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rtl support ?

Hi, the theme doesn’t support RTL. But it can be added with some customizations. Have a good day

Hi I want to buy this template. Is it supports woocommerce? I want to build a cosmetics online shop. thank you

Hi, this template doesn’t support woocommerce be default. But with a developer you can do it.


July73 Purchased

Hi there. Everything fine. I got just one question. Can i add a link to the copyright bar? I really need that. I tryed to do that but it shows me the entire html code.



July73 Purchased

Sorry guys, my foult. Solved. I had to add html code in text mode.


My website has been attacked three times because of the vulnerability

Hi, what version do you use? what version of Revolution do you use? And what type of attack do you mean?

Hi, I have installed theme Orquidea but in Gallery page I can’t find any picture even drop down menu with categories exists.

Here you can find page.


Hi, we are sorry for the delay. Please, use the support forum for help. Thanks.

Hello CRIKOVA, one more question is where can I put link for TAKE A LOOK on WIDGETS this page Now it is going to wrong adress…Thank you in advance for quick reply…

Hi, please use the support forum. Thanks.

On the “Template Single Service” how do I edit the bottom sections titled “Photos – From Our Work” and “Info – Short Description”? There is no entry panel that I see allowing me to enter/change text.

Thanks in advance.

Please, use the support forum – for support.


xsiv Purchased

Hi Crik0VA i have updated to the latest orquidea v 1.9, only problem is that now i have lost my custom config on the home page, i had 6 services on home page template, i changed that a while back. i was wondering if u could point me in the right direction so i can add the other 3 services to the new version of the theme. many thanks


Hi, if you edited any of source files earlier that means you lose this changes after the update.


xsiv Purchased

no worrys, i was woundering if u could tell me what files the code was in so i can add the 3 new services to the 1.9v, if i remember i had to change 2 files, but cant remember the code i had to change , many thanks

Probably you edited page-home.php file and aletheme/config.php files.


rblloyd Purchased

Need help getting the gallery page to work. And removing the Orquidea logo from the Wordpress login page


1. use the galleries post type in admin panel and upload your galleries. Select featured images for each gallery. That’s all. Use the advanced navigations tab in your menues page to add a link in navigations.

2. To remove the logo just open the images folder and remove the admin-logo.png file. That’s all.


Hi, i’m sorry for the delay. We were on a long vacation. We are going to answer all tickets on our forum, so if you have any tickets wait please a reply, or you can reopen a new ticket and get a reply. One more time sorry for the delay.

How do you switch Gallery templates? I have 4 galleries which I would like to change to “Gallery 2 Columns & Filter” but changing this on the Gallery page template select list has no effect.

Hi, you should to create a new page and select the template you need. (MAke sure that the page slug is not Gallery. Call it “Our Gallery” or smth else, because the slug “gallery” is used for default template and it will se the default grid.)

How can I change the title of the section ‘Opening Time’ to ‘Opening Times’ (with an ’s’)?

You can do it in a source file. the file you need is page-home.php if you use the default home page. The first section.

Hi, i’m trying to set up a page on my website the same as your ‘About’ template on your demo site. I’ve created a slider using ‘Slider Options’ (not Revolution Slider) and added this to my page using the shortcode. However, the images are not loading. Do these have to be of a certain size or format to work?

never mind, figured it out :/



Oudin Purchased

The latest v1.9 of the theme is not compatible with WordPress v4.4.1 it breaks menu page, where the “Menu Structure” column is not shown. I Opened a ticket in the support forum but it seems like a ghost town with regards to answered questions. Please check forum and help solve this Thanks in advance!

Hi, i will check it and fix as soon as possible.


Oudin Purchased

any update?

Hi, we are working on this issue. IT will be fixed ASAP.

What’s the easiest way to increase the number of services from 15 to 20?

Hi, i’m sorry but the theme doesn’t have this option by default. To do it you need to edit source code. The main file is aletheme/config.php file to add necessary fields. You need some skills in programming to be able to do it. If you don’t have skills, i will advice you to find a developer.

Good to see that you’re continuously refining this theme releasing version upgrades.

Two minor observations that might be of use to you:

The theme and child theme thumbnail misspells the word “beauty” as “beaty”. The “u” is missing.

Also, look at the left padding of first header cell of the table: (i.e. the cell containing “Name”).

Hi, thanks for the message. We will take a look to fix the issues.

Hi! I’m interested in buying this template, but I want to make you a question before that. The menu is under the slider, but I want to know if I can put it above the slider.

Thanks in advance!


Hi, you can do it. If you will have any problems, we have a support forum and we will help you with that issue.


DutchPC Purchased

Is the slider in the demo also available in the examples? I want that demo so i can use it as a guideline and adjust the images and text. The slider is exactly as i want it to be.

The “Opening Time” icons realistically need to be double their current dimensions to work on retina.

I know I can replace the icons with my own but I like the icons exactly as they are by default.

Any chance I can get those specific icons at double the current dimension size or as (an) SVG/AI file(s) if I were to email you directly?