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Would you show me the way how to create new entries for a contact form please?

I replied to your forum thread. Please just use the forums from now on, thanks!

Hi nice job, is it possible to make it multi languages?


There are various translation modules that can be used with Drupal. However, I’ve never used any before so I cannot recommend one.

One last question, is it possible to add multiple photos for example in the block GRIM CLOUDS (on the home page of your website). So that someone can watch the photos like a slide show, without changing the text underneath. So text like project details and al the other text won’t change, only the photo will change. Is that possible, a project slideshow?

I suppose you could but that would require some modifications to the theme. I don’t think it would end up working/looking very good though.

I don’t think I have eplaind it well. See photo in the link for more clearness

Ps. your theme is awesomer.

Oh my apologies I didn’t understand what you were asking. Yes that is already supported

YES! Perfect! thank you very much, exactly what I’m looking for.


has the option to toggle AJAX on/off already been introduced? If not, how soon would it be ready?


It was introduced in the latest update so no problem there :)


Also, what block regions does the theme contain? Some admin screenshots for “block regions”, “theme options”, etc. (as requested before), would really be great!

Your thread has been responded to.


Under “Key Features” you list “Google Fonts”... I can’t seem to find any theme option to change the font, other than re-(over)writing existing CSS…

Am i missing something here?

I replied to your forum thread. Thanks for pointing out that error in the description it has been corrected.

Hello. I would like to buy this theme. But there is one thing, I would like to know: When you click on any picture from home page, it will load some project window and you will see arrows, which you can navigate to left, or right. But there is quite long reponse time, till next project is loaded. Is it behave same also in production? Now site is in some special enviroment, if I understood correctly. Thanks for you answer. best regards Peter

I’ll have to double check our demo, perhaps our caching was disabled. Load time should be entirely dependent on the hosting environment.

Hi. I’ve found strange bug on this theme. Firefox 28: click on GRIM CLOUDS cell, press arrow back, and slide will be triggered, but it toggle from left to right, then back and then again left to right, and stays still. It looks like toggle occurs twice.

on chrome, this is not happenenig, but when you press back arrow, then all page reloads, and its blinking/flashing for very short time.

also loading time between the projects, when you navigate with arrows between them, is nearly 3 seconds….

I am able to replicate the FireFox issue on the demo but not on my local development install which is odd because they are both on the same version of the theme. I am not able to replicate the Chrome issue.

I will look into this on the demo and maybe try an install somewhere else to see if it is isolated to just the live demo. So far I am not able to replicate it on my local install.

Please answer to my questions about OTHER CREATIVE>

1- This template can be bear an image catalog graphic designer ?

2- This template can support a video gallery and audiovisual events production ?if yes, what are the different formats it accepts ?

3- This template is it customizable in all plan ? if yes, give all details to make. 4- Is it possible to embed a flash video to the template before accessing the homepage ?

PS: I love this template, but I would like to reassure me about certain things before buying.

I’m sorry but I’m really not sure what you’re asking me so I’m not sure how to answer. What you see on the demo is what the theme supports, anything you don’t see you would have to customize yourself.

I love this template, but I would like to reassure me about certain things before buying: 1. can set the home page with vertical portfolio in grey, or black and white effect images, and when roll over, the images get in ful color? 2. can add arrow to home page with vertical images to show previous and next images?


1. Yes you can set any of the portfolio blocks to be used on the home page.

2. The vertical style galleries only support drag at the moment but I suppose you could customize it to be arrow navigation.

Fantastic Theme! I’m fairly new to Drupal 7 and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. But this theme makes it easy to get a beautiful and amazingly responsive page up in no time! The support forums are active and incredibly helpful. If there aren’t any threads addressing your issue, leave a post and you’re bound to have a solution in no more then a day or two. I would suggest Refraktor themes to anyone who asks and I recommend them for your site.

i want all taxonomy pages, to be display on the same format as the front page, for example, if some one visit Development page (taxonomy term for Portfolio) that he/she should see the page display as the same format as front page can you help me out with this ? i know it is something to do with VIEW

If you have not already please post your question in our forums as that is where we handle all support related questions –

Hi Tom, Other is a beautiful theme. I’m really pleased to have it, so thank you.

I’m trying to integrate Drupal Commerce into it but have hit a problem just out of my skill set. I need the front page preview images to load the actual page in the browser when clicked. Currently the URL is hidden somehow and so the address stays the same. This means the variables in Commerce aren’t working. I think it might be down to line 4 in node-view-portfolio-block.tpl.php (print $node_url; etc…)

You can see the issue at – the select box on the page works – changing it changes the store variables, but if you then go to the home page and back to the page by clicking on the home page preview image the select box doesn’t work.

This is a problem for Commerce, but also a problem because bookmarking doesn’t work for anything other than the homepage.

Any ideas on this?


Can you please post this in our forums? This is not an ideal place to handle support, thanks


i wish to buy your item but i have a question. When you are in a project, is it possible to view the photos one under the other, so all of them are displayed instead of having the photo story?

thank you

That is the design of the template, the single portfolio nodes are not full width. That is another minor modification that you could ask about in the forums.

Dear refaktor, any thoughts for drupal 7.3?

I’m not sure I understand your question. If you’re having issues please post in our forums, thanks –

Hi ,happy new year,Is RTL supported?


Sal87 Purchased

I’m going crazy, I can not understand why it happens in the page our services can not display the content… it “breaks” 0.0!!

help, thanks

It doesn’t look like you have any items in the portfolio. I see one item in the source and there doesn’t even seem to be an image uploaded. You need content to be able to populate the view block.

Add some more items (with images) and if you’re still having trouble please post on our forum –

Hi, will I be able to use this on

No this is the Drupal version of the theme. The WP version is

oh craaap! i know it was my mistake but will i be able to get a refund to pay for the wordpress version instead?

If you haven’t downloaded it yet you can. Visit and you can make a ticket.