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Very very nice theme. Good luck Bonsaished.

Thank You Kindly :)

Nice looking product and it is a bit unique too, good luck for sales.

Thanks a lot, we wanted a new spin in the WooCommerce area

good theme GLWS

Thank you so much :)

Amazing work! Very very well-done, warm and clean, excellently organised, without annoying effects, simply fine! Wish you good luck with sales and I am sure your buyers will stay happy with it.

Thank you so much for the kind words, we really appreciate it :)

This page is not nice in responsive, from iPhone

Thanks so much for catching, that, we went in and fixed it up :)


nice work.. good luck!

Thank you :)

Add some more E-commerce features.Looks bit basic theme. A unique theme.

What features are you looking for :) We wanted a simple theme to start out with, we’ll listen to our buyers and build in features as we go along :)


Hey, do those graphics in the slider come with the theme??

Very nice by the way


Hi Mike,

Great, let me know if you need some links to the images. All the animation in there is done with Layer Slider :) the windmill is set to rotate something like 12000 degrees in 5 minutes. :) let me now if you need some more detailed info :)


Thanks Daniel, links would be great

Very great work! :)

Thank You :)

Hi, very nice theme I am thinking about buying it for my project and I found a small bug: when you choose a color for apples the field is not updated unless you click on it again (as if you want to change the color again)/(windows, chrome, latest versions) - I like the windmill effect. Is this animation included, is it easy to impelent? What other effect/animations are included? - I need to have log descriptions and more photos in each product (like a step by step structure) Will it look ok? could i have a screnshot of other example? - Is sample content/structure available?

thank you, George

Hi George,

Thanks for letting us know about that bug! For now we’ve disabled the custom select box style which will make the functionality work :)

The animation is all thanks to the excellent Layer Slider. Wether you buy the theme or not, I highly recommend buying it, it is a great product :) All the animations were set up with Layer Slider alone.

I’m sure long descriptions and images will work just fine. We use WooCommerce, a free ecommerce plugin. I recommend installing it on a free theme, like the default twentythirteen theme, this will give you a feel for what it can do. I’ve added a small gallery to the Jam Product we have of course many more photos can be added and much longer descriptions :)

Sorry about our minimal content just now, the theme got accepted very quickly and we’re still building a lot of extra content in. We have included sample content in the download file and we can send you the latest sample content upon request at any time :)

Let me know if you need anything else,


Thank you for you reply. The custom select box style was much better and I hope you find the cause of the bug and update it quickly ;) If I may suggest, it would be even better if the user could see all the variations of the product (i.e. red/green/yellow apple) – as buttons with custom text for example – instead of a drop down list.

Hi gardegeo,

That falls under the purview of WooCommerce for now. It is definitely possible to do this, but in the first few days and weeks we’ll be focusing on perfecting existing systems :) We’re in it for the long haul so we want to make what we have perfect, and only then add stuff :) We will get there though, especially if you give us nice ideas like this one :)



Hello. Are the illustrations in the slider included?

Hi AliHarris,

Regretfully no. Would this be a deciding factor for you? We can either show you where we purchased them, or we can purchase an extended license and ask the author for permission.

Let me know,


Hi Daniel,

Is it possible to reduce the height of the images in the so that more content appears above the fold? What kind of customisation is offered on background images and colours?


Hi cecle,

Sure, the slider is completely customizable :) We support Layer Slider and Royal Slider officially, but any shortcode-based slider should work. Since then we’ve bought an extended license for Layer Slider which allows us to bundle the plugin to the theme. This is not in the downloadable package yet so if you buy the theme just let me know and I can send it to you :)

The background colors can al be changed (individually for the header, content and footer), and a background image can be used as well, either tiled or a large background image :)

Many icons and other design elements can also be uploaded easily :)

Let me know if you have any more questions :)


Hello, I’d like to know if this theme supports a sidebar where I can add widgets, let’s say I want to create an about page, with a left side menus with widgets on it. Is that possible. Thank you!

Hi invisiblw,

Absolutely, in fact the front page of the demo has a sidebar :) On the right hand side everything under the vegetables is a sidebar and you see widgets there.

There is a text widget, a WooCommerce widget, a twitter widget and so on. You can choose the side you want the sidebar to be on and you can choose a different sidebar for each page if you wish :)

Let me know if you have any more questions,


Hi, thanks. Can that sidebar be on the left side?

Hi there,

Sure, you can choose a structure for each individual page. The sidebar can be on the left, on the right, or it can be disabled.


Love this theme! Perfect for my client’s needs. Could you tell me what fonts you used for the demo? Thanks!

Hmm, maybe it’s set to Helvetica, sorry :) I’m not at home at the moment and my memory is somewhat lacking to say the least :)

Let me know if you need anything else!


Hi again Daniel, My client absolutely loves their new website! However, I have been unable to figure out one issue: on the product pages in the Shop, it is automatically displaying Related Products, but the images are pixelated. I couldn’t figure out where to modify this (or disable that feature), or why the product image would display fine under the categories or its product page but not under Related Products. ( Thanks in advance for your help! Laura

Of course as soon as I ask I get it figured out, sorry! I still can’t find where to control the display of the Related Products, but I managed to mess with the thumbnail settings and regenerate thumbnails to solve the resolution issue.

hi,how can i install organic plugins?i do not known shortcode

Hello :) The plugin should be included in the main package. Make sure you download all files, not just the installable theme. It should be in the bundled plugins folder, you can install it the regular way, by going to plugins and uploading the zip file :)


Just bought the theme and I had a question. Within 5 minutes I got an e-mail back with the answer. Thumbs up, for the theme and support.

Thank you kindly :) If you need anything else, we’re right here :)

Hi Great theme and i buye it. But it will have great if you could use export slider settings export the orginal slide settings from your demo site and put out here and then it will be easy to create slider like in demo for your customer :-)

:) its ok. I am familiar with Layer slider from before, so i can make it like i wanted for me self, but i think maybee it was an ide to put the export file in the theme when you sell it etc. For buers it is not familear with Layer Slider from before. Thanks a lot for an good Theme :)

Its ok. I am familiar with Layer slider from before, so i can make it like i wanted for me self, but i think maybee it was an ide to put the export file in the theme when you sell it etc. For buers it is not familear with Layer Slider from before. Thanks a lot for an good Theme :)

I will definitely put the export in the next version, thanks so much for letting me know :) If you have any other questions let me know!


Hi, does the bundle come with all the farm landscapes as depicted in the demo?

Hi Shanyi,

Yes, or at least the main image. Not all the images are bundled, but this one is:

Let me know if you have any more questions :)


Greetings, Do you have sample data by any chance, please? I am new to this and sample data would really help me learn how to use and modify this theme in WP. Thank you in advance! Sahelian

Hi There,

Yep, it’s actually in the theme package you downloaded, it is an XML file you can import using settings->import in WordPress :)