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Is this possible to give to visitor the possibility to put the amount they want to pay for a product (with a minimum amount) ? An example with High Protein Diet Mango, minimum price : $10.88 and there is a slider that can increase amount price to $15.88 for example, or more or less but never less $10.88 (i’m asking for html version)


this is only a HTML template, sou you’ll have to find (code) your own solution. Maybe it’s better if you buy WP version and find a WooCommerce plugin, that will allow you to do that…

I need to do the following customization. I have some experience with PHP/HTML/Java script. Could you please tell me if I will need to much work to accomplish what I need if I buy this HTML version?

Project: Just make marketing for local products (no online shopping!)

1 – Left Side bar which will allow customer to filter types of product (or sevirce) they want to visualize in the central panel. 2 – Top button images with city names to allow filtering also per region where producers offer their products. 3 – Central pane with thumbs of products. Thumbs with small hovering image (like the shopping cart in the demo) showing if that producer has a video (small camera picture hovering in the place of the shopping cart) 4 – Ratting stars beneath each thumbnail picture in the main page showing also number of comments between parenthesizes.

Do I need a database schema for this site? If so, will the schema be sent in the zip bundle?


I think this will require a lot of work if you buy a HTML template, even if you are PRO with with PHP/HTML/Java script. I strongly suggest you buy Organique WP theme: http://goo.gl/i04EXc

Yes, it will cost you more, but at the same time it will save you a lot of time and it will be easier o maintain on a long run. Beside that, a lot of requirements can be solved with plugins.

Hi, Can you tell me where I can find a tutorial on how to install a datepicker for this theme? I’m trying what I normally do for Bootstrap sites, but it isn’t working. Am I missing something?


We don’t have such tutorial, sorry. If it’s not working it might be the JS error, I suggest you to check your console for the errors.

Is it possible to change the behavior of IsotopeShop filter to be AND instead of OR? In https://www.proteusthemes.com/themes/organique-html/shop.html if user selects BARS and POWDERS I would like to show shop items that have BOTH conditions. The actual configuration shows one OR other.


Yes, it would be possible to do, but quite some JS code should be changed in order to achieve that. It is not there by default and not covered under free support.

Here is what I need:

1 – I need two menus (menu1 and menu2). 2 – Inside the same menu there must be no multiple selections. Just single selection 3 – Selected item from menu1 must be “ANDed” with item selected in menu2

Ex.: menu1{color: red blue}, menu2{shape: square circle}

User select color::red AND shape::circle

In the Live Preview of organique-html (https://www.proteusthemes.com/themes/?theme=organique-html) I see “Categories” and “Countries”

If I by organique-html may I ask the support team to change the behavior of those two menus to act in the way that I have explained above? Should I pay extra for that? How much?



We will not be working on this customization, you will need to find a web developer yourself to do that for you. I can recommend to take a look at Envato Studio for such services.


csolas Purchased

Hello, i am using this theme with php to create a store. So far all good, and have changed all script/css etc to start with ”/”.

Now, the store originally shop.html has been added at the following url: /shop/page/1 where the urls are not real, they are all routed to index.php with htaccess.

My problem was when changing the footer script (main.js) to be /js/main.js the products load, but are then removed upon body onload event…

How can this be fixed ?

Added js: jQuery


Thank you for your purchase.

This is definitely out of scope of support (which we don’t even offer for HTML templates), but if you can give me an URL I can give a quick look, just to see if I can spot an error.