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My subscribe button on my homepage doesn’t look like the one on the Outlet theme and I can’t figure out why. Can you help?



Oops, I found your markup. Problem solved.

Hi, this might be a very stupid questions but I can’t figure it out. How do I change the text on the coming soon page? Thanks.

Hi There,

For now the coming soon page doesn’t have some options in the backend to configure the text and you would have to manually change this in the following template file,


Best Regards

Hi, thanks for the reply. How can I change the countdown?


8web Purchased

Hi, Having trouble with the [divider] shortcode. I can’t find the different divider type shortcodes listed anywhere in your documentation. I am using [divider] and have adjusted the css (hr.normal) to my liking, but the only other one I can find reference to is [divider type=”bolt”]. What other divider types do you have? Or if I want a second kind of divider, do I just have to adjust the css on the [divider type=”bolt”] ? Many thanks!


8web Purchased

OK. Now I am totally lost… the [divider type=”bolt”] does not work anymore at all. That’s OK. I am still wondering how to create another divider – one that is both shorter and does not have the circles at each end. Are the cicles images – can I replace them? Many thanks in advance.


Sorry for the cunfusion, you are right, i have missed out the dividers reference. There are two divider shortcodes to choose from, bolt and normal.

[divider type="bolt"]
[divider type="normal"]

You could create your own such as the idea you mentioned, shorter with no circles.

CSS for the style.css:
hr.short {
    border: 0 solid #eeedef;
    border-top-width: 1px;
    height: 0;
    margin: 60px auto;;
    clear: both;
    display: block;
    width: 80%;
    position: relative;
[divider type="short"]

Kind Regards


8web Purchased

Thanks. still having a few issues with the hr, but meanwhile a more burning question…

responsive logo

I have this code in css in the @media screen sections

.logo {
    float: none !important;
    text-align: center !important;
    margin-left: auto !important;
    margin-right: auto !important;
max-width: 100% !important;
height: auto !important;

The site that I am building has a really long logo and although the code I am using makes it nicely adjust the WIDTH the height does not get adjusted, no matter what, and the image is distorted.

IF I can’t get the logo image scale down nicelly without distortion, is there a way I can replace the logo on small mobile screens with a text. How would you do this? MANY thanks.

Hello. I recently installed Outlet and I am very pleased so far, but I am encountering the following issue on a few of my pages:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /homepages/0/d445361895/htdocs/staging/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_scripts.php on line 164

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /homepages/0/d445361895/htdocs/staging/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_scripts.php on line 167

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /homepages/0/d445361895/htdocs/staging/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_scripts.php on line 170

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /homepages/0/d445361895/htdocs/staging/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_scripts.php on line 173

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /homepages/0/d445361895/htdocs/staging/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_functions.php on line 244

You can see the error on the following pages, to name just a few: Cart page: http://staging.patriciaandpaul.com/?page_id=5 Category page: http://staging.patriciaandpaul.com/?page_id=482

Any ideas you have for how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated – thanks!

Hi There,

This bug has been brought to my attention and currently working on a fix. The solution to resolve this is to simply update the page/post/product you see the messages on.

PS: I noticed the subscription form has yet been styled, more information on this can be found in the documentation under the Theme Content section.

Kind Regards

On the outlet template rollovers don’t work on iPad on the menu or on the product. Also on a phone product images are cut off on the product page. The product images are not reflexive like the rest of the website. Is there a fix for this?

Hi Darrien,

From to my knowledge i believe the iPad doesn’t recognise hover events and a double tap for the Menu and product listings should create the effect. I haven’t got hold of an iPad for the time being but i will double check this for when we will release a new update.

The Hover Zoom feature for the single product is also something we will be working on to make it fully responsive, the original script can be found here and is not responsive. Mobile friendly Integration can most likely be achieved and will certainly update this.

Sorry i couldn’t be more help.

Kind Regards

I see. Well, I have seen sights that have drop down menus on iPad and a single lick on top level menu will bring the drop down instead of going to that page on the site. But Outlet doesn’t seem to work that way. Do you know the reason why?

Is there a way to replace the hover zoom with another plugin which is responsive?

Thanks for getting back to me.

Best regards,

hi does this theme compatible with wordpress 3.7.1?

Hi There,

Yes Outlet is compatible with 3.7.1.

Best Regards

Hi Pixel,

I would like some common assistance with a custom header please.

I am currently using stylei-header.php but would like to add some features like Phone icon and number, and also social icons below the search bar.

I have uploaded the child theme and i am ready for your advice on a mod.


Thanks in advance


Hi Pixel,

I have the child theme up and running with no issues. But as you mentioned there are some styling issues.

Could you take a look at my styling for me?

It would be a big help.

Thanks in advance,


p.s I have inboxed my wp login details

Hi Benji,

Made the ammendments, looks like the child theme that was in the zip hasn’t been activated. All good now, i made several other fixes to.

Best Regards


I can not get my home screen nivo slider full with.

How can I?? or what am I doing wrong??

Hi There,

We have a fair number of frequently asked questions regarding the setup of Viroshop so this might be helpful…

1. For the slider to display on the homepage be sure to select the “Home” page as the “Static Page” in your reading options.

2. When you upload your slides via the media upload after clicking “Set featured image” make sure you close the window rather than selecting a featured image, unless of course you want a static image.

3. In the custom fields select “NivoSlider” in the select box.

4. Products can be displayed using the WooCommerce shortcodes. The homepage uses only the following shortcode to display the recent products.

[recent_products per_page="6" columns="3" orderby="date" order="desc"]

5. Featured products are displayed on the homepage, be sure to click the “star” icon next to your product where all your products are displayed in the admin.

6. In the documentation there is a section for setting up the homepage under the “Homepage” link in the navigation.

7. A sample.xml file can be found in the theme folder ready to import to get your site looking like the demo.

Heres a screen recording that may help:


Let me know if i can help further.

Hallo again! I just noticed, that there is no word about Toggles & Tabs sections in documentations, or i am not able to find it. Please, i would like to know hot to create them like here: http://demo.pixelstores.com/outlet/elements/


Is it possible to get a list view of the products on the shop page?


Hi There,

The current gallery view is the only option for the shop page. Further customisation would be required for a list view.

Best Regards


I am loving this theme. I wanted to know if i can view the control pannel of the outlet demo theme and see how things are done link the footer, products, sliders and many more things that will make it very easy for me.


Any updates? Its been a while haven’t heard from you. We have to launch the website during christmas. There is very less time left.

Hi mate, sorry for the late response, cracking on with it now.

Best Regards

Please check your inbox.

Hello, We use the “Brand” slider for a slider of customers we serve that don’t always have a identifiable brand by their logo. We’re also using pictures in the slides. Is there a way to turn on a mouse over option or visually name the slide so visitors to the site know the name of the company that goes with the picture.

You can disregard this one. I think I was trying to use this for something different that it was intended. I’m going to us a small slider instead. Thanks though.

I’m having the same problem with my subscribe button on my homepage doesn’t look like the one on the Outlet theme. Can you help?

Hi jbomba,

Some changes to the MailChimp for WP settings is necessary to match the Outlet subscription form. Please find the instructions in the documentation under the Theme Content section.

Best Regards


Is the theme still update to date to be compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce?

Br Tim

Hi Tim,

Yes Outlet is compatible with the latest WooCommerce release.

Best Regards

Hi there, I need help with the default Carousel slider, the one that is build in on the FrontPage admin (slider properties) I don’t understand how it Works, because it seems like it’s not corresponding to the LayerSlider WP. And my client want the size to be more narrow. Where do I set this feature on the ecxisting carousel slider. The reason for not setting up a new, is that I don’t know either how to make that feature of linking to the product page. Please help.

Hi Pixelstore, thanks for the answer, but I still don’t get it, sorry. Are you saying, that the build in slider function, the one that’s inside the admin of say for instance the front page, is different from the ones that you make in Layerslider WP? The reason for me asking, is that, the client wants’ to be able to change the items in the slider and if it ’s not done by the default method, then it get’s a bit too complicated. Therefore I ask Again, can you please help set the height on the default carousel slider which we are using on the FrontPage. Is it in a Php file the setting are or what? By the way, I did import the demo content from a start, and I encountered problems with the layer slider. Then looking for help, I was confronted with a fee for purchasing the slider. Do I have to purchase the Layerslider WP in order to make all this work?

And one more thing: I use the Nivoslider option on a page. (the build in option) Then I set up the slides one by one in a sliderset. They all are 380×380 px. But when the page is shown, the images are all 985×985px. Why is that?

Hi Emquies,

Sorry for the confusion, if i understand correctly you want to use the slider that is used on the homepage? As you know this slider uses a third-party plugin, LayerSlider which you do not have to purchase.

The LayerSlider itself has a separate control panel if you like that is bundled with the plugin. Its actually easier than you think to make changes to the slides and slider properties.

After importing the slider, locate to the LayerSlider WP > All Sliders > Outlet Slider > Global Settings to find the height field to change.

Within the LayerSlider settings you could always check the documentation tab that is available.

You will find that the items or elements shown on the demo slider are actually Layers and can be changed and is rather flexible.

Regarding the NivoSlider, the default image sizes that i recommend to be used are 985W x 460H. The height isn’t as important but using an image with a small width would not fit with the design.

However, the NivoSlider dimensions can be achieved by changing the following,

add_image_size('nivo_image', 985, 460, true);

in this file,


Note after making the changes you would need to reupload the desired slide image from your desktop again.

Kind Regards

I can’t even install these theme. My wordpress keeps asking me “Are you sure you want to do that?” And to retry. What’s next? This is the only theme I’ve had an issue with.

This theme is seriously broken with my version of wordpress. It can’t find any calls to the cart at all.. really disappointing.

“Fatal error: Call to a member function is_visible() on a non-object in woocommerce/content-product.php on line 25 just broke my whole cart.

Hi Likkar,

If you are receiving a “Are you sure you want to do this” message after uploading the theme via the Themes section in the admin, try uploading the theme via FTP, this will resolve the issue your having.

The theme isn’t broken and likely the issues your seeing is not uploading the theme correctly.

With a fresh installation of WordPress and uploading the theme via FTP the next step would be to import the demo content, you can refer to the documentation on this under the Theme Content section.

I hope you manage to get this fixed, please send me an email via my profile if problems persist and i will setup your server like the demo.

Kind Regards

Hi, I have two questions.

1. How can I change the timer for the coming soon page? 2. Is there an easy/direct way to add the code for google analytics?


Hi There,

1. Edit the coming soon page and you will see the ‘Coming Soon Properties’ on the right sidebar within your admin area. From there you can enter the Launch date.

2. For Google Analytics, locate to the WooCommerce settings and find the setting under ‘Integration’.

Kind Regards

Unless I’m missing something, saying this theme has “unlimited colour options” is misleading. There’s no easy way to change backgrounds or font colors.

Also, the colour options have no effect on the secondary menu which means if you select “header style III”, the navigation colors don’t change a thing.

Also, no easy way to change fonts?

Hi There,

I have taken upon your suggestion and will start working on an update with more colour/typography settings.

Regarding the header III not changing, this was an issue in one of the earlier release of Outlet and has now been fixed. Via the Theme Customizer by changing the Primary colour in the Theme Colours should do the trick.

Best Regards


I would like to find out where I can change the contact form email address to send to another address instead of the admin email set in Settings.

Thank you. Jhorene

Hi Jhorene,

A small mod to one of the files will allow to send to a custom address, find the following file,


And do a search for this line of code,

$emailTo = get_bloginfo('admin_email');

replace with your new address,

$emailTo = 'email@example.com';

Kind Regards

Hi! I need help, on how to change the fonts across the theme… please. Is it even possible?

Hi radic,

Please send me an email via my profile with your WordPress/FTP details along with information regarding what fonts you want, development for use of Google Fonts is underway.

Best Regards