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Hey thatguyy, Did you get a forum working? I want to do the same thing.. How did you go? Any help would be great!

thatguyyy: Hmm.. I can’t remember… if I am not mistaken, it could be this

cheynegrace : Hi, I’ve replied your email, please check :)

Manji Purchased

Do you need any Plugins to get the “Related ARticles” tab working?

Hi Kailoon,

Is there a resolution limitation that’s best for this theme? I noticed when using a mac with a screen resolution of 1440×900 the rss button is a few pixels above the red bar? Any suggestions?

Manji : Nope, it is included within the theme. It works based on tags.

thefotonut : Hmm weird, I am using 1440 X 900 resolution monitor. But I don’t have such problem. Or you can try to adjust it position in the header.psd.

Manji Purchased

I have the same problem with the header but only on the index page.

My resoultion ist 1050×1800

Manji : Is this only happen in Mac? I am using PC 1440 X 900 resolution. Can you send me your URL so I can check?

reveiled Purchased

I cant locate slider.php Where is the file?

Hi Kaikoon, This is great for news publishing with amazing features. I just have one question: I don’t use video but instead I would like to be able to upload files and pictures in that section like maps and documents in pdf. Is it possilbe to do this kind of substitution?

reveiled : Slider.php? Why are you looking for that file? Anything I can help?

Rubsi : I think it should be OK. You can insert the map within the post, but make sure the width isn’t too much to break the layout. Any problem when you implementing the theme, you can let me know :)

The video post is just s normal post but with the video source code from example youtube.

reveiled Purchased

@kailoon I’m trying to change the rotator display time from 3000 to maybe 5000 but I cant locate the slider.php as you indicate in the guide.pdf

“Change the duration in between the slider switching. 1. Open js / slider.php. 2. Go to line 118. 3. Change the number, default is 3000 ( 3 seconds).”

Did I understand it right or maybe there is another way to do it?

Hi, I purchased this template last week. How do I change the logo? Thanks for your help!

reveiled : Oh, my bad! I forgot to change the filename! It is “slider-auto.js” line 118. I am really sorry about that. I update the theme but forgot to update the guide.pdf! :P

ProfAlliHost : I’ve replied to your email, please check :)

Hi Kailoon, I got your email. Thanks for your fast support!

Wow I really like this theme. I was reading through that PSDTuts thread and like both this theme and the one by Maximus, although I think this one is just a bit too magazine-like. However I really like the featured posts slider. Is there some sort of easy way for me to get rid of all the stuff in between the featured slider and the actual posts? Please lemme know. Anyway, awesome job!

Well that was probably confusing, I guess what I mean is I’d like just go from the slider to the “News” section.

Just purchased, works very well :)

The submit button does work in IE7

RandomNero : You can disable them using the theme option.

jonobird94 : I’ve test it in IE7 , it works.

Need some help with the theme. The email address provided in the guide didn’t work.

Safari trouble, the Our Magazine options under admin panel doesn’t work in Safari.

Need some help understanding how to have sub-page navigation structured.

What is the best way to get quick support for this theme? Please advice.