Organic Market - Friendly Ecommerce

Organic Market - Friendly Ecommerce

Organic Market In Detail

Organic Market is a theme for online stores and shops. The design has been tailored to an organic food store, but you can use it for anything you’d like, it is highly customizable.

We have perfect WooCommerce integration so you can utilize all the goodness of ecommerce. Just add all your products, let us take care of the rest. Here are some of the highlights of the theme.

  • Product management using WooCommerce
  • Support for all WooCommerce widgets and shortcodes
  • Royal Slider and Layer Slider Support
  • Custom shortcodes for product sliders, featured product sections and more!
  • Unlimited Colors and tons of options
  • Full Translation Support
  • In-Depth Documentation

Bundled Assets

Thanks to the amazing authors of Layer Slider and the main Farm Landscape we were able to bundle these resources for you.

When you buy Organic Market you get Layer Slider and the Farm Landscape for free ! Our license enables you to use these assets in the theme only, however you wish :)


The theme revolves around WooCommerce, a great free ecommerce solution. WooCommerce let’s you add all your products, product variations, sale prices and more. Some more advanced features include scheduling discounts, shipping methods and rates, adding downloadable content, using coupon codes and so on. Users can checkout using PayPal, direct bank transfer and more. There are also loads of plugins for WooCommerce for recurring payments, UPS shipping follow up emails, dynamic pricing and more.

Cart and Checkout

WooCommerce allows users to fill up their cart and then check out by using multiple payment methods. We’ve added a persistent cart indicator just below the header so users have easy access to their cart, it even updates via AJAX!

Sliders Galore!

Sliders are great for communicating information and to get the visitor to sit and stay for a while. We support LayerSlider (our favorite slider), Royal Slider, and any other properly coded, shortcode enabled slider.

In Organic Market you can add a slider to the header very easily. You can choose a global one which will be shown on all pages. You can overwrite this on any page to show a different slider, or disable it altogether.

Since these sliders work with shortcodes, you can use them in widgets and most importantly, inside post content. This allows you to build content and display products any way you want to!

Shortcodes For Awesome Content

We have a few shortcodes to make sure you can create beautiful layouts. The three we like most are the columns, the featured section and the slider shortcode.


Using columns you can add content in many different ways. You can use three equal width columns, you can split them up unevenly, it’s up to you! In the example below we created inviting links to product categories, an alternative way to enter the shop.

Our featured section shortcode allows you to really shine the spotlight on one of your products. The layout is highly customizable, the width of the image, the text, the link, even the spotlight badge – all up to you.

Product Slider

The product slider is a great way to show multiple products in a smaller space. Since it’s a shortcode you can use it in any page, allowing you to cross-link store and product pages more efficiently. Just as with the features section, everything is customizable!


Version 1.4

  • Child theme issue fix
  • Child theme issue with scripts fix
  • Product grid mobile view issue fixed
  • Fixed a currency issue in the cart button in the header
  • Better social sharing displays

Version 1.3

  • Various minor fixes
  • Added structure options for WooCommerce
  • Updated admin icon to WP 3.8 compatable style
  • Added 5.x version of Layer Slider
  • Organic Market plugin and WooCommerce now recommended and installable from theme
  • Added WPML config file
  • Added pot file for translation

Version 1.2

  • Added the option to put the header menu and logo on top of the slider
  • Fixed a link color issue in the blog
  • Added multi level menus
  • Product titles link to products
  • Added fixed position background
  • Rating Colors can now be changed
  • Number and columns for related products can be changed
  • Fixed a nasty variable product bug in Firefox

Version 1.1

  • Bundled Layer Slider and main farm graphics
  • Added better responsiveness for shop
  • Fixed a select field issue in the store
  • Minor cosmetic changes in shop
  • Added proper Facebook and Twitter links in posts