thankyou very much!!! 1- How can i upload images in the widgets for advertising? 2-Is it possible to put Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr in the Social Hub and also in the posts? 3-I m not able to generate the calendar grid, perhaps im missing something: http://www.zoomenlinea.com/zoom%20wordpress/?page_id=688 4-The Twitter latests doesnt work with the ID,perhaps is a problem with the widgets? Best!!!

Hi diega, 1. You need to set featured image for post to upload that image. 2. Yes its possible but You have to add those buttons on Your own, You will need to css code 3. You need to add events with posters 4. For twitter You have to use twitter handle not ID. Cheers :)

Hi Yosoftware, everything worked!! Is it possible to tell me where is the archive, or te code for one social media? Instagram perhaps!!


It really worked, thankyou!! Can i change the template to sapnish?

Sure, just open .po/.mo files with PoEdit app and add translation for Your language. Cheers

I change the file .po/.mo in PoEdit, then, exchange it for the the new one, and still in english, perhaps you know what could be the problem?

Hi, can i change the background from dark to white? how I can do this? thanks

Hi annienaranjo, You will need to edit css files and change background color of body #footer and few others. Also then You will need to adjust font colors from white to black. Good way of checking colors is to use right click on element You want to check then Inspect Element (Chrome)

Thank you very much for replying, I have another question, why the text that appears on the cover below each post not appear? only appears ”...” how do I get this look? thanks

Hi I just buoyed the theme, but I’m not find the demo data to import, I’m not have too much time to create or design right now , I just need substitute the data for the presentation. BTW the text over the pages is black.

ticket submitted

I just want to say I’m very disappointed with this theme + the support. I install WP last version, with the regular themes, uninstalled, remove the domain name in case; but still the same issue: multiple error like this one:

Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/home/MU_ACCOUNT_USER_NAME/public_html/MY_DOMAIN_NAME/wp-content/themes/orangeWP/yopress/core/interface/IRunableComponent.php/YoPressOgTags.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/MU_ACCOUNT_USER_NAME/public_html/MY_DOMAIN_NAME:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/tmp) in /home/MU_ACCOUNT_USER_NAME/public_html/MY_DOMAIN_NAME/wp-content/themes/orangeWP/yopress/core/YoPressBase.php on line 560

Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/home/MU_ACCOUNT_USER_NAME/public_html/MY_DOMAIN_NAME/wp-content/themes/orangeWP/yopress/core/interface/IComponentName.php/YoPressOgTags.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/MU_ACCOUNT_USER_NAME/public_html/MY_DOMAIN_NAME:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/tmp) in /home/MU_ACCOUNT_USER_NAME/public_html/MY_DOMAIN_NAME/wp-content/themes/orangeWP/yopress/core/YoPressBase.php on line 560

the only response for the support was:

Hi IrieJoy, That looks like server side issue. You will need to adjust allowed paths in php.ini

I test different themes (premium, wp defaults, etc.), the only one show that behavior is this one. Is not supposed adjust nothing. On the dscription you not said anything about config php.ini to work.

I test really high end or heavy stuff theme like directory with multi-engines including paypal, geolocation, galleries in same domain and configuration. I get this one because the style, but really was a worst one. The way that the framework is configured really sucks

Hi, wrote another reply in support desk

Hi Yo, Is it possible to put a link in each slide of the main banner?


Hello, i mean in the main banner/slider on the top, id like to insert a link for this one http://www.zoomenlinea.com/, but i dont really know how to, in html/css, or where is the exact file to!! Thankyou!!

Is it possible to put an image for background of the web?

I already get to insert the image for the background, is it possible to add a link to that image background? and i still like to insert a link in the main banner/slider on the top, for this one http://www.zoomenlinea.com/, but i dont really know how to, in html/css, or where is the exact file to!! Thankyou!!

Hi I have a problem. When I use this theme the user roles doesn’t work. When I assign role contributor to a user he can’t write an article. Instead he ’s receiving this message “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” With other themes it works fine. Also the roles editor and author has access to almost all the settings of my wordpress but it isn’t right

Are there any news about my issue???

Hi, yes i did submit update. Its now in review and should be ready for download later today. Cheers

Thanx for the update. The problem is fixed

why the text that appears on the cover below each post not appear? only appears ”...” how do I get this look? and how to change the color of the box where you write comments? thanks!

Still wait for response of what is happened http://themeforest.net/item/orangewp-magazine-theme/discussion/4208180#comment_4743872 over 13 days ago nothing fix. I want a refund. I need open the website, now I can’t use other theme because still on hold, because the fix.

With the new update of the theme I have another problem. When I use widget “Yopress: Twitter Latest” I don’t get any tweets, instead it says “Loading…” I noticed that in Yopress settings>General, there are “Twitter Feed Settings” but I don’t know what I have to write there.

Hi Legor, update comes with new Twitter api, for this to work You will need to generate api keys and secrets. Please follow these steps: go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps and create new app. After that you will have those keys and secrets. Cheers

Please can you advise how to do the following.

1) How to set frontpage 2) How to show events calendar 3) Left sidebar template to import it.

4) Can you provide an XML file so we can import the demo content?

Hi buzzitmedia, Ad 1. You need to setup slider (YoPress->Slider), setup front page to display latest posts (Settings -> Reading) Ad 2. You need to install wp-event-calendar plugin (its located in plugins directory of themeforest zip) Ad 3. What do You mean by import sidebar ? Ad 4. Here is xml demo file http://f.cl.ly/items/2S2C1k1e2J2v3A2u0L0g/orangewptheme.wordpress.2013-09-12.xml

Hello, is it possible to add an image behind teh slider? (on the colored area), in a easy way? Thanks. (i know a bit of css)

Hi id820, Yes thats possible. Simply add background-image:url(path/to/image.jpg) css attribute into #slider

Hi a few months ago I purchased the Orange WP theme. At the time it was suitable for my needs, but for some reason, in the last few weeks, my WP control panel seems to have all these messages displayed that say:

“One shall not simply remove the author of this theme!”

I cannot upload any images to the WP control panel, cannot create any new pages and nothing seems to work anymore.

Has this theme or site been hacked? How do I fix this issue?

Hi capitalnewmedia, i’ll make sure dev team check this out asap.

Any news, on how I can solve the issue of the Orange WP?

Same question as buzzitmedia from 2 days ago. I am trying to recreate the Events page and I have downloaded the plugin but now I don’t know what to do. Any help would be great!

Hi chatteryak, You need to install wp-event-calendar plugin. Then You’ll be able to see Events section below posts in WP menu. Cheers

Many things doesn’t work!!! I specify “no sidebar option” but i get a free space instead of the sidebar!!! I click on “don’t allow comments” but the comments are still being showed in my page…

We are working on a fix, update is coming.