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Just updated to version 2.0, and have a few questions:

1. The changelog mentions a new Header 6 – I’m not seeing it. I was hoping it was going to be similar to the old Header 2, I would like to place the round social icons in the header.

2. When I add a Product category to the main menu, it does not work.

3. How can I hide/remove the “Reset” button on the contact form?




1. Header Six can be viewed here, the setup doesn’t have the social icons defined in the Theme Customizer hence why no icons.

The icons will display upon saving the customizer, if you would like them rounded add the following to your child theme stylesheet.

.ps-header-share li a {

2. Within the menu’s section you should find the ‘Product Categories’ to show within the ‘Screen Options’ via the top of the page. As long as you have product categories or even a custom link pointing to a specific category it should work, could you be able to elaborate further on this?

3. The contact form is generated by the PS Shortcodes plugin, we are in future going to use filters so content can be programmatically changed via the theme but in the mean time add this to your child theme,

#contact-form.form-inline input.btn.btn-default {
    display: none;
#contact-form.form-inline input#contact-submit.btn.btn-default {
    display: inline-block;

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HI, thanks for the info. Let me clarify a couple of things.

1. Header 6. It is not available to select in the Theme Customizer. Even so, it’s not like the old Header 2 anyway, so I’d like to stick with the current Header 3 – but with the addition of the social icons. Can this be done?

2. If a product category (or custom link) is added to the menu, it works fine. However, if that product category menu item (or custom link) has sub-menu items then the link doesn’t work – it just becomes a #.

3. This has worked, thanks.

4. A new issue. I have set the target URL for items in the Brands section, and inserted the shortcode to display them on my homepage. However, the brand images are not clickable.