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We are looking for a list of all the entypo icons to use in the theme. Currently our home page has:

icon-tools icon-lamp icon-heart

We need to replace them but don’t see a list of the shortcodes to for each icon

This page. http://demo.pixelstores.com/outlet/elements/ shows a few icons but not the shortcodes. Please help!

A shortcode reference for the skill builder listed on that page would be helpful as well.

Hi There,

Thankyou for your suggestion, i will take fourth on this and make improvements for the shortcodes in a later update.

For now, a brief shortcode reference is in the documentation.

I’m not sure if your aware but in the ‘Visual’ editor look for the circled I icon, this is the icon shortcodes where you will see a visual of the available entypo icons.

Kind Regards

Hello there – Awesome theme!

With the latest update the logo isn’t centered anymore and isn’t resizing correctly for us.


Thanks for your help. Keep up the great work.

Hi There,

Upload and activate the child blank theme and within the style.css add the following,

.logo {
    text-align: center;
    width: 100%;

Thankyou :)

Good day!

I’m having trouble with the blog on my Outlet-themed site. The individual posts look fine: http://elacoreplans.com/keep-calm-and-teach-writing/ But the Blog page isn’t styled right: http://elacoreplans.com/blog/

I don’t think I have made any CSS changes or edits to the PHP for that page that would create this problem. Do you have any ideas what is going on?

Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy,

Looks like you may have setup the blog incorrectly.

In your wordpress admin create a new page say ‘News’ and select the page template to be “Blog” and then publish.

This is all that is required, the ‘Blog’ page will be the archive and will display like the demo.

Kind Regards

Thanks so much for your reply. I have no idea how it happened, but your suggestion worked perfectly. I just deleted the original “Blog” page and rebuilt it as “News”, deleted the original Blog page, then renamed “News” to “Blog”. Perfect.


Thank you! Andy

Your welcome Andy :)

Hi there! am having some problems too. what is the recommended dimension for the product photo?

my #1 photo displays fine, but when i click on the #2,#3,#4, the top/ bottom part of the photo gets chopped off and resized/enlarged. Is there a setting i need to off here?

Hi There,

Have you imported the demo content? product photos and other related pictures have the dimensions on the imported images.

For the product images the recommended dimensions is 912H x 822W.

Kind Regards

Can your theme be customized with the Add More to Cart feature like this


Color Size Quantity side by side and the Add More button to be able to keep clicking to Add More Color Size Quantity lines below the previous line?

Hi There,

Outlet uses the plugin WooCommerce to handle the ecommerce side of things and by default this kind of feature isn’t available.

There are a few extensions that may be used in conjunction with WooCommerce that may have your interest.

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

WooCommerce Gravity Forms Add-Ons

Variation Swatches

But actually having a “Add More” button doesn’t seem to be a feature of one of the above extensions and would require some custom php, jQuery work.

Kind Regards

Hello, I have a last question that for me sounds obvious but i think that is better ask before buy. Can i use the Header Style III at all pages of the website?

Thanks in advance

Hi There,

Thankyou for your interest.

Yes, you can set any header style globally throughout the site.

Kind Regards

Hi, The Subscribe field is not styling as per you preview on coming soon page. Could you please advise what am I doing wrong.


Thank you and congratulation on this theme. well done. Duda.

Hi Duda,

Please find the MailChimp instructions in the documentation within the ‘Theme Content’ section.

There is some markup you would have to copy/paste into the plugin settings.

Thankyou for your kind words :)


How can I have the coming soon page up but still is able to see changes I am making to the site?

Hi ‘kapplewhite’

Could you be able to verify your purchase by sending me an email via my profile from the account used to purchase Outlet.

Kind Regards

I have a problem when someone tries to recover a password they get an error message. “ERROR: Empty CAPTCHA” but it never asked for a CAPTCHA, also the CAPTCHA its enabled on the settings for “forgot password.”

Hi, I am only using the one provided by the theme (SI Captcha) it works when someone is registering but if you go to forgot password it does not work. Here is the link where I am testing the website.



I’m not overly familiar with the ‘SI Captcha’ plugin but i believe the issue has to be related to either to the WooCommerce or Captcha plugin.

Deactivate and active the default wordpress theme and see if the captcha displays correctly. By doing this we can distinguish the problem to see if it’s either theme or plugin related.

You could try posting this question to there support forum.

Kind Regards

Found the problem, thank you.

I have another question, How do you change the number of products displayed on the index page on the bottom “Our Products”? I have Home VI as my index page. I tried to change it here “recent_products_slider title=”OUR PRODUCTS” per_page=”8” scroll=”1”” but nothing happens. Please help.

How do I upgrade, Do I have to backup my database first? Will I loose the current configuration if I update? Thanks/

Unless you made any changes to the core Outlet theme files you won’t lose any settings, pages, products e.t.c.

Two ways you can perform the update,

1. Deactivate and delete the current outlet theme and reupload the new one.

2. Refer to the changelog in the documentation and overwrite the changed files listed via FTP.

If you made any changes to the current theme such php enhancements or added CSS, you best make a backup of this.

Added modifications such as css/php should be placed in the activated outlet-child-blank theme to avoid any loses in future updates.

Kind Regards

You are awesome!


I have a question. Does the theme include and opportunity to sell digital products?

This theme* an opportunity* sorry for my english :D

Hi There,

Thanks for your interest :)

Outlet uses the plugin WooCommerce to handle the ecommerce functionality and you can sell digital products.

Some information on setting up digital products can be seen here.

Kind Regards

I am using the Child Blank theme and I can’t seem to activate Header Style III. It says it’s selected but activates II instead of III. Please advise

Great thanks. Is that version 1.4.1? as this is the files I am using at the moment.

The new update is version 1.5, just been pushed out.

Cheers :)

Ok great, thanks


I’ve set up (localhost on my MacBook) the Outlet Theme and I’m attempting to import the dummycontent.xml but each time I try I continue to receive a message that 17 items failed to import. Most of them are the blank containers (for example: Media “912×822”). I’ve followed the directions you’ve provided to us within the documentation. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Here’s a dropbox link/picture to the full list of 17 items. Thank you for any help that you can provide. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjmhrsuvm9crqtw/failed%20Outlet%20dummy%20content%20.png

Hi There,

This is probably caused by not having the correct permissions set for your uploads folder on your localhost, make sure this is writable.

In the latest release version 1.5 there is a new xml that we exported you could try.

From the screenshot it looks like only the images weren’t imported. Here are the dimensions for the images used for the theme,

  • - Product photo 912W x 822H
  • - Brands 480W – x 270H
  • - Slicebox 985W x 460H
  • - Carousel 660W x 760H
  • - Nivoslider 985W x 460H
  • - Blog 648W x 345H

Kind Regards

Huh. I guess I’m lost. I haven’t run into this problem before. I know my folder is writable as I have no issues uploading any other files to my uploads folder. I’ve tried the new v1.5 xml but again I get the same issue. Any other ideas? Maybe I should just start with a new database and fresh WordPress install.

Well… I’ve been obsessed with correcting this issue all day and even through all my google searching I’ve failed to find an answer. I’m wondering if importing the media files is even possible when in a localhost dev development environment.

If you can help me with this I would really appreciate it, I have the theme on a sub folder, but once I’m done with it I want to move it to the root folder. I did a test with a regular wordpress and it worked just by changing the links in the admin first and then moving the content to the root folder. The problem is that with woocommerce everything breaks. For example css and js files are not working. I know this does not relate to the theme but you are a pro and if you can help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


You are almost there, you would also need to export the WordPress database. This tutorial should help you.

Cheers :)

Hi there!

Using te outlet theme now and trying to make an webshop. But is it right that variable products aren’t working? I tried to add some variables, each with an other price, but it doesn’t work.

Thank you and great update!


Hi Ronald,

Just doubled checked this and the variations seem to be in working order.

More than likely the variation setup is incorrect or there is a conflict with a third-party plugin you may be using.

I would try creating a new product and follow this tutorial as a reference.

If the problem persists send me an email via my profile with your WordPress details and i’ll setup a sample product for you.

Kind Regards

Hello, I thought this question was’nt be answered, so I asked it again tonight. I’ll check the tutorial. Thank you!

Love the theme!

Hi there.

A small query, is there any way of making the slider take up less width on a page? I’ve tried reducing the number of pixels, but that just reduces the proportion of the images that are shown.



If you are using the LayerSlider you can change the width from 100% to your preferred dimensions.

Navigate to the LayerSlider WP settings and click the slider you want to edit. locate to the Global Settings and adjust the ‘Slider width’.

Kind Regards


I’ve gotten the theme set up and it works very well. I really like it. Only issue is I’m not receiving an email from the contact form fields. Where is that email configured?

I think it’s right in front of me but I just can’t figure it out!

Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael,

Glad you like the theme :)

The contact form emails are sent to the WordPress admin email that can be configured under the Users > Your Profile settings.

The contact form could possibly send the mail to your junk folder.

For the contact form itself you can use the following shortcode,

[contact name="Name" email="Email" reset="Reset" send="Send Message" tele="Telephone" msg="Message" success="Thankyou for sending us an email, we will get back to you shortly."]

Kind Regards

Hello! Firstly, congrats for your beautiful theme I’v just bought. A simple question, is there a way to translate in italian hover buttons on product thumbs when you pass the mouse? I was looking for them in functions and general php files but I can’t find them!

I mean ( http://televisionkillsme.org/shop/ ) if I pass the cursor hover the images it appears “Aggiungi al Carrello” and “Show Details”, or “Select Options” etc.

Thank you so much.

solved! yo

Good Stuff! :)

I used dummycontent.xml archive according to the youtube video. Why my products doesn’t appear when I click “Shop” in the menu? http://giovanaealexandre.com.br/loja-virtual/?page_id=374

The WooCommerce Price Filter only displays in the ‘Shop’ base page. In the widget section you can use this widget on the ‘Shop’ sidebar.

Kind Regards

Yes I know that I have to send what I wast to a sidebar. I made it and all the things are working, unless the filter by price. Do you know anything about this issue or its happening just with me?


Sorry, not quite understood. Did you create a custom sidebar with the price filter widget allocated to it?