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thepetpoet : Email address didn’t work? That’s my email address, what you mean didn’t work?

Oh, I now only notice the check box doesn’t work in Safari, no worry, I will fix it asap.

All pages ( include subpages ) links will be include in the left navigation menu. Order by alphabet.

Just send me an email :)

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MINI -REVIEW: This is a wonderful theme. It was very easy to install and understand. however the very best feature of the theme wasn’t the rotator or the video section. It was KAILOON . Excellent work on the theme and thanks for addressing my issues promptly and even helping out with some coding. Keep up the good work.

thepetpoet : The theme is updated. Now the admin option works well in Safari :)

Hello, You say “Select the theme color.” does this allow for custom colors or only ones preselected?

Ok, I figured my first question out. Great theme!

I would like to have a tabbed section in the latest news that is static html. Tabbed with three tabs for the three different pieces of information, but these are not blog posts.

Any thought on how to accomplish this?

Nevermind I got it to do what I wanted.

But I have a new problem, in the tabbed news section I only want to display 3 categories, but I can’t seem to get rid of the 4th one. Any thoughts?

midwestbonsai :you can delete the last section, it is in tab-cat.php. If you still can’t get it done, send me an email.

Grrreat theme! One question, how is it possible to display only certain subpages in the “full” pages navigation?

For example: I want to have some “full” pages under “about us” and some “full” pages under i.e “services”. Now every page turns up in the left sidebar of the “full” pages.

Any idea on how to resolve this?

redde312 :Check your email :) But this is customization, not support.

i am interested in buying your magazine having only one question does it come with a counter ? or if a counter can be added and how ? thank you

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I love the theme and am working on a few customizations when I realized that my Archive links (categories/months/year links) do not work when clicked. I’m not sure if this is a permalink issue or not, but that is all I’ve been able to find with no solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I guess I could have given you guys URL http://www.wvmountaineersports.com/

fame6169 : Do you mean the feed counter? Yes, it comes with the theme. But you need to make sure your service provider has enable curl and simplexmlelement and have php5 available. If you don’t have, you can disable the feature.

digiburd : Fixed :)

hello and thank you for your immediate reply !

i ment hit counter so that i can see the number of visitors

fame6169: This theme does not come with hit counter. But I think it is easy to implement any hit counter you like. The hit counter site should have the guides for you to implement.

Great theme!

I intend to buy this file a.s.a.p. But i have some questions: 1)I need to have a full banner in the header (between Logo and top menu). Is it possible to customize? 2) Is it possible to change the Headline buttons (< >;)? Or change the colours? 2) How many advertise banners can i add?

Thanks. Luiz V2Brasil

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Hello Kailoon i sent you an email before asking some questions about your theme, one of those was that i wasn´t being able to get the feedcount to display… i solved that one and decided to post it here in case any one missed this little step…

after some researching i read i had to go to my feedburner account, go to “publicize” click on “Awareness API ” end then activate that… the count is working now… the other questions im still waiting for you… thanks… great theme!!!

v2brasil : 1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. 1 big + 6 small.

odin09 : Oh, thanks for the information. I think this will help other users as well :) I already reply to you. Please check :)

I understand you have 2 color scheme to choose from. Can I further modify the color? in the CSS ? Thanks

tonyso: Sure you can :)