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Having some problems setting up the slider. Just using your dock image with it set to full width, it blows the image up in the slider. Am I missing something? Where exactly is the code that i have to import?


Hmm, try importing the Outlet demo slider, the file to import, outletslider.json is in the XML Content folder in the download package.

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I tried many times to install the theme on my Wordpress, the manual installation is always successful but the problem is that my site doesn’t load very well after the installation has completed. How can i fix this problem?



Check the youtube tutorial in the docs, your next step would be to import the demo content.

Best Regards

Hi Pixelstore, thanks for all your help! I have one thing more to ask. Since I removed the #show details” button on the products in the shop, there has been a problem with some of them showing “Add to cart” instead and since it’s the only button to click now, it’s a big problem. What to do now? Please see details here: http://de-sign.dk/test/test5.html Kind regards By the way, I posted this 5 days ago, but you didn’t see me :-( Kind regards

Hi, please check your latest comment.

Also no the shop looks strange in Firefox 26.0. The products are not showing as usual as 3 on a row. In IE it looks fine. What is going on? Look here for details: http://www.de-sign.dk/test/test6.html Please answer fast, because deadline is approaching. Thanks Kind regards

Hi, please check your latest comment.

Sorry for posting so many problems, now there seems to be a upper limit to the Carousel slider on my fronpage, since it’s only showing 10 items, but there is 11 slides. What is going on? Kind regards

Hi, please check your latest comment.

hello, love your the theme!! i have a question how can i change the home icon? i would like to make it wider and put my logo in there? I have tried to find the css style style in the style.css but can not find it. thanks, nathan


No worries, i have an updated child theme for you here.

Make sure you filled in the social links in the customizer.

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legend, works perfectly how i thought it would!! Sorry but i have one last request i noticed that when i uploaded the new child theme there is a 1px white line between the navigation header bar and the layer slider, can you pointy me in th right direction on how to remove that white line?

Thanks again, your help has been greatly appreciated!!

Your welcome,

I think your talking about the greyish border, try adding the following to the style.css in the child theme editor.

.sub-head {
    border-bottom: none;

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Hi Pixelstore, this is not fair, you answer other peoples questions before me, I have a dissapointed client in my end. Please help me solve these problems. I see you answered an earlier question of mine, thanks. But still hoping to get the rest solved aswell :-)

Thanks you!

Dear Pixelstore, thanks for your help, was about to give up on you :-) The Firefox issue is not solved yet, I havn’t done anything to the CSS and I always run the latest of any browser. Also there is some bugs in Safari also, forinstance the text not aligning See details here: http://www.de-sign.dk/test/test7.html Thanks for great support and a beautiful theme!

No worries Emquies :)

I need a little more details regarding the firefox issues, what version of outlet are you using and does the online demo show the same problems? I’m certain a couple of lines of CSS will fix the styling but a URL would be very handy.

Regarding the text not aligning, could you be able to use pastie.org to send me the entire page description so i can run some tests?

Kind Regards

Dear Pixelstore, I am using version 1.5. Here is a pastie: http://pastie.org/private/cnihndffp6wyxz0qezm6w of the page in Firefox.

Regarding the problem with Safari here is a pastie: http://pastie.org/private/0u90xeza7oc8ayqpfoag

There is also the issue of wanting to rename all the tabs in the shop. It seems as if I have to buy a WooCommerce Tab Manager in order to turn them into my native language? Do you know how to change them otherwise into the Danish language?

my client just bought this theme, when I did try to create a blog page, all I see are the excerpts of the posts wrap it in a p tag. Nothing else. Is your theme compatible with wordpress 3.8.1?

I cannot import the demo content, cause I already have products, news page etc. Can you provide me with only the woocommerce image sizes? so I can regenerate my thumbnails? What about that vertical divider? I used the shortcode box layout with 2 columns: one_half and one_half_last, but what about that nice vertical divider?!

And by the way, the thing is that you put your customers to use the demo content (import) is not a good thing, cause like my case I already have content, SEO ready (using wordpress SEO) puting the demo content, will mess up my sitemap.xml file, and also it could result in crwaling pages I don’t want (the one from the demo). Instead I was expecting a more detailed documentation.

Hi Eduard,

The image sizes are as follows,

Product: 912H x 822W Brands: 270H x 480W Blog: 322H x 606W

I have prepared you the exact content used for the homepage templates, simply copy/paste into the new page HTML description.

Layout I Layout II Layout III Layout IV Layout V

I will take consideration for the existing users and will update the documentation. Thankyou for your suggestion. Let me know if i can help you further.

Kind Regards


I’ve purchased this theme and am just in the middle of selecting the settings I would like.

I’ve come across one problem so far, I have tried to change the header style in the Shop Page to style II and it seems to be ignoring me. However, it has changed every where else.

Could you help?



Hi Richard,

Firstly thankyou for your purchase :)

Because the Shop page is a WooCommerce archive (posttype) the flexibility is limited with the header style, currently these WooCommerce pages headers can be globally set via the Theme Customizer options.

I have a mod that you could use that will change the Shop, product cat pages e.t.c to the Style II header and keep the rest of the pages to the default.

In the header.php look for this code,

<?php header_template(); ?>

replace with,

    if (is_shop() || is_product_category() || is_product_tag()) { 
        get_template_part( 'templates/styleii', 'header' );        
    } else {

Now the correct header is called for our woo archive pages, we need to adjust the function to call the correct stylesheet for these.

In the following file,


Look for the outlet_header_styles() function and replace with the new one.

Notice that we used the woocommerce conditional tags.

As long as you have the ‘custom’ header style active in the Theme Customizer it should work.

Kind Regards

Regarding the subscribe button not changing to the primary colour, it looks like you have discovered a bug. In the following file,


Look for the outlet_skin() function and just below this,

$custom_css .= "

Add the following markup,

.ps-subscribe-button input {
    border-left: 5px solid $options[outlet_primary_colour] !important;
.ps-subscribe-button input:hover {
    background-color: $options[outlet_primary_colour] !important;


Thank you for a quick reply.

That’s fixed everything.

Many thanks, Richard.

Hi, I have just installed the theme and activated the boxed child theme and I’m getting the following errors on the Appearance > Theme Customise panel: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /home/featherstone468/public_html/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_scripts.php on line 164

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /home/featherstone468/public_html/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_scripts.php on line 167

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /home/featherstone468/public_html/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_scripts.php on line 170

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /home/featherstone468/public_html/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_scripts.php on line 173

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘header_style’ in /home/featherstone468/public_html/wp-content/themes/outlet/includes/theme_functions.php on line 244

Can you tell me why this is? I have the latest version of Wordpress installed and only your suggested plugins activated.

I have added a home page and a product, and set up the menu and the issue seems to have gone away.


I fully built a webpage/shop and it works fine. Only one problem occurs: we I select an item in the webshop and I click on a ‘view cart’ button, the cart page is not loading at all, just a blank screen.

However, if I go into the admin panel and just ‘update’ the cart page without doing nothing it’s working again. It seems that this page is not working the first time you visit the webpage or when you clean your cookies.

Any idea how I can solve this?



After making a new page and fixing the links, the problem is still occuring.

Do you have any idea to see which plugins conflict with my cart page? This would be a great help!



One more interesting fact: when I hit the update button of my current cart page in the admin pane, the page is showing up again. Can it has something to do with some cache settings of the browser on a computer?

Also ,the ‘old’ cart page I have works if enter that URL.

Br Tim

Dear all,

This problem is getting URGENT and I NEED your help! Hopefully you can show some commitment to someone why has put money on the table for your software.

Please read again my problem. I remade my site twice, followed your instructions, but nothing helped so far. PLEASE help!

You can contact me via goossens.tmd@gmail.com I’m able to give you any logindetails to my website if you need this to solve the problem.

I’m really, really looking forward to your answer and help!


Hi. In the demo there is a section on toggles and tabs. I can’t find how to do these in the documentation. How do I implement tabs?


By importing the demo content you should have the features page imported however the content for this page can be found here.

Kind Regards

My Send button is not in the same plane as a text box in Safari, Explorer, Opera and Filefox. It only works in Chrome. Is there a way to fix it? Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/jr17hc6g9n8um0l/slika.jpg

Hi There,

Sorry for the late response, could you be able to post the URL?

Kind Regards

I still have a problem with my Send button! Thanks

Hi, on windows machines (windows 8.1) chrome, opera, firefox latest version the enypo font are not rendering certain icons. I did switch to fonts are awesome and I have no problem. You should check your theme on windows machine also. On OS X there is no problem with the fonts. I just want you to know.

Hi Eduard,

Thankyou for pointing this out, with my latest project i’m using FontAwesome and must admit the rendering is much better. I will implement this within Outlet.

Kind Regards

My pleasure. Also are you planning to release an update, so the Outlet will work with the latest Wocommerce version?

Hi Eduard,

Yes, at the moment Outlet is not compatible with WooCommerce 2.0.2, the update is on the way along with Bootstrap integration, many fixes, features and improvements.


Hi, for some reason my theme install is telling me it cant find the url to the WooCommerce Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation plugin. I looked in the zip file of the download and its not included in the package … so where can I get this plugin? I thought it comes with the theme?


Hmm, the plugin can be found in the following directory,


You probably had a hiccup in the theme installation process.

I’ll be happy to take a look and set you up if you could provide your FTP, WordPress details via email on my profile page.

Kind Regards


How do i do the SEO in this theme?

Hi There,

I recommend using a third-party plugin such as SEO by Yoast to handle the theme SEO, or some alternatives.


Hi, i tried to update woocommerce to 2.1 version, but last version of outlet theme doesn’t work with 2.1 woocommerce version. Are you planned a new release of the theme?

Hello, I also updated to version 2.1 and because of the new Checkout Endpoints ( I think ) the theme isn’t functional anymore. When customers go to the Checkout page they see the field for all their information but they can’t choose payment methods, delivery methods or even submit their order. Because this isnt’t visible anymore. Do you have a fix for this? Webshop is currently down because of this. Thanks in advance!

Hello again, for a temp fix you can change the name of the themes/outlet/woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php file and then it does work again.

Hi Phillip,

I’m working on the update of Outlet to be compatible with WooCommerce 2.1.1 as we speak.

Kind Regards

Thank you very much! :)


Loving the theme, you can see the finished product at http://www.bagsbyjo.com. Question for you: Woocommerce has an upgrade, is it safe with your latest release?

Hi Joe,

Glad you like using Outlet and the site looks clean and professional. :)

Please check my latest comment in the discussion regarding the update.

Kind Regards

Thank you. I ran into another issue – I was checking the single product page on mobile devices and the image seems to crop the right side each time the responsive design kicks in. This effectively does not allow a mobile user to browse the site and look at products. I checked your demo site to make sure it wasn’t a setting that I messed up and see the same effect. Do you have a solution for this?

Hi PixelStores,

Purchased your theme and set everything up but I’m getting the following error in the admin. Do you have a fix for these files?

“Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.”

Version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0

These are the files in question:

cart.php mini-cart.php shipping-calculator.php form-billing.php form-shipping.php review-order.php email-order-items.php email-order-items.php add-to-cart.php form-edit-address.php form-login.php my-orders.php order-details.php external.php grouped.php simple.php variable.php product-attributes.php product-image.php product-thumbnails.php review.php single-product-reviews.php



Please check my latest comment on the discussion regarding the update.

Best Regards