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How do I install teh updates if I have made some modules..Have you solved the issue with Changing product frame sizes when writing HTML in productdescription. I think it’s quiet disappointing if not..




There are two options for module update. 1) uninstall your old module and add new updated module. 2) check your old module and add updated module features by doing code modification.


Thanks for your answer, You misunderstood. If you write a product description with some specific HTML commands the sizes changes by random.


Visit profile page and Email us url and admin details so I can check and understand what exactly you need from me..

Hi can you check, it seems the gallery is broken for product info page even on your demo as well. thanks


there is no issue with it. Just added same image twice. please check it.

if you check the products at the demo http://mobilewebs.net/mojoomla/demo/oscommerce/osmart/product_info.php?cPath=24_26&products_id=31



the images does not seem to be clickable, is it an error or it suppose to work this way ? previously there was gallery but according 2.3.4 it replace with photoset grid and colorbox but then it does not seem to be the case.

Thanks once again.


Its not an error. In OSMART previous version, we provided light box for image.

The new version of oscommerce removed bxGallery and colorbox .

We will update light box custom module in our OSMART latest version.

Has the lightbox support been added yet? It’s a crucial function needed for my site. Thanks


it can be done with some css mods.


Are you able to give me some details on how to do this? What would be your charge to do this for me?


Please visit profile page and emails us your requirements and our customization team will get back with quote and timeframe.

Hello, where can I find HTML files and CSS files templates ?


in the package itself. Oscommerce do not have skin/theme/template system. So the quickstart package is all you need.

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Love the template! Couple of quick questions please:

1) Has there been any progress on some kind of thumbnailing for products whether with lightbox or something else please? We have many hundreds of products with multiple large images, so the latest release is problematic from that point of view.

2) Can the create account page be modified so that it’s a simple form rather than divided into sections (it’s a little cumbersome)?

3) When viewing on a mobile device, the menu is rendered with all categories expanded. As we have dozens of categories and subcategories, this isn’t desirable. Is it possible to have it expand on demand instead please?

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When clicking the thumbnails, the large image that pops up appears to be hard-positioned just below the menu regardless of the viewer’s position on the page. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have them centered in the current viewport? Tested in IE11 and Firefox.

Also “Is a code sample available for the simplified form and the expand category on demand please?”


you can change position as per your requirement. which category you would like to expand ?.

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Hi there,

could you please tell me how to get banner manager working? I see you have answered another user saying it was answered in another thread but I cannot seem to find that thread.

Please advise.



please add this code in footer before copyright div.

add banner from admin and add Banner Group:- footer in text box.

for add banner go to Admin -> Tools -> banner manager.


We are using your product. How to make a new box. And where are the general instructions once you have installed the product.



To create new box

Copy catalog/includes/modules/boxes/bm_information.php and give it a new name.
Edit that file and change bm_information to your new box name throughout that file.
Change all of the constants that include INFORMATION to include your new name instead. Keep them in all caps.
Change the content to what you want in your new box. If you are using links to new files, keep the same format as the links in that box. The part that generates the box is in the execute() method.
Copy catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_information.php and give it a the same name as you did the file in step 1.
Make the same changes to the constants in this file that you made in step 3.
Upload your two new files.
Go to your store Admin > Modules > Boxes and install your new module. Give it a sort order that will place it where you want it.

2) please check documentation for general instructions.


Hi I’ve done this, it doesn’t work.


Please provide complete instruction.


I sent you a message using your profile page.

Looking forward to hearing back,