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Hi, I have purchased the theme. Logout I have set it up on my server. But I am facing few issues.

1) Drop Down menu is not as per the demo, the child items are not displayed properly. On hover, they disappears. 2) There are few notices and warnings. 3) The Footer “Subscribe to Newsletter” textfield and button are not as per the demo. 4) On homepage, the product container boxes do not get bottom border.

Please do get these issues sorted. Do let me know, what I can do.

Reply awaited. Please do revert.

Hi Ace,

Thankyou for your patience and hope you had a nice weekend. :)

1. Regarding the drop downs, what header style and version of Outlet are you using? In a previous version this issue was brought to the discussion and was resolved. Could you be able to provide a URL?

2. For the notices and warnings, what messages pop up? A couple of things you could try.

Locate to the Settings > Permalinks to reset any url not found problems.

You could also try updating the page/product with the messages on when your in the Edit area.

3. We have made some markup and css changes to support the latest copy of the MailChimp plugin. (Version 1.2.4).

A minor update will soon be in the review queue and available to download shortly. The documentation and a new stylesheet will be the only changes.

For the form markup in the MailChimp for WP plugin the new one is,

<div class="ps-subscribe-input">
<input type="email" name="email" placeholder="example@email.com" />
<div class="ps-subscribe-button">
<input type="submit" value="Subscribe" />

Download the new style.css stylesheet to replace the old one in the outlet theme folder.

4. Hmm, try changing the height value for the carousel container, upload and activate the ‘outlet-child-blank.zip’ theme and add the following to the style.css file.

.caroufredsel_wrapper {
    height: 510px;

Not really certain but i think your product images are probably quite big in height.

Kind Regards

Nice theme. Glad to support you. One problem. My maps long/lat keeps hiding in the admin and I cannot get the map to show when I enter long/lag.


Hi Joe,

Could you be able to send your WordPress details via the contact form on my profile?

Its quite odd the longitude and latitude keeps hiding when you edit the page. I take it you have chosen the “Contact” page template?

Without seeing the backend i can only assume there is a third party plugin that effecting this.

Best Regards

Hi PixelStores, How can I change the body text throughout the website to black to replace that light gray. Client claims customer cannot read it. You response will be gratefully appreciated.

Hi Gavin,

Upload and activate the ‘outlet-child-blank.zip’ theme found in the Child Theme folder. In the style.css file add the following css,

body {
    color: #767779;

With the child theme activated you can add additional styling or functions to the theme without the need of editing the core files, quite handy when we release updates and not needing to worry about losing changes :)

Best Regards

I have added woocommerce Payment gateway – Secure Trading. At the end of the transaction the payment gateway website send a url back to the index of the site. Then it should be redirected to the Thank you page which it is not doing at the moment. I contacted the payment gateway support and they suggest that it is likelt that it is problem with the theme. What is the solutions?


I think what is probably best is to determine what exactly is causing the problem. Could you be able to try one of the default payment gateways from WooCommerce such as Bank Transfer and see if this redirects to the Thankyou Page?

I’m not using any third-party gateways, but the redirection seems to be in working order with the current payment gateways.

You could also try setting the Thanks Page to something else for testing purposes in the WooCommerce > Settings > Pages settings.

Let me know how it goes.

Best Regards

I’ve tried to checkout via “bank transfer” but it just stuck with ‘thinking’ status. I have tried to changed thank you page too. How to resolve this?

I have fixed the bank transfer and cheque payment problem but still having problem of when get a return url from payment gateway site it doesn’t redirect me to woocommerce “thank you” page. the redirect url is something like this http://www.[my domain].com/?wcapi=WC_Gateway_Securetrading&baseamount=15500&errorcode=0&orderreference=1645&responsesitesecurity=b7878f86953b7bb68406e5c18be2506a&transactionreference=4-9-1134505 I think the plug in should redirect me to thank you page but this doesn’t seems to do anything apart from showing my homepage.


Your themes seems to work ok and I think I will use it for my next project. I’ve found a Jquery/CSS bug on the shop page ecommerce.

When you have options, the mention “Select Options” appears instead of “Add to cart” but the padding is not right.

There is an example of it here : http://www.flightpunch.com/product-category/worldtour/

Could you indicate me a workaround for it?

I managed using CSS tricks…

Hi Eric,

Sorry for the late reply, just catching up with support after being on sick leave.

Actually regarding the space on the right on your shop base page. This is intentional as the space is used for the shop sidebar. You can add widgets to the ‘Shop’ sidebar in the widgets section.

If you want to remove this space and make your shop fullwidth locate to the Appearance > Theme Customizer and within the ‘Shop’ options you can select ‘Fullwidth’ for your shop layout.

Best Regards


Is it possible to have the product categories on the homepage as a slider, similar to the FEATURED PRODUCTS, BEST SELLERS or NEW PRODUCTS? I’m using the code [product_categories number=”8” parent=”0” order=”DESC” orderby=”date” mousewheel=”false” autoscroll=”false” swipe=”false” items=”6” scroll=”1”]

Thanks, Stephen

Hi Stephen,

Yes this would be a nice addition to the theme and was thinking of the same shortcode usage in the earlier response to your question.

I’ll have to check this out and push an update :)

Best Regards

Great :)


I’ve sent you an email about the newsletter signup, but now I have once again another question… sorry for all these questions lol.

When I add a Outlet social icons widget to the footer, the title’s color and it’s underline is the same color as the footer (black) making it invisible. How can I fix this?

And the social icons are very tiny, is there anyway to make it larger?

Hi windustries,

Please check your email :)

Hey Matt, I sent you another email! :) please reply


I noticed that this website is not compatible at all with the IE browser (doesn’t matter which version). Pictures are wrong placed or not showing, google map is not loading, menu’s are changing layout.

Can you make any suggestions here so that the website can appear in IE as nice as it does in Chrome or Firefox?


Hi PixelStores -

I’m having issues with the theme that may be related to the style.css file. Many pages (right now, blog and contact) and page elements (email address fields, forms, sidebars, widgets) aren’t displaying properly.

I understand you’ve recently made updates for the MailChimp plugin, and there will be another update specifically for the stylesheet. When will the update be available? Will it address my issues? Do you have a working link to the stylesheet you shared with acetemplate?


Thank you for the help!

- Steven

Hi Steven,

Can i recommend installing the dummy content? Your site is currently at the beginning stages of being setup, there is a screen recording on setting up the theme under the Theme Content section within the docs.

The update is very close to being released which will fix the email form to make it compatible with the latest MailChimp for WP, along with some new features.

You will have to configure the MailChimp to WP plugin form with the one in the docs to resemble the styling.

A few more steps from the documentation you will be on your way.

Best Regards


I was wondering if there is anyway to have the shop side bar menu with all the categories/attributes stay the same. So instead of clicking on one category and it narrowing it down to similar or related categories can we have it stay the same no matter what you click?

Thanks in advance!


Yes this is possible with the ‘WooCommerce Product Categories’ widget for the ‘Shop’ and ‘Shop Category’ widget area.

Best Regards

Hey hope you’re doing better now. I wanted to see if there is a way to add social media icons on next to the main logo. I can send you a jpeg sample. Thanks!


Yes please send me your design via email and i’ll see what i can do.

Best Regards


I have created a .po and .mo file in fr_FR language in /outlet/assets/lang but I noticed no changes in the strings…

I’m using Woocommerce and the strings with Woocommerce are translated just fine however yours are not…

Could you help me out here?

Hi Eric,

I’ll need to investigate this a little further, Do you have WordPress translated to french also?

I tested the en_US.mo/po translation files and the strings are being translated.

For the time being could you be able to use the current en_US.mo/.po file names until i have a solution for you?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards

WPlang is set to french as well ;) Ans the fr_FR.mo/po do work but there is one important string which I can’t translate ! It’s on checkout page for woocommerce. The string ‘proceed to checkout’ stays always in English !

Hi Eric,

You could manually change this text within the cart.php file,


The value should be changed on this line,

<input type="submit" class="checkout-button button alt" name="proceed" value="<?php _e( 'Proceed to Checkout', 'woocommerce' ); ?>" />

Best Regards

I have a size chart which i want to display on each of product page. How can i do that?


Probably displaying the size chart in a table format would work best. There are a number of plugins available that format this for you such as Easy Table.

Alternatively you could code the table with some html and css.

If you want the same table or size chart on your product page throughout the site you can either manually copy the code onto the product description or add the code to one of the template files,


Best Regards


I’ve added the demo content and the Blog page is not taking on the Blog template at all. What am i missing?

Thank you. Jhorene

Hi Jhorene,

Try starting from scratch with the blog setup.

1. Create a new page and name the title ‘Latest News’ or something completely different to your last setup.

2. Select the Page Template for that page as ‘Blog’, found on the right sidebar within the edit page.

Give that a try, sometimes WordPress gets caught up on generated pages from importing xml data files.

Best Regards

I use header-style-2 and would like to have the menu fixed when scrolling (not the whole header). Do you know how to fix this?

Regards, Clemens

Hi Clemens,

This modification is very possible,

1. Open the style.css file and add the following,

.f-nav {
    z-index: 9999;
    position: fixed;
    left: 0;
    top: 0;
    width: 100%;
.head {
    background: #fff;

2. Find the following script file,


and add this snippet of jQuery to the top of the file,

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    var nav = $('.head');    
    $(window).scroll(function () {
        if ($(this).scrollTop() > 136) {
        } else {

Change the 136 value to resemble the headers height, may differ depending how big in height your logo is.

That should do it.

Best Regards


I would like to ask an assistance to my theme installation, because the Add to Cart button doesn’t appear even if all the settings are correct. I tried checking them on Inspect Element but it seems that it’s not there, it’s not a CSS or Javascript issue. Please let me know if you have solved this kind of problem before.


Hi There,

Two possible causes, either the product hasn’t been setup correctly or a change in the Theme Customiser is required for the options to be stored.

Locate to Appearance > Theme Customizer and under the ‘Products’ tab unselect the ‘Display Product Summary’ then save. Then reselect option and save again.

It may be the case where the options need to be saved at the initial theme setup.

On a side note, you may find it easier to import the sample data file, more information and screencast in the docs.

Best Regards

Is there a shortcode for showing “log in” if you are not logged in and “my account” if you are logged in?

Hi Clvano,

Unfortunately not, however you could make a modification where when a user is logged you could display a different menu, for example if you are using the default header look for this block of code,


Replace with,


What we have done is told wordpress to display different menus once the user has logged in, now we need to define this new menu so we can edit within the menus section in the admin area.

Find the following file,


And look for this block of code,


replace with,


Now you can find the new menu location ‘Logged In’ in the menus area.

The main code we used is this function.

Best Regards

Hi, I have a problem with the cart on header and WPML. When i change the language of website, this cart on header is always on the primary language, it doesn’t change de language of buttons and don’t change links. Thanks.

Hi There,

Without having the WPML plugin to test its quite hard to find whats causing the problem.

You might want to check these files as they have the source for the dropdown shopping cart,


I take it, it’s the ‘View Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ button texts don’t change?

Could you be able to hover your mouse over the shopping cart icon when you have changed the default language, do you see the text ‘View Cart’ or the correct language? bare in mind this is not the buttons we are testing but the title tag for the shopping cart icon.

Best Regards

Hi there,

First- thanks for creating such a great theme.

Second- I am having trouble with the previews of blog posts, both on the home page (which I imported straight from the included example file) and the blog page (prior to clicking into the actual post). It appears to be referencing lorem ipsum. I’ve tested in multiple browsers, and the issue is the same across the board.

Please let me know how to remedy this. Thanks!

Hi There,

Thankyou :)

So upon clicking the blog post title link on the homepage, do you get located to the blog post that is displayed correctly, if the format correct?

The blog posts shortcode and the blog page page archive uses the post excerpt for a short description.

Kind Regards

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘slider’ in C:\xampp\htdocs\RsinxApex\wp-content\themes\outlet\includes\pixelstores\sliders\functions.php on line 114

Can you tell me how to rid this of?

I installed the theme on a current wordpress shop.

And how can I import a sample file with a open store WP website?

Hi Rsinx,

By importing the sample data via the Tools > Import settings you will have additional products and posts that can be removed but pages and other imports will not display live on your site.

If you are using your localhost with wordpress installed i would start with a fresh copy of Outlet and generate an export file from your current live site to import.

Alternatively you could install Outlet on your local host and switch between the two live and local sites, copying and pasting the layouts to suit your needs. The localhost will have the imported sample data.

Best Regards