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Good job, friend :)

Thanks Toan :)


I am very interested in the layout. I just have some questions. Can I put more links in the menu layout? Can I change the size of the logo? Can I add an image like this example: http://www.creasp.org.br/img/egov.png I want to make a picture like this to stay above the logo and menu Orbitz. You can? Will you help me?



- yes you can put more links to the menu - you can change logo size/image - you can add http://www.creasp.org.br/img/egov.png image above the logo-menu - and yes we’ll give our support

Great work! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks skatusic :)

I also know that the images of the session (Recent works) can be automatically passing?

Did you mean that ‘recent works images’ inserted automatically?

Yes I wonder if this session RECENT WORKS can be automatically passing style carousel. You can?


I already bought the layout you.

I changed my logo and put greater.

Now I need to put that logo up a little more, you can tell me how to do it?

I’m in the CSS folder, but I’m not getting.


Please send email via http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio contact form

Hi, I just purchased the template. But found bugs on menu bar, some images are missing.. I didn’t change anything on it yet.. Please have a look at following site:


I’ve updated the download package, please re-download and use the latest


I have some things I want to do the layout Orbitz and want to tell you bought with your help.

1 – I want to put numbers on the slides jquery. Because of the way he is, the user can not pass the slides. It is bad to see the slideshow automatically pass.

2 – How do I put the news Latest from the blog for over the icons, like this: Responsive layout, etc..

Latest from blog I want to stay and then come before the icons.

3 – I want you to help me because the layout is not showing up correctly in browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chroeme.


Makes enough time I’m trying to contact and you do not even answer the emails I have sent.

That’s a lack of respect.

A shame!

Do you offer support and fail.

Hi, why the tweets feed doesn,t work?