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Welcome to TF mate! looks nice , Good luck with sales! :)


Thanks man. First of many! ;)

nice design

Just love it reminds me of my gaming days. GLWS !

Very nice design, man.
Good luck with sales :)

would buy if this was made into a html template as it looks very nice , good luck with the sales bud


Thanks mate. HTML version coming next week or the week after at the latest! :)


jolly good will be buying it

Really fine design :) good luck with the sales buddy


Grazie vechio ;)

Awesome design! GLWS mate ;)

Fantastic design and welcome to ThemeForest – good luck with sales –

“Skywarrior REPLIED Thanks mate. HTML version coming next week or the week after at the latest! “

I want to buy it! I want to be your first customer of HTML version. :bigsmile:

Big up Skywarrior!


ahaha sweet, I’m counting on you then!

Fantastic!! I’m waiting for the HTML version too.

Good luck with sales!

Made an account at TF to show support and let you know I will buy the html when it’s released =)


Haha Sweet much appreciated! Homepage nearly finished… HTML coming soon!

stive Purchased

thank you, very nice template, on my side I love, but I’m not an expert in css;)

PS: sorry google translation …


Hey nice job! The full HTML version will be available in 1 week or 2!

Great job! Very beautiful design! Good luck with sales!

owenmalz Purchased

Its really cool! i like it! but im not good at css, so a html version would be great!


Thanks! Yes, the HTML version will be out in the next 2 weeks, stay tuned!

Just as feedback, I’d like to suggest mentioning that this package consists of images ONLY . At the moment, it uses terms like “template” which would suggest it’s a fully functional template/skin/theme/etc, which led me to purchasing the package under false pretenses. The imagery is outstanding and incredibly well done, but I’m feeling a bit dubious over being misled to believe this was something other than it is.


I’m sorry that this was the case for you. The file however, is under the psd section and in the description I state what the package consist of. That said, I’m currently working on the HTML and WordPress version, so you may want to check it out when I release them. Sorry again for the trouble.

Hey there Skywarrior, Just wondering if you could give an ETA for the HTML version? I’m really looking forward to it. Sorry for the impatience!


Hi there. I finished the homepage but this week I am to busy to finish he rest. I promise to finish it before next weekend (depending how long do the review process take) :). Thanks again for your support!

Very nice theme, man I just launched a website and I want to use your theme. But I have question are you making it for wordpress also?


Hi there. Yes I will be making a wordpress by next month. I nearly finished the HTML which should be out next week and then I will work in the wordpress :)


Thanks for replying back, and really appericate your effort on this design. I am simply in love with it and will be ordering your wordpress theme once it’s out and ready.

One suggestion, however for the wordpress theme. Possible to make the twitts to show up on top instead of the bottom? I dont know how many have ask about this or not, but it would seem that having them on the bottom would be pointless. I don’t think many people will scroll all the way to the bottom to see the tweets.

Either way, i will buy it once it’s ready.

Thanks :)



I could create a twitter widget so you could add it on the right side column. How does that sound? :)

sounds like you just won a loyal customer :)

Love the design went and bought it but would love the HTML would make it so much easier for me to manage _

I’ll grab that too once your completed! just hope the price is the same hehe