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Nice work! Working contact form?

Yes, It’s works

Nice ! Good luck :)

Thank you)

Nice Work :) Good Luck

Thank you! :)

Any chance for a WP theme version? :)

Yes, I’m working on WP version!)

Please keep me posted. Also, are you available for custom dev work on this?

First of all, very good job!

Does it work on blogger?

Unfortunately, it’s not

Very nice design. I’m having some problems with it. The buttons in your Live Preview do not work in my HTC incredible phone, but they do work on my desktop machine. Any advice?

Whats the max of the portfolio ?

Portfolio don’t have item limit

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you!

Hi i’m used to using wordpress themes, is there an easy guide as to how to upload this theme to my domain.

Super nice work ! When do you think the WP is going to be out ? Thanks

Sorry for the late reply! I think WP will be in a month, thank you for your purchase! :)

Nice template! I notice when I preview your template, when I click different navigation buttons, they whole page moves right or left about 10 pixels. Any reason why it does this, and will that happen if I purchase it? Thanks

Thank you! It happens when the content reaches your view height, and browser decides to enable scrollbar, that makes width = width – scrollbar_width, and content moves to the left because of that. I’ll try to remove scrollbar

Very nice layout, however, I can’t seem to get it working on Android phones – I’ve tried it on an Motorola Photon, HTC One, and Galaxy S3. Honestly I can’t seem to get it to work on any phone at all. Strangely enough I can get it to work on my Tablet though (works great, not as good as a PC of course, but really great on the Tablet).

(fyi- on the phones I tried using the stock browsers, as well as the Opera mini browser, and also the Dolphin browser) On my tablet I used the stock browser and Chrome and it worked fine in both.

Liked it! Nice job!

Hola a todos! Acabo de comprar la plantilla y he ido a instalarla y me he llevado una sorpresa.

He ido al instalador y cuando elijo la plantilla para instalarla y le doy a subir e instalar me salta esto:

“No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. El tema no tiene la hoja de estilo style.css.”

Si alguien puede echarme una mano lo agradecería. Gracias!

Sorry, but it is not a Wordpress theme. It is HTML theme in “Site Templates” category.

How to setup contact form to send messeg on my email? HELP!!!

Hello, zoka12, you just need to go to “php” directory of site template and open “mail.php” file. Then find 5 line:
$send_to = ”.............”;
and replace the text in quotes by your email address.

There is no php directory in site template!!! WHAT l DO!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!

hi do you have wordpress version ?

very nice work just what i am looking 4

got it ;)

zoka12….main folder/php folder/ mail.php/ $send_to = "";

simples ;)

Hi, I converted this html to wp. I want to sale it as a wp theme and share the revenue with you. please contact me at

Nice one,best of luck;