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Great work, really clean design… Was about to purchase but no portfolio or lookbook function, which is a must for my project! Will you be adding this?

Thankyou :)

Yes i’ll be implementing a filterable portfolio section and a similar concept to this for both products and folio work in the near future.


Stunning stuff love the sliders with products and clean look. Great great stuff!

is there a html static version of this amazing template? no wp?


Don’t have any plans to produce a html version anytime soon and will be focusing more on fixing bugs and releasing new features beforehand.


is there a html static version of this amazing template? no wp?

Very nice theme ! the youtube’s videos on documentation are private. we can’t see them. thank you


Thanks for purchasing :)

New documentation is currently waiting to be approved here on ThemeForest along with a few bug fixes.

I’ll let you know as soon as possible when been approved.


We don’t know why the menus don’t appears. We are sending our login inbox. Thanx


Got your email, will check now :)


Do the color options include making this a dark (all black background) theme?

You can set the “global” colour scheme via the Theme Customizer, at the moment it is set to orange.

Removing the white backgrounds with a dark cour and setting the text to a lighter color throughout the site would require some styling.

I’ll be including a child theme shortly that will demonstrate a boxed version of Outlet with some colour mods.


Hi, very nice, clean work.

One question- is a full width Shop page possible, without the sidebar full of filters, taglist etc possible?


Hi, Thankyou.

Yes you can set the shop layout to be full width, right and left sidebar. Product shortcodes are also an option/



I have installed. I have a question. Shop Page – what if i want to create says 4 shop pages, each one to sit in the Sub Header Menu.

Example: Shoes // Boots // Dresses // Costumes

Would this be possible? I tried adding a new page but not sure how to apply the “shop” style to this, as the current Shop page just used a default template. Any help would be great



Thankyou for purchasing.

Yes this is possible but rather than being shop pages, setting up shop categories would be what you would use.

The shop base page is automatically created by the WooCommerce plugin and you can only set this header style once. I would use a “Custom Menu” or shop categories widget to display your categories via the sidebar.

Another option worth considering is to create pages for your shop categories and use the product shortcodes to display your products, bear in mind the price filters and ajax navigation from the shop base will not be accessible.



I love this theme.

  • How do I access the documentation? The rollover buttons seem to be inactive.
  • Where do I find the pre-layouts for the home section? I’m sure the documentation has this answer amidst others.


Ah, thanks. I didn’t notice the sleek menu at the top of the documentation page. Great tutorials.

If I wanted to take the divider that separates “Blog Posts” from “Outlet – A Wordpress WooCommerce Theme” on the homepage and add it on another page, is there a specific shortcode listed?

Thanks again.

The dividers are hr elements and will be made into a shortcode in the update for now you have two different styles to choose from.

<hr class="normal" />
<hr class="bolt" />


Thanks for the assistance.

Hi, bought the theme thanks, very nice.

Is there a list of the shortcodes somewhere? it seems to be alluding me

An update is in the review process with update documentation on the shortcodes, This is the visual editor.


HI, I have updated to 1.1, but I can’t see the shortcode reference table anywhere, could you point me to it? Thanks

Hi, the reference table is in the documentation under the ‘Shortcodes’ section.


Having logo troubles… Sizing doesn’t seem to work. If I go to fix it, it never changes back…


It seems to be working down my end, be sure to include “px” to the end of your dimensions. Allow some time for the page to refresh via the Theme Customizer.

If the problem persists please contact me via my profile with your WP admin details and i’ll be happy to take a look.


that did the trick! Thank you!!

Hi, great theme. I was curious if it was possible to change the font? I’m assuming it’s a google font, I just haven’t been able to find where it’s at.


Yes it is possible to change the font with the Outlet Child theme, an update is in the review process here at ThemeForest.

Send me an email via my profile and i’ll send you a copy.


(Sorry for the thread of comments–figuring this out while inquiring of your expertise)

As far as the pull-down menu, it seems to only show a full list, when variations are set to “Any [attribute_name]” so that the price is same with any variable, as opposed to creating specific variation combinations. Is that a bug or is there an option that I’m missing?


Ah yes, my bad, i have fixed this and implemented the use of shortcodes in the product description now for the parent theme, send me an email via my profile for the updated copy.


Sent – Thanks again.

All good, sent.

Hi! How can i rename New Products on index.php or home/main page to New Work or something else? I need to know this asap.

Hi, replied to your email.

Recent Products:
[recent_products_slider title="NEW PRODUCTS" items="9" scroll="1"]
Best Sellers:
[bestsellers_products_slider title="BEST SELLERS" items="9" scroll="1"]
Featured Products:
[featured_products_slider title="FEATURED PRODUCTS" items="9" scroll="1"]


I see in your demo page, at the bottom, Brands with logo picture.

Can these be “clickable” and bring us to the individual “brands” page?

Do you also have a “catalog” mode for this theme? Does not show pricing/add to cart for shop page.


Thanks for your interest.

Yes, the brands can be made clickable linking to any page you like.

Yes catalog mode is a feature and you can disable certain elements related to the ecommerce functionality such as prices, add to cart buttons.. e.t.c.