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nice work, GLWS :)

This looks great and I would love to use this but since purchasing it we have had issues with it adapting on smartphones. We have found the same issue with the demo profile on this site as well. Please help as I don’t want to source a replacement

can you please send the problem specific to our mail? you can send message using our TF profile.


Orbit 7 is by far the best Drupal theme I have seen (for our needs), but what really surprised me was the professional and rapid support we received from the webPentagon guys.

Long story short: excellent theme with the most professional support we have ever encountered.

For us this has made a real difference – thumbs up guys!

I would like to highlight the below mentioned items. Need to be sure that your template can provide these point:

1- This template can support a video gallery and audiovisual events production ?if yes, what are the different formats it accepts ?

2- The plateform of this template is it customizing ? if yes, give all details to make.

3- Is it possible to add a video or animation before accessing the homepage?

4- Can we add a background music in this template ?

5- What would I supposed to get as features after purchasing your template at $45 ?


if you are expert then you can add all things. we will give support to help you understand the points which are shown in demo. suppose, you want to add background music. we didn’t add this or show this on demo. but this can be possible. then there need to add the system.

buying with 45$ product means you can use what we have shown in demo.

we added loader not video before home page loading. this is another technology. we can do this. but there need to add extra feature.

please send us mail using our TF profile for further query.


Great looking theme! Is your implementation of Revolution Slider integrated with Drupal’s Views and Content Type?

thanks. yes, slider developed using views and content type.

Yesterday i’ve write a mail about the responsive effect on smartphone and tablet, at the moment i have no receive any response. I’ve found the solution, orbit7 needs this meta tag <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0” /> to be responsive, without this tag responsive work only on desktop pc and notebook when resize the window. The fastest way i’ve found is to add a html.tpl.php on /templates directory and add this tag directly. But maybe exists a better way to solve this problem?

thanks for your advise. we have added this in our demo. please check the view source. you will see this.

I need to ask since the theme mentions including PSD files, however the downloaded purchased file did not contain those PSDs. Any help with that? Thanks!

sent you a mail.

I need to ask since the theme mentions including PSD files, however the downloaded purchased file did not contain those PSDs. Any help with that? Thanks!

sent you a mail.

Please, I can not install it. the whole look is wrong shows slidebox missing.

I followed the video and created me this http://hypocentrumbrno.cz/web/

it is possible that you told me you told me to make this work in an already running website?

can you please send your cpanel/hosting access as we need database information? you can send this information to our mail using our TF profile.

Hello webPentagon. How can I make the theme load faster? Takes to much time to load, not only in my site but on every one I have tried the theme, you can check you our preview http://webpentagon.com/demo/themeforest/drupal/orbit7/ which also takes a lot to load.

Please help! Thanks

Actually this is quite critical. if we remove some js some action will be hamper. As you saw our demo first then buy, you could ask such question before purchase. TF publish this item after see our demo also.

You can ask refund from TF. if they get problem and give you refund, we have no problem.


Yes, indeed is quite critical. The theme it´s useless if it takes so much time to load. I thought it was a server or configuration problem before I bought it and try it. If you know that this theme is slow you should put it on the specifications.

Plus it doesn´t look nice on mobile either, so it´s not very responsive.

Yes, I want my money back. Please tell what I have to do. Thanks

Please contact to TF authority. They manage all transaction.


Any updates on loading speed improvements? Will it be addressed and when? If not, what suggestions can you give to improve the loading speed after the purchase?

Kind regards Raido

actually we developed based on html item. we are finding issues but don’t know the reason to fix.