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Beautiful work, good luck. :)

thanks ;)

linethemes went WAYYY out of there way to help me out with something that wasn’t even a problem with the theme. (It was an extra I wanted added – There’s no problem with the theme!).

Great support. Great theme. Thank you guys!

Thank you so much ;)

HI guys, there was no documentation included in the download… =o)

OMG, sorry, sorry, I will update new package right now.


Love your theme. Any idea when the Wordpress version will be available?


Hi mwhite8261,

The WP version is developed and would be released soon, please subscribe to our newsletter list or follow us on social channels to be the first one know about the latest news.

Thank you so much,

Will do! Thanks :)

Increible design! Congrats. I need your hekp, can you guide me in how to set up the “add to cart”?? how set the online shop? thanks a lot!

Hi Ciscooo,

Could you please tell me what is the shopping system that you are using?

Beautiful work, good luck

How i want convert this theme to Joomla?

Click ‘home’ and a couple of other links on the demo and a 404 page comes up instead of the right page. This includes ‘home’ on the main nav menu.

Thanks Dawn-browser, it has been updated.

What happened to this theme? When I first saw it, it was light white and beautiful. Now it’s black, ugly and mostly unreadable. Did something change or is there a bug in how Themeforest is displaying it?

IE You now have black headline text on a black background and grey body text on grey background – almost completely unreadable. I’m sure it wasn’t like this when I first saw it.


That did it. Had to do it a few times though. I’m using Firefox.


Hi, is background issue still appearing? I’m updated code when replying to your comment (15 minutes ago) and it look work fine with all browser. Please tell me if black background is still appearing.

Regards, LineThemes.

Working fine now. Thanks

Hi there, I have a question concerning audio: besides the code <audio controls autobuffer> <source src=”xxx.mp3” /> </audio> what do I have to change to make it work?

Thanks for your advice! Simone

Hi Simone,

With audio tag, all you need is replace from “xxx.mp3” to the URL of your audio file.

Regards, Line Themes

How do I get support for this? The registration process on the Linethemes site never sends an email.


Hello, please send your issue to ema├Čl: Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, LineThemes

Any updates on when this will be available as a Wordpress theme?

Hello nickveez,

Currently, we are developing a new wordpress theme, after everything is done, we will come back to make wordpress theme for O’Star template. You can subscribe our newsletter to keep in touch when it is available.

Regards, LineThemes

Hi, is it possible to add an archive functionality to your blog section? Thanks….

great theme. is is possible to redirect someone to a different page after they subscribe on the coming soon page

Hello, to redirect to another page after user subscribe email, you must change a few lines of code after ajax request has been done. Please contact me through for more details.

Regards, LineThemes


mdg33 Purchased

Just a quick question. Is there a list style? I can’t see one on the elements page.

Hello, I’m just want to say sorry for you. List element style are not included in this template. I will update style as quickly as possible. Sorry for this inconvenience. Regards, LineThemes


mdg33 Purchased

No dramas. I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed them.