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Hi, Enable Woo Commerce CSS does not work… https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2nwRpeduMQSUF83RFpJZDktcFk/edit?usp=sharing Look at this page of my site where we can’t clearly see the buttons, they are grey with grey text: http://s498165495.mialojamiento.es/gheritage/panier/

Where and how can I change that?

Thank you


The default WooCommerce CSS is set to be disabled due to the styles not matching the theme design.

Some custom css can be applied to the button styles by uploading and activating the outlet-child-blank.zip theme and adding the styles to the style.css file,

#commentform #submit, .button, #button {
    cursor: pointer;
    -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
      background-color: #eeeeee;
      background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%, #fbfbfb), color-stop(100%, #f3f3f3));
    background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #fbfbfb, #f3f3f3);
      background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #fbfbfb, #f3f3f3);
      background-image: -ms-linear-gradient(top, #fbfbfb, #f3f3f3);
      background-image: -o-linear-gradient(top, #fbfbfb, #f3f3f3);
      background-image: linear-gradient(top, #fbfbfb, #f3f3f3);
    border: 1px solid #e8eaf0;
    color: #a1a1a2 !important;
    padding: 8px 0;
    text-align: center;
    text-shadow: #fff 1px 1px 0;
    text-align: center;
    padding: 10px;
    text-transform: capitalize;
    font: 400 11px 'Ubuntu', sans-serif !important;
    margin: 0;
    -webkit-border-radius: 3px;
    -moz-border-radius: 3px;
    border-radius: 3px;
#commentform #submit:hover, .button:hover, #button:hover {
    border: 1px solid #d2d1d3;
    text-decoration: none;

Best Regards

Hello, do you know in which file I can find the line: “product successfully added to your cart” I wish to change this in dutch. I even can’t find this in .po


Hi There,

You can find the string in the .po file however this text can be manually changed in the theme_woocommerce.php file,


Best Regards

Hi, I can’t figure out how to display and control properly the shop page layout. I did that from the page backend: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2nwRpeduMQSRmUybWo4dWVKR1U/edit?usp=sharing

But as you can see http://s498165495.mialojamiento.es/gheritage/boutique/ It displays a Right sidebar with no sidebar in it and still with the page title displayed…

Nota: my products are all Simple and have no attributes yet only category. If it can help.

Thanks for your help, Julien

How weird, actually the page backend options does not work with the template. The shop page layout and the Shop sidebar are preconfigured. I discovered it when adding an attribute to one of my product. It works, but I find that a bit out of standard practice though. You have your reasons I guess.

Thanks anyway definitely a stylish theme

Hi Julien,

The shop layout settings can be found in the ‘Theme Customizer’ under the ‘Shop’ tab settings.

Best Regards

I sent an email a few days ago. I would like to add the search bar to header style II. The search bar does not show, even when I click search bar in the customize theme section. Please advise.

4 days and I am starting to think this theme is not supported very well.

Hi 7days,

Sorry for the late response. As seen on the demo the Style II header hasn’t got a search box by default but with some custom work you can achieve this.

Rather than writing out a long guide i have prepared you a custom child theme that you should upload and activate from your themes section.

In the zip archive you will find the new styleii-header.php file and you will need to overwrite the existing template.


As long as you have the core Outlet theme in your themes directory you can install the outlet-child-blank theme as usual.

The output should be looking like this,

Best Regards

Thank you. Worked perfectly.

Hello. Nice THEME. It’s possible hide price for a product, with custom field? I want show my product, but dont show the price, only a button with Request Quote…

Hi There,

Thankyou for your patience and kind remarks :)

I would suggest looking into a third-party plugin that enables a email inquiry form to the product page.

Best Regards

Hello PixelStores,

I wanted to follow up on the post from ‘buen08’ from a few days ago as it relates to a security problem that he endured. Can you kindly inform/update us when you’re able to isolate and identify the possible ‘security’ issue and whether the risk can be attributed to the Outlet Theme or due to a user-side/user-specific issue. The news you share will be warmly received, I’m sure. Thank you and safe travels.

I look forward to the follow up. Thank you very much for the update. I hope you enjoyed your trip.

Best regards,

Hi Mate,

Just a follow up on this, i haven’t heard back from the original author on this so not quite sure on whats happening.

Best Regards

Your follow up rocks Bro!! Thank you very much for the update. I’ll consider the issue a non-event seeing that the original poster did not follow up and must have deemed it a issue on his side. Thanks again for continuing to exceed our customer service expectations.

Best regards, JL


First of all thanks for the awesome theme… Here is what we have accomplished with it http://vuediamonds.com

couple of things:

1. Is there anyway we can add tel,email at the top next to the cart with icons?

2. Also there are some extra space betn the sub-menu and the Slider. How can I reduce this so that slider appears little higher on browsers?

3. Do you have simple login/register and logout..without my account ?

4. I’d like to add some image logos at the footer where credit card images are? which php file do i edit, and where pls?



Hi Kishor,

Thankyou for your patience in getting back to you.

Your site is coming along nicely and i see there are a few tid bits you can work on for improvements.

1. Is there anyway we can add tel,email at the top next to the cart with icons?

Yes this is possible but would require some extra code in one of the template files and some additional css.

Find the outlet-child-blank.zip archive that you should upload and activate as the current theme. You will also find the stylei-header.php file that you should replace.


Here is the archive, the new mod should look like this.

2. Also there are some extra space betn the sub-menu and the Slider. How can I reduce this so that slider appears little higher on browsers?

For the LayerSlider i recommend you install the sample slider seen on the Outlet demo, the import, instructions can be found in the docs under the ‘Theme Content’ section. Once you have the sample slider imported you can work off this to produce the results your looking for.

At the moment i believe you have added the layerslider shortcode within your post content which isn’t necessary as you can define the LayerSlider shortcode in the ‘Slider Properties’ when you edit the page.

3. Do you have simple login/register and logout..without my account?

Unfortunately not, WooCommerce provides the My Account page (can be named differently) with the login, register forms for the frontend user. You might have some luck with a third-party plugin.

4. I’d like to add some image logos at the footer where credit card images are? which php file do i edit, and where pls?

The credit cards images and the code for the footer can be found in the footer.php file.

You would add another list object to the footer-menu nav and difine the image using css.


5. Why is my sub-footer: subscribe to mailing list different than the demo?

For the subscribe form to match the demo check the docs under the ‘Theme Content’ section and look for the MailChimp instructions.

Any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards

thank you for your response. i did install the child theme and implemented the changes as per instructions but…my tel is off and the cart is on the bottom. Any suggestions?


You could try another solution i provided for a client recently.

Find the child theme attached in the zip, the stylei-header.php should replace the current one in this directory.


Make sure your not overwriting any files that you have currently made changes to.

The output should be looking like this,

Give that a try and see how that works for you, there might be some small css adjustments to be made to fine tune, let me know ;)

Kind Regards


I’m just testing the theme in IE 8 and it doesn’t seem to work. The layout is all out. The homepage product scrollers don’t work and the images are stretched. Also the navigation layout is just a huge list.

Is there a fix for the site to work under IE8?

Thanks, Stephen

Hello, This has been fixed. Apparently if you load too may style sheets IE8 throws a Javascript error of “Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.” and it prevents some scripts from loading.

You’ve gotta just love IE.


Thanks for informing with this :)

Hi! I have few questions, please. 1. i am trying to translate Outlet into Croatian, but don’t now where to change “ADD TO CART” and “SEE DETAILS” buttons like on the HOME III page, to get it into Croatian. Same thing with the Blog posts, with date and mounth icon… And, when i browse the page there is no cart or wiev cart option, and i can’t make order… Thank U!

Hi There,

What version of Outlet are you using? In the latest release 1.7 these translation strings were fixed and you should see them in the .po file.

These strings can be found in the following file in the theme,


Regarding the no cart issue, could you be able to goto the ‘Theme Customizer’ and then deselect the ‘Display Shopping Cart’ setting in the Cart tab and save, then enable.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but could you check to see if the Cart page has been created under the pages section. Also make sure the correct pages are set in the WooCommerce > Settings > Pages options.

Best Regards

Forgot about translatation in post sections, i figuret that part out.

Hi there,

in WooCommerce I have a sidebar in /shop/ and in a category archive but I get no sidebar for a tag archive. How can I achieve this? Which files should I tweak?

Regards, CP

Hi CP,

For the product tag archive the Default Sidebar is used however if you want to configure a custom sidebar for specific ‘post type’ archives i recommend using a third-party plugin such as WooSidebars.

Kind Regards

Thanks for your reply on this. :)

Farewell, CP

Hey great theme bud.

PROBLEM- Theme customizer won’t allow me to set .png file as logo. When i use a .jpg file it does not center it.

is there a fixx????

Hi There,

Hope you managed to resolve this, i have tested different image formats within the customizer and they have been uploaded and displayed without any problems.

Please send me your login details via my profile and i’ll investigate further.

Kind Regards

Got it working, thanks

Sorry for my bad explenation of the problem… btw, thanks for translatation. Problem is that i don’t have cart button when i open tha page on android, not on desktop, all is fine there. Is it even made to work on smart phones??? I can add the product, but there is no cart icon, to see products… just small strange icon, like questionmark… check the picture http://vinaradic.com/webshop/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/SnapPea-screenshot20131106222609.png One more thing… Witch settings do i have to make to get proper ??š?ž, letters, i need them for Croatian, and can i change the fonts. I have latest 1.7 version :)


Firstly thankyou for your patience in getting back to you, travel arrangements has left me in the dark for providing support, but now back to work :)

Have you managed to resolve this? The screenshot link is Not Found?

The Outlet theme uses three main fonts, PTSans, OpenSans and Ubuntu. The should be compatible with those characters,

Could you be able to provide an URL to your site where the problem lies so i can investigate further.

Best Regards

Yes, of course! I resolved almost everithing, only left problem with smartphone, android, there is still no cart icon. Problem with Croatian letters is solved (installed word press manually, not with fantastico). But, i would still like to change fonts with set of mine, is it possible?? Also, it seems that my page is loading preatty slow, do you have some expiriance with that?? or it is problem with server??? Here is the link: http://vinaradic.com/trgovina/

Hi, I have a problem with the theme: Some buttons or functions are still in english, but I activated the german language file. Can you tell me what to do? Thank you! Raphael

Hi rabox,

I take it you have made some changes to the.po file for your translation? Could you be able to be more specific on exactly what strings your experiencing problems with? Do you have an URL?

Best Regards

I have a lot of categories that I need to show in the menu and it seems that the menu that comes with the theme only fly’s out 1 level. I purchase Uber Menu but have not had any success stopping the conflict between what the template style and Mega menu. I like your font and look but want it to integrate with Mega Menu. You think you could help with the integration?

Hi Mate,

Send me an email with your site address with the Uber Menu functioning well and i’ll see if i can match the styles to the theme.

PS: Thankyou for your patience in getting back to you, i’m not sure if you was aware, but i have been unable to provide support for the last week or so due to travel. I am now back to work :).

Best Regards

The sites not live and forwarded to the old URL. I’d have to give you a user name and password. contact me directly.

Hi jbomba,

Unfortunately ThemeForst doesn’t allow to contact clients directly, could you be able to provide an email here or send an email via my profile?

Best Regards

I managed to translate everithing… except small basket widget in the right corner. To be even worse, i changed the “View Cart” button into “Checkout” and i can’t undo it, i don’t know witch files to change. I hope you do, or i will have to make everithing again… Please, witch files to be modified to change these buttons. Also, my page is loading preaty slow, 4.9 sec, do you know, can that be improved? Sometimes, a get massage “Your session has expire” on the Checkout page. All looks fine, woocomerce shows no errors, all plugins that i don’t use are off… what could be the problem? This is the link of page i am working on http://vinaradic.com/webshop/

Hej. Forget about all my posts before, i fixed everything. Only few more questions, unsolved.

1. still, can’t get cart icon on android, i can onli put cart section in the menu. And when i put no logo, still shows question mark icon on the android..

2. I would like to change fonts if it’s possible? I have set of fonts that i am using in all my product designs, and it would be nice to have them here, also.

3.Is there option to put Empty cart button on the cart page, and also in the cart loop (small cart in the corner)? I can do it now, but only with Empty cart WP plugin, and doesn’t work very well.

Best reguards! You theme is awsome :)

Hi radic,

Just noticed we have two topics on the comments and will follow up on the recent discussion.

Thankyou, and glad you like our theme :)

Best Regards

Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.7.1? I am looking to purchase it for woocommerce.

Hi THere,

Yes Outlet is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

PS: Thankyou for your patience in getting back to you, i’m not sure if you was aware, but i have been unable to provide support for the last week or so due to travel. I am now back to work and support will resume as normal :).

Best Regards

Hi there, loving the theme! I have one slight issue which I am trying to figure out. My client’s logo looks great in desktop view, but when on mobile, because it is very long horizontally, looks very small. I’m not sure how to replace the logo which is defined in the ThemeCustomize with a more ‘mobile friendly’ stacked version of the logo? Would you be able to assist with how I could do this? Im also having positioning issues with the search bar on tablet/mobile.

URL is http://teachersbazaar.com.au.s174077.gridserver.com

Thanks so very much!

Quick question sorry, the client has asked how the ‘Related Products’ are being generated for the single product pages? I have had a look through, but it appears to be random products? Is there any way to control these? Also on a parent Product Category page, I have selected just the the ‘children categories’ to appear in the sidebar menu, but it appears to be injecting other parent categories aswell (eg. ‘Early Learning’ in the top menu shows this sidebar menu, but should only show it’s 2 children http://teachersbazaar.com.au.s174077.gridserver.com/product-category/early-learning/)? Sorry to bother you, thanks very much! :)

Sorry just remove the closing bracket and question mark that attached to the example link above!


1. Can i control the related products?

Unfortunately you cannot control which products to display within the related products, however you could choose to completely remove this and use the Up-Sells found in the ‘Linked Products’.

Add this code to the functions.php file to remove the related products.

remove_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_output_related_products', 20);

2. Can i show certain categories on the menu?

Rather than using the Product Category widget you could create a custom menu and use the Custom Menu widget. Note when you add your shop categories to the menu they might not appear in the admin area, if this is the case click the Screen Options at the top of the page and display Product Categories.

Kind Regards


Where do I change to which email address the contact form are being sent to?

Thank you.

Regards, Jhorene

Hi Jhorene,

The emails are sent to your WordPress installation address found in the Settings > General area.

PS: Thankyou for your patience in getting back to you, i’m not sure if you was aware, but i have been unable to provide support for the last week or so due to travel. I am now back to work and support will resume as normal :).

Best Regards


Hi Everyone,

Due to travel arrangements i will be unable to provide support until Firday 15th November. A little while ago my travel arrangement didn’t goto plan and this will be the second attempt. Fingers crossed!

Thankyou for your understanding and hope you have a great week.

Best Regards

~ Matt