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Hi nice theme, whats the name of the font used for the logo? The logo is saved as an image (in the psd) so is un-editable.



MeriendaOne Regular, here it is http://www.google.com/webfonts/specimen/Merienda+One

Thank you for purchasing!


Ahh thanks for that buddy and thats me not reading correctly very nice theme!


Glad that you like it :) thanks.

The fonts are also mentioned in documentation pdf file.

Like the them but unfortunately the live preview is not working. It only shows the main page & all other links don’t work.


it should work now.. i think the server was down

Gamb Purchased

Awesome Template. But the documentation pdf is the worst I ever saw. There is absolutely no information in it at all. You wrote in one comment the fonts should be there. They aren’t. The documentation is 7 pages long with information you can easily put in one. And all of that information is obvious or marketing blabla.


Hey Gamb that was our first item, maybe the documentation was pour because we didn’t knew what are the problems that novice people encounter. That’s why we’ve made a support board. If you are encountering any problems submit a ticket. Or just send us an email. As i surely wrote in the documentation file.

Hello! Nice theme! Is there any form validation available?


Hello teddynoodle,

No this version doesn’t have form validations.. you can try to implement the jQuery validation plugin or i can assist you to do that it’s quite easy.

Hi Titanic Themes

Really nice theme, I’m already using it for some time.

Are you considering making a Bootstrap version of this theme, if so I’m sure you would make many sales, I would gladly buy the updated version.

Please Advise.

Best Regards Steve


Unfortunately we don’t have plans for this theme, but most probably we will make another one like it updated to the latest trends.

Guy01 Purchased

Hi, great theme, thanks very much, but do you have a working contact form that we can use?


Unfortunately no, but i can help you make it work if you open a ticket on our support forum.

Hi there,

Your demo link no longer works, please could you fix it?


ASAPDS Purchased


Great theme! What line of code do I edit to adjust the speed of the slider. The slides are changing too fast for my likening.

You should have a script that loads the nivoslider, something like this <script type="text/javascript"> $(window).load(function() { $('#slider').nivoSlider(); }); </script>

You can try something like this

<script type="text/javascript"> $(window).load(function() { $('#slider').nivoSlider({ effect: 'fade', animSpeed: 500 }); }); </script>

You can find more settings here http://docs.dev7studios.com/jquery-plugins/nivo-slider#jumpNav-5

is there any way to do this template responsive?


A fast way ? No.