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Hi Kailoon,

Great! thank you. We are still evaluating the best theme for our game community project. I think yours will be a top pic in our “beauty contest”.

One question remains: do the featured posts change automatically after x-seconds? This would actually be nice, as users normally don’t flip trough the feature sections just to see if there is an update.

Barandum : I am working on that now :P I manage to do that but the animation isn’t good enough. I am still looking for other way, so, stay updated :)

jcritty Purchased

Just installed the upgraded theme version… now my headlines don’t show up on the homepage and the guide is very unclear as to how the photos should be attached to posts.

Do we put the filenames in the admin area for the posts??


jcritty: Actually, you just attach the photo like usual. The only thing you need to make sure is the image size and the cache folder have writable permission. You can send me an email with your url, I will help you to solve the problem :)

Great job, let’s put into my bookmark! :)

rmartone Purchased

Hi, love the theme but where ever it is supposed to automatically create the 100 X 100px thumbnail, it is actually generating 150 X 150px sized thumbs which is breaking the layout. Really weird because I checked the code and they all seem be set at 100 X 100 .

Check it out http://www.grillin411.com/

rmartone : You are using WordPress Media Upload, right? You need to set the thumbnail size into 100px X 100px before upload. Go to Setting > Media. You can find this in the guide PDF :)

hexduo Purchased

I initially had some problems with the theme, not having the theme show up at all. The problem was with the plugins, if you have problems with the theme, please disable your plugins before continuing!

Kailoon was very prompt with replies and i’m really happy with the after sales service!

Thanks Kailoon!

You’re welcome hexduo :)

alfateh Purchased

Very nice design and smooth.. keep your excelent work..

jcritty Purchased

Thanks for the updates, Kailoon.

Theme is working fantastically now! You were also great with support, and very quick.

Nice work.


Oh, you’re welcome guys :)

Live preview doesnt work

Opps, sorry, it should be working now :) Thanks!


Beautiful design. just what iv’e been looking for. I have one questionbefore i buy. I would like to include a forum page, like in your “Themetation” theme. How do I go about that, or will you be able to send me a theme that includes a forum page???

Thanks, Kind regards

Good question from thatguyyy. Are new pages added in the main navigation bar (next to the categories dropdowns) or just above? We have the same issue that we have a forum and a shop which should be accessible via main navigation.

thatguyyy and barandum: Hey guys, I am using phpbb for the forum in themetation which is a free theme and I just simply edit the CSS and some icons.

For this theme, you can add forum and shop for sure. What you need to do edit the page navigation. That’s all.

I don’t think I can send you a forum page for this theme, that’s beyond my support. Sorry.

New pages add to the top navigation menu. The main navigation bar is for categories. However, you can change them for sure.

You also can add the forum and shop to main navigation bar for sure. Just make sure you have the correct URL . If you have problem to change the links, email me.

Hi kailoon,

thanks for the reply. I will be purchasing soon. Can you please tell me or provide a link to the the phpbb theme you are using???

Thanks Again, Kind Regards

Hey, I want to make one of the pages full width with no sidebar. Does anyone know how to do that? I want to add in a forum..