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My wordpress and woocommerce are translated into Portuguese Brazil and many fields have been translated, but some fields can not translate… how to translate the fields as:

add to cart view details view cart and checkout (in header style i on the top right dropdown mini cart) and other fields of the subject that did not translate to the woocommerce default.

(sorry my english of translate app… lol)

Hi There,

What version of Outlet are you using? Previously users has brought up this subject relating to translation issues on the cart/add to cart text but should be resolved in the latest version of Outlet. 2.6.

Kind Regards

Hi, I installed the WooCommerce Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation as a part of your theme package. There is an update available, but I can’t install as I have no licence for the extension. Am I missing on something or … can you suggest what to do? Thanks!

Hi 8web,

I have submitted an update with the updated plugins and is in the review queue..

I wouldn’t worry to much about the layer slider and advanced layered nav plugin updates.

Kind Regards

Thanks! Hope you are feeling heaps better!


I use your Outlet theme with Woocommerce for shopping cart. Our products are online downloadable and need to send the download links instantly on receiving the order.

But here the issue is that I have to change the order status to “Complete” from “Pending” manually. I found a code from woocommerce documents http://docs.woothemes.com/document/automatically-complete-orders/ for the auto change the Order Status but not sure where to add it. Please let me know how to make the Order Status automatically converted to Complete.

One more thing, once the payment stuff is done, its not auto redirect to homepage, please tell me where to check and modify.


Maik Donath

H Maik,

Regarding the the order status code, i have not yet tried it but the code should go in the following file,


I’m fairly confident the code will work.

If you want users to be relocated to the homepage upon order completion, locate to the WooCommerce > Settings > Pages settings and change the ‘Thanks page’ to your homepage page.

Kind Regards

SUPER HAPPY about this theme! Thank U! [ http://shop.televisionkillsme.org ]


Fantastic work! Really glad you like our theme. Thankyou :)

Hi, alot of solutions you’ve posted (Thanks btw) requires installing of the “outlet-child-blank” theme.

Will this is anyway ruin the set up I already have on the outlet theme? Because my site is almost 100% finished, I just need to make certain changes to layout via your method…

I dont want to install it and risk have all my work deleted.


Or the alternative, making the sliders no longer full width so the layout fits… I’d like to know how to do both. Thanks :)

forget about the last question, I figured it out just setting full width to off… but one more small question.

When using child theme boxed, there seems to be a thin black line at the top of the box above my logo/header. How can I get rid of this?

You could try the following css in the style.css for the child theme,

.sub-head {
    border-top: none !important;
    padding-top: 5px;

Kind Regards

Hi, great theme)

if i use style 3 http://demo.pixelstores.com/outlet/style-iii/ , and turn off socials and cart, menu stick to the left, I dont get, how to place header menu in center, right under my logo. what I need to write to a css file? and one more question – can i add video in WP layer slide?

nope, i cant fix it

Hi Ian,

Yes i see the problem, i would go down a different direction, rather than using the above css, try the following,

.head #menu {
    float: none;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    width: 800px;

The downfall with this though is you would have to define the width accordingly for your menu and will not automatically change depending on how many menu items you have.

Best Regards

Yes, thank you, this what i want)

Do you have a common FAQ for this?

Hi Phil,

We currently don’t have a FAQ for Outlet but please feel free to ask any questions you have. I know the current support system is not ideal, expecially searching a specific topic via the ThemeForest system.

We are currently working on a support forum.

Best Regards

What would you recommend to do to have a prettyphoto/lightbox effect on standard WP gallery images?

Many thanks!


Good question, there are a number of plugins available you could try, depending on how well the programmer is there shouldn’t be any conflicts.

I would look for a responsive lightbox gallery, this one looks promising.

I havn’t had any experience with gallery plugins but i’m sure they would work out of the box, probably providing you a shortcode to use.

A number of results from the Plugins directory could be useful.

Best Regards

Dear sir,

I recently purchased your theme. I do have a few issues find some titles to changes:

  • the billing form where a customer has to enter his name, address, telephone etc…In which PHP-file can I change to titles? I’ve been looking like crazy to find it?
  • Same for the shopping cart item in the menu bar: if you have over it, you see your subtotal and you can select CHECKOUT or VIEW CART. In which files can I change these box names?
  • In the frame YOUR ORDER (billing page) => In which PHP-file can I change all these terms like: product, cart subtotal, etc
  • Same for the page with the order information when purchased: OUR DETAILS, ORDER DETAILS, CUSTOMER DETAILS,....
  • Same for the text in the email that the customer gets: I would like to translate this.

I have already crawled through every PHP file, but I don’t manage to find these elements. Would be FANTASTIC if you could help me out here.

Best regards,



Your welcome :)

I haven’t got a copy of the WPML plugin but some clients i know of have had success using the plugin with Outlet.

I would first try the plugin and experiment with the translation. The normal direction would be to use software such as POEdit and translate the theme strings found in the .po/mo file in the outlet/assets/lang directory.

Some tuition is provided to translate WooCommerce and may infact have your language available.

The screenshot you attached can be translated via the files, but you may be able to do this with the po/mo files. Alternatively the files can be found here,


Kind Regards

Ok, thanks, I’ll figure out the translation.

It’s really strange, but I really can find the “Our details” words and the other ones. In both files everything is already translated, so I’m really wondering where to search them…Can you copy the string that I should use/translate? It’s mainly the “Our details” I want to get rid of :)

Another question: [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2d0xgn6.jpg[/IMG] Any idea why the font of the Social media text line is different? Also the red line below it is missing! Any idea how to change/correct this?

Many thanks! Tim

Hi Tim,

Had to double check this and you are right, The ‘Our Details’ text is not part of the outlet templates and it may be part of some happenings by WooCommerce.

Ive been fiddling around to try and get this text output on the checkout page from WooCommerce with no luck. Are you using a third-party payment gateway extension? Which is your default gateway?

There is likely to be a filter for this text that you can have control over with a some php, alternatively some css could be use to hide the element.

Regarding the social icon styling for the footer, the original concept was to be used for the sidebar only, but i will make some changes and make an update shortly to be compatible for the footer.

Best Regards

Already found the question I had, nvm

Is there any CAPTCHA plugins that can be added to the contact page (ie contact shortcode) that are compatible out of the box?

If not what CAPTCHA plugin would you suggest?


Hi There,

Unfortunately the contact form that is in-built with Outlet is quite limited with form fields, you could manually enter your own and change the function but this would require some php, jquery knowledge.

The function can be found in the shortcodes.php file.


Your best bet to have a more of a custom contact form would be to use a third party plugin such as Contact Form 7. I believe this plugin has an option to use captcha.

Bare in mind when using a third party plugin you will likely have to make some css adjustments to match the current contact form design.

You can find the current styling for the form in the following css,


Kind Regards

I’ve tried 3 installs, all coming with the same issue. 3.5 and 3.61

I’ve also deleted and downloaded the .zip file 2 times to try a fresh file.

First, I had to FTP install because I kept getting the “are you sure you want to do this” error. Upload .zip did not work through WP admin.

Once FTP installed, tried to import dummy XML file, and several files are not importing.

Failed to import Media “912×822” Failed to import Media “480×270” Failed to import Media “648×345” Failed to import Media “660×760” Failed to import Media “912×822” Failed to import Media “985×460” Failed to import Media “648×345” Failed to import Media “716×820” Failed to import Media “985×460” Failed to import Media “logo@2x”

I’ve installed several WP themes, and never had any issues like this. Please advise?

Found the solution to the .zip theme install issue here:


Try increasing your max_execution_time, your max_input_time, and your memory_limit, via the php.ini. If you do not have a php.ini file, use the PHP Config icon in the cPanel to install one. Also set your php mode to Single php.ini while you are there.

Maybe try something like: max_execution_time = 120 max_input_time = 120 memory_limit = 64M

also increase the ; Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept. post_max_size = 10M

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. upload_max_filesize = 10M

Hi Brian,

Thankyou so much for providing a solution to this, infact a couple of clients have come across the same issue and will defiantly be beneficial.

I’m using bluehost for my host and they may have automatically set the memory limit to be higher than other hosts and therefore it was difficult justify the problem.

Thanks again :)

How do I hide the post date box (i.e. 1 Oct) on blog posts?

Once I’ve done that I’ll be 100% overjoyed with the theme, it’s very good – thanks.

Hi There,

Probably the simplest of methods would be to use CSS, First upload and activate the outlet-child-blank.zip theme found in the Child Theme folder. Once you have activated this theme you can then locate to the style.css file.

Use the following css to hide the posts date for the blog only section,

.blog-post .date {
    display: none;
.blog-post h2, .post-content {
    margin-left: 0px !important;

To hide the date that is used on the shortcode displayed on the homepage layout you can use this css,

.posts-shortcode .short-post .date {
    display: none;
.short-post .entry {
    padding-left: 0px !important;

Another direction you could take is to manually remove the date which is in the following file.


Best Regards

Worked a charm! Many thanks for the quick reply.

I can follow directions; I even have a Wordpress book setting next to me.

1) Recommended logo dimensions (I see where to upload regular & don’t care about retina)? Setting margins similar to your example logo?

For the most part, I’m just going to change some colors, upload a logo and setup the shopping cart.

Hi Phillip,

How far are you into setting up Outlet? Have you imported the sample XML file to match the demo of the site?

The Outlet logo has the dimensions of 185px x 35px on screen but the image (png) size is double this for retina displays. (370×70). The top and bottom margins are set to 60px.

Your probably best to experiment with the margins and your logo in the Appearance > Theme Customize.

I would suggest using a logo that doesn’t have alot of height, so the header won’t take up too much space and a transparent png made with Photoshop would be worth something to consider.

Any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Best Regards

I am new to wordpress and working my way through the documentation. I am in the Installing Theme Content section about 3/4 way through video. When I past the “Layer Slide Import” code into the Import Sliders box on the LayerSlider sliders menu and click import, it does not generate the code into the Export sliders box like on the video. Just says W10=. I see the NOTE to check your WooCommerce options and assign the shops pages, but am not sure what this means. HELP!

Hi There,

Firstly thankyou for purchasing Outlet, :)

The Layer Slider plugin has made a recent update (4.6.3) where now you would select a file from your desktop to import rather than the old method of copying and pasting the import code.

Download this zip file and extract so you are left with a .json file. Import the file via the LayerSlider WP settings. That should work.

So taken that you have imported the demo content you will have to set the WooCommerce pages settings.

Locate to the WooCommerce > Settings > Pages section in your WordPress admin and select the correct pages from the dropdowns that match the recently imported pages.

Best Regards

I downloaded the zip and opened the .json file. I copied and pasted that code into the Import Sliders text box and clicked import. Still getting the same result. Export Sliders says W10=.

Also, are the correct pages that match the recently imported pages in the WooCommerce Settings?


‘elyszaz’ thankyou for your patience on this subject.

In the last update the LayerSlider plugin has been updated. From what you mentioned it looks like your using an old copy.

What you should do is first delete the LayerSlider plugin and upload the new version.

You can find the plugin zip to upload in the following directory,


With the new update you can then select the file from your desktop to import.

Regarding the assigning of WooCommerce Pages. Yes the woocommerce pages will be imported from the xml file.

If you have any not found pages, you may need to reset your permalinks. Goto the Settings > Permalinks settings, by locating to this page it will automatically flush a few rules.

If you still have problems with the slider, send me an email via my profile with some details and i’ll investigate further.

Best Regards

Hi, I encountered the same problem as where christobar9, where

“The “Subscribe” button was bumped underneath, instead of being on the same line. Is that something I’d be able to fix with easy coding?”

You said you’d drop him an email for the fix, could u send me an email as well? Thanks!


Send us an email with your details via my profile and i’ll investigate further.

Best Regards

Hi I’ve sent you an email, could you please reply? Thanks

Replied :)


Question: is it possible to group products per shipping method?

Eg: I want…

*Products A,B and C able to picked up AND delivery by express services *Products D,E,F only available for pick up in our shop *Product G only available for delivery by express services.

How can I make this work?

Best regards,


Hi Tim,

This kind of shipping selection service for WooCommerce is not a feature by default.

The closest solution to this would be to use the Table Rate Shipping v2 extension. However not having the plugin to try i cannot guarantee it would fulfil your requirements.

Apologies for not being much help on the subject. It looks like this request has been brought up a number of times from a google search.

Best Regards


I’ve have installed the outlet theme on a local server, Mac OSX and have also installed the demo content as per your user guide. On test when I click to add a product to the shopping cart it adds it ok. But when I click either the shopping basket icon, or view cart or checkout it just refreshes the page?

Can you help please.

I am using the latest version of WP, and the latest version of woo commerce.

Thanks, Ste

Hi Ste,

A few things you should try to fix the shopping cart refresh issue.

1. Reset your browser and it’s cache.

2. In order for the shopping cart to be shown upon clicking the links, you have to define them in the WooCommerce > Settings > Pages within your admin area.

3. Locate to the Settings > Permalinks section in the admin area to flush any rules, this usually fixes “Not Found” pages.

Give that a try and if the problem persists, please contact me via my profile with some details.

Best Regards


I’d like to add a top level category slider on the homepage, that is it takes all the product categories which the user can scroll through like the recent products or best sellers.

Can you help.

Thanks, Ste

Also I fixed the above issue regards the cart refresh.

Hi Ste,

Good job fixing the refresh issue, i replied to that comment with some possible solutions.

With WooCommerce there is a shortcode to display your shop categories but not as a carousel.

[product_categories number="25"]

More information on this shortcode can be found here.

I know it is possible to display the shop categories as a carousel but it has to be developed. I’ll try squeeze it in, in the next update.

Best Regards

Thanks for the reply. I think I may have to have ago in the mean time but if you get chance that would be great.

Loving the theme so far. Having a trouble with the variations… the way our product is set up, there needs to be a few variations (Size, Pattern, Style) the style of the product determines the cost.

However the drop down isn’t working and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why it doesn’t work. Please help! Thanks


I must admit the product variations can be a bit tricky, try publishing a new Variable Product rather than editing the current one.

I found i had a similar problem and seemed to fix itself by creating a new product.

This is a nice tutorial on product variations.

If the problem persists send me an email with your WordPress details and i’ll investigate further.

Kind Regards