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“The official update will be released on Friday 28th March.”


Hey Cyber,

The update is available to download, please also check my latest comment.

Best Regards

We get an error that the theme uses old templates of Woocommerce. Isn’t this theme compatible with WooCommerce 2.1?

I’ve bought the theme because it is “compatible with the latest Woocommerce version” but this doesn’t seem the case? Now what?

Hi Chris,

Lets crack on and get the theme working on your site, i take it you have successfully installed the latest version, 1.8?

From what you have provided regarding the 404 errors, pages can’t be found, this usually happens when you switch themes. Locate to the Permalink settings in your admin to fix this.

The Blog is relatively simple to setup. First create a new page and call it ‘News’, from the ‘Page Templates’ select the ‘Blog’ template and then publish. You can leave the page content empty.

Let me know how this goes.

Kind Regards

Thanks for the update, theme looks very nice!

I have a question about the use of a Drag&Drop Page builder (WP Bakery Visual Composer)

When I use it with other themes, I have the option to center content on a full width page, but that doesn’t seem to work with Outlet.

Do you recommend a D&D page builder that works with Outlet, or is it possible to make some changes to the theme so we can use Visual Composer?


Hi Christo,

I have been considering a page builder plugin rather than using the standard shortcode method and the Visual Composer is defiantly the way to go. I have yet got my hands on a copy but will see what i can do.

I have created a full width page template (fullwidth.php) that you can drop into the ‘outlet’ theme folder to try and see if this is compatible with the D&D plugin. Not sure if you have knowledge in HTML/CSS but the bootstrap grid reference could be useful.

Kind Regards

You are leaving a lot of people who chose to support you with their hard earned dollars out in the cold by allowing this theme to remain broken. Why is there no communication from you, an Elite author?

Can we please get a response? Many of us have been strung along now for more than a month! We are losing business!


The update is now available to download, i have also made a update announcement. Thankyou for your patience and understanding :)

Kind Regards

Hi Pixel

I imagine you are still ironing out the creases but as you stated on your previous post, we would see an update on the 28th of March.

This has not materialised. Many of us our running our sites with errors so could you be so kind to give an accurate new date for its release.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Benji,

Yes some issues had to be ironed out, thankyou for understanding, good news! the update is now ready to download :)

Kind Regards

My customer urgently needs his webshop to work properly. This delay gives me bad reputation.

IS IT OR IS IT NOT GOING TO BE AN UPDATE OUT SOON? In case not, I hereby demand refund of my purchase so I can get another theme.

The update is out and available to download.

Kind Regards

Can we please at the very least have some kind of communication from you?! This is incredibly unprofessional and frustrating. You are leaving a lot of people upset and helpless. We all spent good money with you and now we are all losing a LOT more money than this theme cost.

As an author here in the Envato network, I am very disappointed and shocked that an Elite author would conduct his business this way. All you need to do is take a moment and respond to us. Leaving hundreds of people with broken websites (their income source) is unacceptable.

Upon further inspection, the latest update DID NOT fix the randomly resized images throughout the site. It only fixed it in some locations.

Please advise.

And we are now no longer able to upload media files to the site successfully. :(

Hi OhmLab,

I have looked throughout your site and can’t see any issues, please point out the exact location where you see the issues such as the images not being resized. By saying ‘It only fixed it in some locations’ is hardly helpful.

The update had changes to the css and a few php files and would not conflict with the media uploader this is a server side issue.

Best Regards

Hey men! Wait a minute! He might have had health problems or family problems! Wait! I’m waiting for update too!!!

Please check my latest comment.

Hello PixelStores.

We are struggling to translate the “View Cart” and “Checkout” that are in the header. We are using the Header style III. Have changed all the places that appear these texts (source code) but not resolved. I created the file and changed the translation pt_BR.po poedit, but not solved. I put the files in “wp-content \ themes \ outlet \ assets \ lang”. Is this correct?

Also could not find where it changes the currency symbol £.

Please, we need to find a solution. Thanks so much if you can help us. Await.

Hi There,

Please update Outlet 1.7 to 1.8, we have discontinued the element your having trouble with in translation.

Currencies for WooCommerce can be found in the WooCommerce > General settings via your WordPress admin.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards


Hey guys,

Sincerely apologise for keeping you waiting and the lack of communication, its very unprofessional of me and will provide my full attention and prioritise the support.

I have some great news! The new Outlet version, 1.8 is finally in the review queue here at ThemeForest and is awaiting approval, may take around 48hrs, depends how far in the queue and if the process all goes well. You will receive an email once approved.

The new demo of the version can be seen here:


We have made some big changes to the theme, where to begin. Firstly the entire framework has been rewritten and is now compatible with Boostrap 3. Improvements to the device viewing has been greatly enhance.

All third-party plugins are completely compatible with outlet and have been updated to the latest versions.

  • WooCommerce Version 2.1.6
  • LayerSlider WP Version 5.1.1
  • WooCommerce Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation Version 1.3.3

Overall design improvements throughout the theme, my account, checkout, shopping cart pages e.t.c.

Higher quality headers including new Header Five.

More social icons available.

Many more improvements throughout the theme.


Updating your current Outlet version shouldn’t be overlery difficult. All the core files have been changed and therefore overwriting the outlet theme folder via FTP would be the best option.

Note the shortcodes used are in a third-party plugin, ‘PS Shortcodes’ and should activated to be used in conjunction with the theme. The codes are also different so therefore i recommend importing the outlet-pages.xml file to have reference to the new layouts.

Thats all there is to it really, but like any new version there will be bugs exploited and will try my best to provide a swift solution.

Will keep you posted.

Kind Regards


The update has been approved and is available to download. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards

You need to update your Import demo content video in the help.

I’ve just wasted lots of time and messed up a few installations importing all the demo content and it doesn’t even include the Woo-commerce pages.

1.8 needs to install the standard woo-pages.

Luckily i had backups of all my products, your products import wiped out all my attributes and variations.

At least there are options for what you import now, rather than everything.

Hi Urban,

Thankyou for your feedback.

I decided not to include the ecommerce pages within the import xml file this time over, mainly because of two reasons. When you first activate the WooCommerce plugin, you have the choice for the plugin to install these automatically. Before, the pages were imported and you then had to manually set the shop, cart, checkout e.t.c pages in the WooCommerce settings, which i feel is an unnecessary step. Current shop owners will also not have the worry of having duplicated woo pages.

I’m a little concerned about your variations/attributes being wiped out, did you import the outlet-products.xml file? Were the imported attributes, Size and Colour append to your current attributes or did they completely wipe out your current ones? Were your attributes called Size and Colour also?

I’ll be working over the weekend, will update the screencasts and fix some tidily bits.

Kind Regards

I had my products and variations already set, when i imported the outlet-product.xml (thinking the woo pages might be in here) it stopped all my current products from working, due to taking out the variations and replacing them with yours.

Another problem i’ve found is that the Single product lightbox does not seem to work.

Ok, thanks, glad to see you made a backup first.

What i’ll do is create two product import files, one for basic and the other for variation products and point out this.

Regarding the lightbox, which ‘Product Lightbox’ setting you have it on? Hover Zoom or default. Both seem to be working here and here.

Do you have any Javascript errors via Chrome, View > Developer > Developer Tools?

You reckon you can send me an URL via pm?

Kind Regards

Hi Pixel,

Ok so I have a few issues with the update.

PS Shortcodes will not download? I can not find it anywhere.

Also my Ajax Layered Nav wont update so im still getting the same error.

Any prompt advice on this please?


Hi Benji,

Looks like your having problems with the plugins update installation, first make sure you have a backup of your site and probably the best option is to install the updated plugins manually. Once you made the update to 1.8 did you receive a notification in your admin area to install the PS Shortcodes plugin? What exactly happened after you proceeded?

The plugins can be found in the following directory,


Either upload these via the Add New plugins area or the preferred method to extract the zip and upload the folders to your wp-content/plugins directory via FTP.

Give this a shot and see how this goes, it is a requirement to use the PS Shortcodes plugin to make use of the Outlet elements.

Also, are you using a child theme?

Kind Regards

Hi Outlet,

Yh, thanks that worked.

Yes I have my child theme active.

Glad to hear you got a fix :)

Hello, thank you for the update. I have installed the latest version and now the checkout appears to be working like it should. I have a question about a child theme version, though. Someone besides myself started the website we are currently using your theme on and he created a child theme to make the layout boxed and the nav is in a different location than default. Once I updated, that information must have gotten lost, or else there is something more I need to do to get it back? Similar to Benjiphett our slider also grew, but that could be because the theme is no longer boxed. Please let me know if you need more information or if there is a different support area I should go to for this.

Thanks, Alison

I am also having issues with gravity forms showing up on product pages on both the child and normal outlet theme.

Hi Alison,

How does the site appear without the child theme activated? I will do some investigating with the boxed child theme and will provide an update this weekend, some elements have changed in this version that could potentially change the boxed layout.

Regarding the gravity forms plugin, 1.8 hasn’t been tested with this plugin and more than likely will have some CSS styling differences. Could you be able to send me an email via my profile with your site URL, admin details?

Kind Regards

Just to let you know an updated boxed version is in the review queue. :)


First I’d like to say that I love the theme and thanks for the update.

I’ve upgraded the theme to the latest version, as well as wordpress and woocommerce and am now having two small problems with my site. Was hoping you may be able to know how to fix them quickly or could steer me in the right direction.

1st) The products which I have in the database as sold out and out of stock are not displaying the sold out message. I have verified that they are out of stock, have verified that within woocommerce inventory settings that the out of stock notifications are indeed enabled, not sure what else is missing. The following product should be all sold out, instead it shows the sizes but does not show the add to cart button. http://wearelittlegiants.com/shop/onesies/diaper-supply-onesie-black/

2nd problem) The display grid of the shop page doesn’t show the products symmetrically, any suggestion how to repair this? An example is: http://wearelittlegiants.com/shop/

Thank you very much and I appreciate the support.

Hi 1shot,

Thankyou for pointing out these couple of bugs, with any new framework will bound to have some, fortunately these two were not that difficult to fix and have resubmitted an update to ThemeForest.

Because its the weekend i’m not sure how long it will take to be processed, perhaps a day.

Kind Regards


Thank you for the update! One question though, were can I find the “RESET” and “SEND MESSAGE” values of the contact form? Can’t seem to find them anywhere :-) Thank you!

I also noticed that on Firefox the NEW PRODUCTS etc sliders are positioned far right.

for anyone who wants a quick fix for this Firefox thing -> outlet-assets-css-bootstrap.min.css and put float:left in comment /*float: left; */ on the col-xs-12 section.

Hi Philip,

The butttons on the contact form can be changed, heres the full shortcode,

[ps_contact name="Name" email="Email" tele="Telephone" reset="Reset" send="Send Message" msg="Message" success="Thankyou for sending us an email, we will get back to you shortly."]

Good catch regarding the product carousels not displaying properly on Firefox, also the HR lightning element seemed a bit off. I have made the fix for both and the update is in the review queue.

Probably best to revert to the default bootstrap file as it could cause issues in the future :)

The css fix for the style.css file,

.owl-carousel .owl-wrapper-outer{
    float: left;

Kind Regards

The products per page option doesn’t work, it remains at 10 products with next buttons.

The hover zoom is not working on any option I have tried.

Hi Primate,

Thanks for the report, some code was missing in the theme_woocommerce.php file,

add_filter( 'loop_shop_per_page', create_function( '$cols', 'return '.$options['outlet_products_per_page'].';' ), 20 );

The fix is included in the new update which will be available once ThemeForest has approved.

Regarding the Hover Zoom, i take it you have selected the checkbox when you edit a single product to display the Hover Zoom? Note that the Hover Zoom feature will only be displayed for desktop devices and the default WooCommerce Lightbox for devices to make it responsive.

Kind Regards

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know i have released another update, Outlet 1.9 is available to download, mainly small fixes to the framework that was released in 1.8.

Best Regards

hello PixelStores,

i’ve tried to the best of my (limited) abilities to fix the things that broke when updating from 1.7 to 1.8 then 1.9 in quick succession but i cannot seem to get my product categories to display how they previously were? they now take up the width of the entire page.


i previously had them displaying in rows of 4 or so.

i’m not sure if I’ve missed something completely obvious, buggered the css by messing about,or if perhaps woocommerce is playing games with me.

either way i didn’t want to resort to asking here as i’m aware it’s not your obligation to provide support, but any insight would be extremely welcome.

regards, Redtail.

Hi again,

I have made a fix to one of the template files that now you can display the shop category images on the ‘Shop’ page without a problem.

Unzip the following and overwrite the content-product_cat.php in the following directory,


That should do it.

Best Regards

brilliant, fix worked perfectly.

just a couple of other things, the pattern behind my “brands” on the front page doesn’t stretch 100%, can’t seem to work out why that is.

and if i set a page/menu item below another menu, the parent page/menu item becomes un-clickable, it this purposeful?

Thanks again pixel.

Hi Ben,

Your very welcome :)

Looks like you may have a shortcode missing causing the layout problem, i have recreated your site on my demo server here.

Copy/Paste the code and replace all in the Text editor for your homepage.


For the layerslider what i did was work off the outlet demo json layerslider and replaced certain elements. You can go ahead and import the json file for the slider. Unzip then import json. If you choose to import the slider bare in mind it wouldn’t be a bad idea to replace the image links in the layers to represent yours on your server.

For your subscription email box, find the instructions in the docs to represent the outlet theme demo.

Regarding the parent links not clickable, yes this is intentional by the Bootstrap framework, i believe this is because of mobile devices. There are some responses to this with a search here.

Kind Regards

Hi Guys, Before I update, I just want to confirm that the updated version is working properly with the new woo-commerce. As i had to revert back to using an old version of woo-commmerce because it didn’t support it.

Regards, Jason

Thankyou Jason for your feedback :)


Thank You for the new updates. So far everything looks fine and the theme is really nicely designed.

In an earlier version I had an accordion plug-in (PPM Accordion) that worked very well. In the new theme version it seems like its incompatible. So I tured to the build in PS-tabs instead. But its a bit awkward to use. How do I get rid of the drop-down function, if I only want straightforward tabs. Is there any documentation for this plug-in?

Regards, Bengt

Hi Bengt,

Accordion’s will be on the way, we completely scrapped the last shortcodes and made a built in plugin. When you first click on the ‘Tab’ icon in the visual editor you will see two tabs, ‘Tab title’ and ‘Dropdown’. Click on the Dropdown tab and you will see the remove button directly underneath. After clicking this you will be left with one tab ‘Tab title’. You can create additional tabs by clicking the plus icon.

Try experimenting with this on a blank page with a layout box and one column shortcode.

Best Regards