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Very nice theme indeed. But is possible to somehow make the frontage stories shorter and not display the whole story?? If I post a story that is 500 words long I don’t want it to show all 500 words, more like 60. Is that even possible??

//Rasmus, Denmark


Just got a mail from the developers of this theme. It’s not supported.

Hi rasmusj78,

I’m afraid that’s incorrect.

In your theme’s index.hbs, on line 11, you’ll see the {{content}} helper. Simply replace this with the {{excerpt}} helper, or if you want control over the character count, then {{excerpt characters="140"}}. This will apply to all of your homepage posts, so you cannot pick and choose which are full length and which aren’t. You can find a complete explanation in Ghosts’ theme documentation: http://docs.ghost.org/themes/

I hope that provides clarification!


Thanks for your post. That did the work, awesome. Nice to learn all those little things about Ghost everyday :-)


It says style.css is missing. Can’t install it at all


Hey! mind sending us an email at support@pixelunion.net? We can get this sorted out for you :)