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I have an issue with this theme. I’m working with Mailchimp and when i change an item like the logo and save/exit, all the them desappear when i’m trying to come back to change something else… What’s happening plz? Thanks!

This is extremely rare. We’ve just noticed this issue and we’re looking into it. It seems like a MailChip conflict as we’ve clearly stacked each module under each other.

Looking into it.


I have the same problem as jlondon and z3r0_spb

On preview the template looks ok. But while creating campaign I got only header.

Hi clevhier,

We are going to look in to it asap. In the meantime you can edit your template in de StampReady Editor and then export it with your MailChimp API for sending.

Kind regards, StampReady Support

Sent in email support question 5 days ago…haven’t got a response. Used your sending feature to send a small test email – figured somewhere there would be confirmation that they send, some base level info – haven’t heard yes or no?


When an email has been delivered, you’ll see a feedback notification containing base level information. I just ran a test and I get mail delivered into my inbox.


Same issue as jlondon, z3r0_spb and clevhier… After any changes on the template after upload to Mailchimp a got only header… Please help us.

HI ne1thEr,

We are going to look in to it asap. In the meantime you can edit your template in de StampReady Editor and then export it with your MailChimp API for sending.

Kind regards, StampReady Support

StampReady Editor on MAC? I don’t understand

Is it possible to get the PSD of this? I am having a lot of trouble with this in a few email providers.

On it’s way!

I bought this template to use as a template. Nowhere does your details page tell the buyer that 1) you must purchase another service in order to use the editing function of this template and 2) you can’t get that editing service on a PC.

Is there no way to edit this template without purchasing StampReady? If not, then I need a refund.

Hi kennalyn, you don’t have to purchase the StampReady editor, because it’s in the package when you buy it. Fire it up, upload the StampReady compatible template and your good to go.

Kind regards, StampReady

Thank you. I couldn’t figure out how to launch StampReady and thought I had to purchase it.

I know its a silly question but now i have purchased it and downloaded how do i fire up the admin? lol im lost

Hi pixcils, you can open the folder with the Editor Dashboard, click enjoy editing, import the dashboard compatible file and your good to go. Good luck and enjoy!

Kind regards, StampReady

Hello, After using the Editor Dashboard i get a login page. The login url is [link removed]

Wisemath, we have just emailed you.

Are we able to edit these again in MailChimp once we upload them?

Hi NathanSchacherer,

Yes it is compatible with MailChimp, but you can also edit it in our editor and export it to MailChimp to sent it.

Kind regards, StampReady support

hi i purchased and downloaded the template but where can i get the template editor???

Hi Saintromeo,

Thank you for your purchase. There is a link in the package, but you can use the editor here:

Regards, StampReady support

I would disagree that this works with the mailchimp editor. Your online editor caused many woes, including loss of work and a screen of ascii characters. I tried to edit partly in your editor and take the rest to mailchimp, but there I found myself doing mostly html coding of simple elements like text and background colors. Further, when I saved it as a template and tried to load it as a campaign, it only showed the navigation bar of the template and nothing else.

Hello isb_ally,

We have updated all our templates and built an impressive new email platform. Please, give a try once more and let me know what you think.