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Thank you, drupalet.

Nice Copy from Treehouse

Thank you, ArtTiculas.

Amazing Inspiration :D Good Job

Good Luck with sales

Thank you, 2AA. I did my very best! :D

Thank you, RoundedHexagon!

Probably a bit too much like, but an easy template to work with and customize.

Thank you, STYX2109!

V1.2 update now available for download. Added 2 new layouts and a working contact form.

Hi there, any guide for changing the main image or image size(business name)


Hello leviscoca. Thank you for purchasing! To change the hero background, get to the CSS file under hero. It should be in the first few lines. I suggest using a 1920px wide image. As for the logo, you should be able to have an exact spacing when using 35px height images. Just make sure to make it transparent.

V1.2 update now available for download. Added 2 new layouts and a working contact form.

where is waypointsRefresh and scrollSpyRefresh defined?

Thank you for your purchase, cjavilla. That does not do any effect on this particular theme. I used the same script from one of my themes (Colma) here with the waypoints CSS3 animation. You can take it out or just leave it as is.

V1.2 update now available for download. Added 2 new layouts and a working contact form.


I am looking for some customisation done to this page. Would you available for such a task?

Please provide me your email and I will explain my requirements there.


Cant get the contact form to work.

What was your issue? Did you change the email address in the PHP file? Everything works here.

Yes, I changed the email address in the php file. I think it may be a JS issue as the form is not able to be submitted –

Did you change any file paths? Send me an inquiry with one of those demo forms (using this theme’s demo) and I will confirm your data just to know the forms are working fine.

Should have checked the fine print on the photos….you could at least provide links and size requirements for purchase.

Hello. Thank you for your purchase. What link or size requirement? I am not if i understand.

Thanks for the reply. The links and sizes of photos used in your demo would have been useful. Images sizes were found after looking for them. My hero image and text isn’t responsive for iOS 7 but everything else seems fine.

Hi, Please help me update the post-inscription message on Contact 3 form. “Thanks for contacting us! We will get back to you very soon”. Which file is it located in ?

Moreover, while I change the notification address in “subscribe.php” by my own email, any notification is getting to me … Could you give more information in order to receive the subscriptions please ?

Many thanks for your reply

Hello. To edit the confirmation message, open script-3.js file. To receive subscription, all you have to is change the email address to your own and thats it.

Hi. Confirmation message is alright. Many thanks for your support.

About the email address, I updated “subscribe.php” file with my own. Do I have to duplicate this modification in “contact-3.php” (form I’m using) because I didn’t receive anything until now.

Many thanks for reply

hi,we bought the templet from here,but doestn’t work in our host,would you give us the way to upload into our host. Furthmore,would you please tell us the method in how to change the subscribe email; Eric

Eric, just replied your email. Thank you.

I need help. I installed theme, everything works fine except for the contact form. Before submitting the details the header say “Get Started Now”. Even after submitting form header says same. How do I change it when the form is submitted?

hello! is it possible to get the Header (with logo and Hotline/Social), sticky – always on top in Layout 3/4 ? thanks!


I need help for the site no. 3.

1. The Form doesn’t work well. It doesn’t show errors if the field isn’t filled. 2. The telephone number is not in the email 3. Google fonts use “latin-ext”, but when I put latin-ext correctly, fonts for latin-ext are not displayed still.

I will send you URL on private.

and another question

the email from the form is quite messy. The text from the field go to the subject.

Can you make the email more clear like e.g.:

in the text-message: Name: ......... Email: ......... Phone: .......

I have notice this email goes to spam directly, can you use php script in better way, because other email forms of another scripts bypass spam folder.

and the last thing:

Some letters of our language don’t show correctly, can you decode them in the right way (perhaps UTF-8?)

How to add the Google Analytics Event Tracking to form submission in the “index-3”?


I am interested in your theme – layout 4. I wanted to know if the email subscription form on the main screen of the layout could be integrated with mailchimp subscription?

Thank you

Does the contact from require PHP?

Hello. PHP is already included in the contact form. Thank you.

I just bought it but I am confused how to install as a theme or page templete? whether can the landing work as subcribe to download function?

Really like the layout and features.

Hi, I purchased the template, love the design! Can I ask you where you purchased the license for the images used, particularly in layout 3 (the green shaded background image), I really like that image? Thanks


How can I redirect the user to a “thank you page” after submitting the form?