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Awesome theme ! GLWS :)

Nice work friend! ;)

Congratulations Great work. Good luck dude :)

Congrats Bro, Great theme. and best of luck with sales ;)

Are the pages build with visual composer ?

Is it woocommerce ready ?

No its not woocommerce, in coming update i will activate the Shop feature

not at this time, I was busy in other updates, but it is in my list and will be available soon.

Great work, congrats!


Good Job, I Like it, GLWS ;)

good theme GLWS

Beautiful looking :) good luck with sales.

I’m impressed with this theme! Congrats! However, if you allow me to say, its mobile navigation is kind of poor compared to all its features, and a new navigation style should certainly enhance usability. My two cents though.

Hi there. I’ve just purchased this theme and I’m so excited to start configuring it!

But I’m totally looking to change its responsive navigation for mobile devices and I’ll try to create a custom menu by myself to achieve the look and feel I’m looking for. Could I get a little help from your support team along the way?

Thanks for your purchase yes i can always help you. You can use support forum and feel free to discuss the issue

I purchased this theme, but I can’t seem to turn off the footer elements. Even though they are disabled in the options panel, they still show on the homepage and other areas of the site.

I’d also like to remove the blog from the homepage.

I tried to use your support site, but there’s no way to register :)

I have submitted the new files but still waiting for Approval, as soon it approve you will see the latest files

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep a lookout for the notification from themeforest to let me know when I can download the new files.

Files updated: also today i release a new version so i hope in some time you will get the latest files

Beautiful looking theme, GLWS! Thinking of purchasing for a potential project I may be landing – just out of curiousity, if purchased is it possible to get the PSD with the theme?


Thanks, if you need PSD send me your Email ID i give it to you

Fantastic, Ill purchase and send you my email address :)

OK, plz rate the Theme:)

hey, i just purchased this theme. looks very nice…! however just wondering if i could change the font/colour without updating it manually from the css.

thanks heaps. s

most of them, ie. headings, fonts and i want the theme to be in blue, gray colour scheme. please advise

Well i would suggest you just wait for the next update which will be available soon..

I update the latest files so now you can change the color through admin panel

any update on the woo commerce compatibility?

Not at the moment.

It is a fantastic looking theme, however it is not as customizable as I would have liked. Going to hold out on using this theme until it is a little more user friendly.

Thanks for your purchase, can you please explain where you are facing problem? so that i can assist you.

Hey, good job, I have a question How I can do the translation for theme? Thanks

It is possible to add a section of the blog in the home? Thanks

Sorry is portfolio

Well that update is not ready yet.


Are the modules in the homepage updatable? Meaning, can I select what can appear. For instance, if I want a recent blog posts and services?


yes all things are editable. You can enable or disable any section from “Theme options Panel”.

Is the theme compatible with WooCommerce plugin? I’d really like to have it integrated within the theme, and I also tried to code a manual integration with no avail. If I reproduce WooCommerce set up again could you help me to show it nicely inside the theme’s template?

Thanks in advance.

I am working on woo integration and hope it will be available in upcoming version.

That’s good to know WooCommerce integration might be available in a future update! Txt.

I am having issues getting the Showcase image to show on the home page some reason its showing up but behind the modules above it.

HI. please create a Support ticket. also send a link of Site so we can check the issue