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yoksito Purchased

1. i have some troubles with the new seo(fixed with restart seo), and images, cant see properly (like arrows in menu bottoms). 2. troubles loggin to admin panel, i log with my admin details, but… i got a blank page, happen to users trying to logg too.

please help me to fix it. webpage: www.tiendadota.com

replied on support tickets

If this is supposed to be running on 2.3.4, why on earth are functions in /includes/functions/database.php still using mysql rather than mysqli? And that’s just one of many things that were fixed as long ago as that are not fixed in the latest download.

So thanks a lot, having customized the site heavily and getting ready to launch, I now have to go through the changelogs to find out what version this ACTUALLY is and then undertake a tedious line by line update. Hint: changing the text in version.php isn’t actually doing an update, it means you couldn’t be bothered to do the update and thought that you could fool everyone.

I did notice that the admin area files are apparently the latest version. How convenient, the one area of the site that wouldn’t require you to do any work to update (since it’s not really “themed”) is all set. The catalog itself though, nope.

Reporting to Envato since you are transparently lying about the version.

The version has been updated with requested changes.

You might at least want to do the decent thing, come clean, and state what version the underlying catalog files are. That way the poor idiots like me who trusted that your stated version was correct can do the needed updates themselves. As it stands, anyone using PHP 5.5+ will have a site that throws errors all over the place, and regardless of PHP version there are security holes that have been addressed as much as several years ago.

The version has been updated with requested changes.

For anyone reading this, be warned that the core store files are from version “2.3.3” and have not been updated for versions “”, “”, “”, “” or “2.3.4”. All the author did was edit version.php to contain the text “2.3.4” then lie about the actual version. Therefore you have 3 choices:

1) Go through all of the changes in the release notes for all of the incremental versions listed above in order to bring your 5-versions-old core files up to date.

2) Wait for the author to actually update the core files rather than faking the version (based on prior support, good luck).

3) Buy a different template from an honest author.

Thanks for the comments. Will check it on the package why you have the old files

The version has been updated with requested changes.

Speedie, Thank you. this makes sense why I cannot update this template to the latest version of OS.


PretjeNL Purchased

Hi, In the browser tab normally you only see the store name, but when I am in a category or product I see “products name, store name” in te browser tab. How kan I change this to only the store name?

When i set a “special” product on, its displayed 2 times, how to resolve?

Submit support ticket with site URL, admin details and FTP details ASAP.