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Hello Kailoon,

This theme is working great except 1 minor bug. I ordered my pages the way I wanted (by changing the code you supplied). But the “Home” button is out of order and I cant arrange it, when I click on pages it moves randomly!. I want it to appear in the beginning. Here is the link :-


Can you help me solve this problem, Thanks


I’d update the theme. You can re-download it.

There is 1 problem for your site, you have too many page menu. So, you will need to adjust the logo width and page menu width. let me know if you cant do it by yourself.

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I cant get rid of the page navigation… It does not show up. What do I have to do?

Best regards


What do you want to achieve? Can you send me your url? or explain more via email?

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Want to start by saying you have done a good job with this! I got a little problem. I use Google AdSense and the need to incorporate it instead of the image on the big advertising box.

Would be eternally grateful if you could show how I could change this.


I will add that function into this theme later, maybe today or tomorrow there will be an update :)

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Thank you! waiting for this update:) thanks again!


It is updated, you can re-download now :)

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Thank you!!! :)

It works great now. Have appeared on a different problem now. I want to use the Bottom Category “for all categories instead of just one.

Is it possible to change so that messages from all categories end up where?


promise not to disturb you more after that:) thanks :)


You will need to modify the loop for that part. You can check the index.php.

You have created an excellent theme. I had a client purchase it and have been modifying it to their specific wishes. I have come across an issue though that I am hoping you might be able to help.

We are integrating the theme into an MU install so that we can use Buddypress alongside it. But, I am not getting the timthumb to work. I think the cause is that the path url is messed up with MU. I have found a workaround at this site http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/2009/10/timthumb-wordpress-mu/

I put the code into the functions file. And I have tried modifying the image source in the specific areas where the timthumb script is being used. But I have not been able to get it to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

To my post above about getting timthumb to work. After poking around the internet a bunch I have decided to use the excellent get-the-image plugin instead. It is working very well.


I’ve recently update the timthumb script. It should works fine :)

BTW , thanks for your recommendation :)

I love this theme very much, but its not working with WP2 .9. Any fixes?


I’ve test it with wp 2.9 and it works. Let me know is your problem?

hi i want to remove this word ( More News ) how can i do that ?


You can edit the tab-cat.php, it is located in the first line of the code.

Hi, I bought a template from Maxis, and I’m not having support, you support after the purchase: please be honest … thanks …



I don’t understand your comment/request… Mind to explain?

Does this theme come with a blog style option?

I need help.. I need to turn this theme into a blog style theme.. I was told that this theme has a blog style option but i cant see it anywhere.. :( waste of my money.. :(


Hi, I am afraid that I never mention this is a blogging theme… The theme name tell you all about it, it is a magazine theme…

However, you can still achieve that by disable some of the features ( elements ) then it will become a simple blog style theme.

Let me know if you need any help.

Hello Kailoon,

Nice template, in fact am very interested to purchase it asap. but I have some questions please: 1 – Is it support the Arabic language? 3 – Is there a possibility of converting layout from left to right? 4 – Is there a technical support after the purchase? 5- Can I edit the template after purchase? that’s all what I need right now :)

thanks and regards


Yes to all your questions and it will need some modifications in order to achieve that.

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After I purchased the template I can be honest and say that the template is the nicest templates I’ve seen in my life. ;) And Commenting on my previous comment, I’ve translated all the template files. but please can you answer those few questions:

1 – How can I to convert the template from left to right. 2 – Which files can I edit to allow me add more than 4 categories on the home page from the template settings? 3 – How to change the background color of the sidebar? 4 – What are the plugins used in this template?

Thanks and regards


1. You need to edit the stylesheet. The style.css and the color scheme you are using.

2. To use more than 4 categories in the tabbing area, you need to edit the tab-cat.php, and also the function.php in order to add new option in theme option page to handle it.

3. You need to edit the stylesheet, it depends on which color scheme you are using now.

4. By default, there is no plugin needed.

Two major reasons I purchased this theme: 1. The theme is just plain awesome. I love community themes and this one is done great. 2. Kailoon supports this theme very well. Looking through the comments I see that he is doing everything he can to help people get this theme working like they want. Thank you Kailoon!!

I have one small issue. My video section on the homepage is showing all the text under the video. I just want the video to show by itself but if people click to go to the post with the video in it I want the text to be there. Any remedy for this?


I don’t think that make sense, people expect to play the video when click on the video, right?


I don’t think you understood my comment Kailoon. That’s ok :)

The problem is that all the text from video blog posts gets displayed under the video on the front page. It would be much better if only the video would show by itself on the front page, and then the member has two options 1. Click the video to play it on the front page or 2. Click the post Title to go to the blog post which has the video at the top and the text below it.


Yes, currently it works in this way. 1. click on video, play. 2. click on title, goto the post page.

You mean, if it is a video post. There will be only the video and title on front page? That can be done, but you need to modify the featured.php :) I hope I get you right this time :)

Sad :( I don’t see any option in the theme to add a video in the top-right like your demo shows. What’s up with that?

EDIT : You can do this by putting an embedded video in one of the Ad sections! :)

Ok now I do have a legitimate question. It seems the RSS feeds on this theme do not generate thumbnails at all.

Searching around I found this post that might help: http://cdharrison.com/2009/12/16/the_post_thumbnail-for-rss-feeds/

But Kailoon, could you please provide a solution to producing thumbnail images in the RSS feeds? Thank you!


I will update on this soon.

Hello, Where did you get the slideshow plugin? I have the regular one (where the images slide from right to left to show the next image) but where can I get the plugin that will make it bounce as shown at the top of the preview? Thanks!

How can I make the ‘User Link Feeds’ page my Home Page?


Create the page, insert the page ID into the theme option page. Then, goto dashboard > settings > reading. Set the user link feed page as front page. You will need to select another page for blog post page. So, you will need to modify some codes to make it works in this way.


I don’t have much knowledge on PHP , so can u Please help me which page i have to edit and how to edit.

if you can e-mail me via my mail id (ahammedshaik@gmail.com) that would be very helpful to me.



Can you send me a request via email? You can use the contact form on my profile page.

Kailoon told me you can exclude specific categories from the Latest News module on the front page by altering this code in the Index.php:

$recentPosts->query('showposts=1&cat=-'.get_cat_id($headline).', -'.get_cat_id($vid).', -'.get_cat_id($special));

But does anyone know how to change the code to do this? I’ve been working on it for a couple hours with no results.

I thought inserting this would work: $recentPosts->query(‘showposts=1&cat=-’.get_cat_id($headline).’, -’.get_cat_id($vid).’, -’.get_cat_id(cat=-13).’, -’.get_cat_id($special));

But it doesn’t.


Doesn’t work :\

Here is exactly what I replaced the old $recentPosts with:

$recentPosts->query(‘showposts=1&cat=-’.get_cat_id($headline).’, -’.get_cat_id($vid).’, -’.get_cat_id($special).',-26,-13');

Because I need to exclude category 26 and 13. Did I do it right? I’ll play with it some more.

Your customer support is the best Kailoon. Thank you so much for your help. I’m glad I bought this theme.


Hmm, but it should works, I have test it too.

$recentPosts->query(‘showposts=1&cat=-’.get_cat_id($headline).’, -’.get_cat_id($vid).’, -’.get_cat_id($special).’,-26,-13’);

Can you try to adjust the ” ’ ” using your own keyboard. It is an Apostrophe.


The code you sent me works now! :)

For those interested:

$recentPosts->query('showposts=1&cat=-'.get_cat_id($headline).', -'.get_cat_id($vid).', -'.get_cat_id($special).',-26,-13');

how to active user link feed page and sidebar panel ?