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pastrana Purchased

I bought the template and I am already creating a site but i would like to have more color variations! Black background is hard for text reading! Also would like to have a wider and higher logo across the top (logo area) so I can put a higher photo. Thanks!


(still on working:) www.tribucanina.com

pastrana : You can change the css for the color. For the logo, you need to modify the header.php and css as well :)

hello my name is chopper my site is ChopperDanceBlog.com

I need help. when i activate your theme everything is scrambled up on my site. How do i get it look normal?

chopperdance11 :

I have replied to your email, please check.

Thank you for your immediate reply .

I really love this template. But to be perfect for me i need to optimize the AD spaces like inserting a full banner between Logo and top menu. You told me that it´s possible. But any idea how can i do this? You also told me that i can add 1 big + 6 small advertise banners. Is it possible to add more advertise banners in different areas? Can i customize the AD´s size?

If i buy the template colud you help me with this?

Regards. Luiz V2Brasil

v2brasil :

This is customization, not support. So, it is not free. If you are interested, send me an email about your inquiry in details.

PHP 5 only?

To make the feed counter text works.

hELLO. GREATjob on this.

im wondering could I use elements in this theme in my custom page.

i would like to use the video section thats on the home page.

and the headline on the home page.

Again great job

ciphasublime :

You need to customize some codes for sure. If you don’t know how. Send me an email.

Hi, this is a great theme. i was purchased 2 days ago. I have a problem, i don’t view content of page that i was created.

Any message “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in E:\wamp\www\BangoWS\wp-content\themes\magazine\page.php on line 39”.

How can i fix it?



I think you had modified the code, right? Because the page.php is pretty simple and I never find this problem.

According to what you mentioned. You might have the loop in wrong structure. You can send me your file so I can take a look.

not sure if you recieved my email.

but i have resolved all my issues. however I am still having problems with my video section on the home page not displaying.

i followed your directions line for line. still not working.

thanks in advanced

thanks Your Great! i recieved the updates. and have applied the changes.

Great tech support!

ciphasublime : I try to reply to your email but failed – mail delivery failed.

Anyway, I can’t see your site online though. Can you make it live then I can check later?

itreptil Purchased

very cool theme

you have mail. if you did recieve it i’ll try again

kralj Purchased

Hello, very nice for my needs. and now. SuperFish not working. wp 2.7.1. not messed 2 much with the code. any leads to follow?

ciphasublime :

You still didn’t get my reply? I already replied it.

kralj :

SuperFish not working? Can you send me an email and give me more information?