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Hi Everyone,

We have just released an update, Outlet 2.4 is available to download through ThemeForest which is fully compatible with WordPress 4.1 and the latest release of WooCommerce, (2.3.4).

To upgrade i recommend overwriting the outlet theme folder via ftp in your wp-content/themes folder. Shortcodes have been left the same and other important functions so you shouldn’t have any problems with the upgrade.

If you require support please contact us via our profile page.

All the best. Matt Pixelstores

There’s a lot of posts on how to upload the “theme content” to get it to resemble the demo. Unfortunately I cannot find it in the just downloaded file? Any ideas?


Hmm, could you be able to send me an email with your login details via my profile so i can investigate further?


Hey PixelStores! Just did! Thanks a bunch for investigating :)


Outlet should be up and running as it should be now :)

Hi Ive just upgraded from version 1.6 to the latest version and my social media link is in the customiser but is not showing up in front of my navigation. Please advise http://bespokebeauty.com.au/home/


Not entirely sure why this is happening, could you be able to completely remove the social link text in the customizer and then save.

Refresh the customizer and re enter the details.

Give this a try and let me know the outcome. If problem persists please email your login details via my profile so i can investigate further.

Kind Regards

I sent this comment in about 2 months ago and also commented on it roughly a month ago and have had no replies. Would you please be able to help me?...


I have the same problem as “Typographis” mentioned a while ago. The review stars are displaying as an ‘S’ and not a star.

The ‘your rating’ section is also slightly broken on Internet Explorer and Mobile.

Internet explorer problem: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20173671/Internet%20Explorer%2011%20-%20Windows%208.1.png

Mobile problem: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20173671/IMG_1118.PNG

Thank you, Richard.


Hi Richard,

This bug is fixed in the latest version of Outlet, WooCommerce and WordPress.

Kind Regards


Hi, I am now on the latest version and the issue is fixed on Chrome, however the problems still exist on Internet Explorer (11) and iPhone (5 & 6). Please see screenshots:

Internet Explorer: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20173671/Internet%20Explorer%2011%20-%20Windows%208.1.png iPhone: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20173671/iphone.PNG


WooCommerce have released 2.3.6, which fixes quite a few bugs and changes the template files. Will you be releasing an updated of the theme? If so, do you have an idea of when that will be?




An update was released about a couple of weeks ago that makes the theme compatible with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions. :)


Ah right, I updated the theme last week, so I’m on v2.4. However, I was on WooCommerce 2.3.5 then. When I went to WooCommerce 2.3.6, the outdated template files message appeared again.

My theme don’t show the shopping cart. And the icon “Home”.

I bought the theme and sent an email to the support, but got no response.

link of my site.. http://wandercia.com.br/ecommerce/


I got it


i got it. Now, other question.. Why when I click on the cart he does not direct to the page of the products who are in the cart?

I’ve upgraded to the new Woo and it pretty much screwed up my whole site… I did your latest update and still not fixing it. Getting this error message with Woo…

Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files. If you notice an issue on your site, this could be the reason. Please contact your theme developer for further assistance. You can review the System Status report for full details or learn more about WooCommerce Template Structure here.


My add to cart buttons on the product page has vanished, any ideas how to get it back?


Hello, I’ve got the same problem as the person above me (yellowmarcomms). How to solve this problem?

Hi, is this theme compatible with WPML?

Hello. I haven’t the support necessary on the last moments.

I need to know how translate the message “Product successfully added to your cart.” and the button “continue shopping” on cart page.

Thank you if you can help me.

Where is support?

Updated theme, imported demo. Blog still not showing right. Deleted all blog/news pages, and start over by making a new page and set it to Blog template. Still not showing correctly? http://www.shawanarhodes.com/latest-news/ Please advice.


Can you please provide support?

Hi PixelStores,

I have the latest theme update and installed. Unfortunately none of the Layer Slider images appear because they are missing / not in the Media Library. The URLs point to images on your demo site that no longer exist.

greybg, perspective, night dress etc.

Also, I keep getting a message regarding licensing for Layer Slider unable to locate a license code for the message to disappear.

Please advise. Thanks!