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Just updated to version 2.0, and have a few questions:

1. The changelog mentions a new Header 6 – I’m not seeing it. I was hoping it was going to be similar to the old Header 2, I would like to place the round social icons in the header.

2. When I add a Product category to the main menu, it does not work.

3. How can I hide/remove the “Reset” button on the contact form?



Hope you had a nice weekend :)

1. Yes my mistake, please download and unzip the following file, you will find three files in the archive,

The ‘outlet-child-custom-header.zip’ is a custom child theme that represents the new header and should be uploaded/activated as a regular theme via your WordPress themes area.

The other two will fix your first and fourth question. Header Six will now show in the theme customizer and the URL for brands will now be working.


Regarding your second question, Boostrap 3 only supports one level of dropdown, they did this because of mobile first nature.

If you cannot simplify your menus structure in its current state i recommend giving the Uber Menu plugin a try.

Kind Regards

Sorry, I’m confused. The “outlet-child-custom-header.zip” will fix item 1, however you then go on to say that the other two files will fix items 1 and 4. Didn’t the first file fix item 1??

Also, I’d prefer not to introduce child themes at this point. Do you intend to add the correct header options to the normal theme in an update? If so, when do you estimate it will be available?


Hi There,

Sorry for the confusion.

If you would like a custom header like the screenshot, the child theme provided will give you this option.

Outlet 2.1 is in the review queue that will fix the brands target url issue and will display Header Six in the Theme Customizer.

Well, looks like Outlet was not completely fully compatible with WordPress 3.9 as the shortcodes were not displaying in the Visual Editor, this too has been fixed.

Kind Regards


HZ is now working on mac. Thanks for adding the Header 6 version, unfortunately it’s still not visible in the front end, and now the PS short codes are no longer visible in the toolbar. I just downloaded up uploaded the most recent version of the theme.

Header 6.php is visible in the ‘appearance > editor ’ and on the server, however the drop down selection ends at header 5.

The PS Shortcode plugin is installed and activated, but not appearing as an option in the toolbar as in previous versions.

“Tags” visible on the product page are missing commas in between each one as per the categories have.


Sorry a little bit confused, are you referring to the carousel that is displayed here?

Best Regards

Yes. 2 t-shirts and a dress, the autoscroll carousel, does not autoscroll. Your sample isn’t either. You must click to get to the next image.

Hi Primate,

Thankyou for your patience in getting back to you.

I understand now, the carousel autoscroll feature isn’t working as expected. The fix will be available in the next update.

Kind Regards

Ive just updated from 1.4x to the latest version, 2.0

I am having major problems however. None of the short codes are working. Ive installed the plugin and still nothing. https://premiernaturalhealth.com to see what I mean.

Running WP 3.9 and latest version of all other plugins.

Hi There,

Due to the new ThemeForest guidelines the shortcodes have to be called from a plugin, so yes unfortunately we had to make a drastic move and change the shortcodes to be in with the times this move was made in Outlet version 1.8.

WordPress recently made an update a couple of days ago that changed the Visual Editor, with this update it had broken the Outlet shortcode Visual Toolbar so no shortcode buttons are visible. Hence why you find so little regarding the shortcodes.

So its a little unfortunate that you updated the theme just when WordPress 3.9 has just been released, i can assure you the Shortcode Toolbar that is usually in the WP Visual Editor is all you need to setup your pages.

We have no intentions to release products or updates that are not friendly towards the end user and do our best to provide a high quality service to help you setup your own store.

Outlet 2.1 is in the review queue and soon to be ready to download, this will fix the shortcode buttons and display them as expected.

On a side note, expressing how you feel and how you word yourself is very unprofessional and quite frankly, wanting support with this attitude is not the way to be. I know technology can be frustrating at times but things change we all move forward step at a time.

Best Regards

Thank you for the reply. I am aware of TF’s push to have all extensions such as shortcodes, taxonomy add ons etc as plugins. Its a good thing I believe. However was there no way to make it so the short codes stayed the same? Its going to take me at least 2 full days to go through every page, product and post now to change all the short code to the new updated ones :(

I have installed Outlet 2.1 now and their is a short code missing, it use to just be able to show recent products in a grid WITHOUT the carousel, this is no longer there. Also none of the icons for the short codes are showing in the Visual Editor.


Let me try help you push out the new layout with the update, send me an email via my profile with some links and i will reproduce the layout on my localhost to reflect the new codes.

Looks like you may be still on version 1.0 for the PS Shortcodes plugin. Completely delete the plugin folder via FTP or your File Manager and reupload the new copy found in the theme folder, outlet/plugins.

I believe the WooCommerce plugin may also be going through an update as their usual shortcodes are not displaying regardless on what theme your using. Try the recent products shortcode.

Kind Regards

Is the latest version compatible with wordpress 3.9? I went through hell last time I did your update. It caused the entire website to break, and had to restored it an earlier backup. Please only release updates once they have been tested and please provide all the files and documentation.


Yes, last time a few files were not uploaded correctly which was soon fixed with an update within 24hours due to the release.

Outlet 2.1 is in the review queue which is compatible with WordPress 3.9, best wait for that :)

Kind Regards

is Outlet 2.1 available for download now?

Hi, Yes Outlet 2.1 is available to download. Let me know if you run into any issues whilst updating and i’ll do my best to provide support.

Kind Regards

Something is not turning out right for the ps_products and related shortcodes: the resulting sliders are all truncated in height to 91px, with the image overlaid on the ontop of the product name/price. It’s as though the image is being put into the same div or something. I’ve tried to dig in to see what’s going on, but can’t find anything.

Any ideas? I need to fix this ASAP

Please check my other comment, update to the latest version, if the problem persists please let me know.


I meant to get back to you. It’s all good now. :)

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know Outlet 2.1 is available to download.

We made changes to the PS Shortcodes plugin and some theme files, be sure to check the changelog for this information, simply overwriting the theme will not make a complete update. Make sure you also update the shortcode plugin. The plugin can be found in the outlet/plugins folder.

Kind Regards

Hi Pixel,

I have updated to 2.1 and installed the included plugins separateyl, but I have encountered a few problems.

1. My ajax navigation has stopped working. When selecting a colour swatch it does not filter results.

2.PS shortcodes will not activate. I get this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class PixelstoresShortcodes

Any suggestions for these?

Thanks in advance,



I am getting this error from javascript console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘changeZoomSize’ of undefined hoverzoom.js?ver=3.9:88 checkWidth hoverzoom.js?ver=3.9:88 (anonymous function) hoverzoom.js?ver=3.9:92 j jquery.js?ver=1.11.0:2 k.fireWith jquery.js?ver=1.11.0:2 n.extend.ready jquery.js?ver=1.11.0:2 K


Disabled your hoverzoom and installed YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier.

Obviously this is something you need to bare in mind as others may find they have this conflict.

Kind regards,


Hi Benji,

Thankyou for the report, with the information given i was able to pin point the problem and made the fix.

This will be pushed out in the next update but let me know if you would like the corrected file.

Kind Regards

Hi, Have just upgraded to 2.1. Looks fantastic, however I have just a few small issues:

1. The Cart, Checkout and My Account pages (including all endpoint pages) all use some other header than that set in the Theme Customise options. The social icons remain, however the logo moves towards the centre and the menu gets side borders.

2. While viewing on mobile (iPhone 5 in my case), the Cart page does not display the product list correctly. You have to scroll right to see the right-hand side of the details, including the Checkout button – which is not great for the customer.

3. In Google Chrome, when a dropdown is selected, the outline highlight is blue, can this be changed to show the default colour set in theme options?


Hi Thankyou :)

1. Well spotted, a small code error within the theme_functions.php file, You can go ahead and copy/paste the new theme_functions.php file here.


2. To be honest i wasn’t completely satisfied how Bootstrap handles tables, the side scrolling cart is intentional but i will probably improve the usability in a future update.

3. Could you point out exactly what dropdown so i can investigate further, the menu on header six, product page select box?

Kind Regards



1. Fixed.

2. Do you have any idea when this improvement will be available? Will it be in the next update?

3. The dropdowns I am referring to are within the shop pages, for example the Default Sorting and ones in the Widget area (WooCommerce layered nav in this case). I have created a screenshot indicating where I mean: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20173671/bbscreenshot.png As I said, it’s only on selection of the dropdown and I’m seeing it in Chrome so it could be a default Chrome thing – maybe. I’m just wondering if it can be over-ridden.

Thanks. Excellent support by the way, I will of course be rating 5 stars and giving an excellent review. It makes a massive difference when theme developers are responsive and helpful.


Hi Richard,

Thankyou for your review and 5 stars very much appreciate it :)

I will try and push the improvements out for the next update.

Regarding the select boxes you could try adding the following css to the stylesheet. Chrome on the mac doesn’t seem to show the focus colour for the select boxes, please get back to me on how this looks..

select:focus {
    outline: none !important;

Glad to be any kind of help.

Best Regareds


I have a problem with the translation. I managed it to translate everything execpt the “Show Detail” and “Ad to Cart”-Buttons hovering on the product pictures. I edited the Text in the add-to-cart.php file as you told someone before but still it´s not changing. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!


If you are fully up to date with Outlet, you can find the options to change these two button text’s in the Theme Customizer under the Product Loop settings.

Kind Regards

Haha… sometimes the solutions is too easy to consider it. Thank you so much for your fast reply!

Many greetings

Your welcome :)

Hi, I have purchased this theme and I think it’s great. But I have just a couple of issues about it:

1 – I have manage the woocommerce setting and I have associated the pages (checkout, cart…) and payment method (paypal), but when I try to buy a product, it doesn’t fill the basket and so I can not proceed to the checkout. In other words: nothing happens.

2 – the layered navigation doesn’t appear in the shop page as in your demo

The website is www.apriegusta.com Thank you for the support!


Thankyou for purchasing Outlet.

1. Firstly i would goto the Permalinks options in your admin to fix any broken links then try resetting your browser and the cache.

2. The site url has a coming soon page but setting the products with attributes and using the Ajax Layered Nav widget on the ‘Shop’ sidebar should display. More information on this widget/plugin can be seen here.

Kind Regards


Ever since upgrading, I have lost the ability of my shop allowing people to buy anything. All products in my shop are not showing any add to cart buttons or functionality. You are able to see the drop down and select a size but after that it will not show the add button to allow any purchases. Please help I have had over 10 emails within the past 24 hours from potential customers unable to purchase anything. Any advice will greatly help, please! Thanks. You can see the shop here: wearelittlegiants.com/shop/

Hello, sorry to bother you about this issue but I could really use some help. My site is not allowing me to add any products to the cart. This happened after I initially upgraded to version 2.0 and I believe at that time you said you knew what the fix was and that it would be included in 2.1, can you take a look at it please and let me know your thoughts. I have had my web hosting site rollback and restore the app twice and the problem seems to persist. They said that they believe it is a javascript issue of some sort.They said the following when I asked a question about it: ‘You select a size, but no “add to cart” button, or out of stock notification occurs. This would be controlled by some kind of javascript action, which should not be effected by caching.”

Any ideas or assistance would greatly help out. You can go to the shop http://wearelittlegiants.com/shop/ and choose any product and try and add a size to the shopping cart and you will see the problem.

Thank you very much in advance, I really appreciate it.

The sys admin also stated the following:

“If you go to http://wearelittlegiants.com/shop/ss-tee/supreemie-tee-white/

in chrome and then press f12 -> “Console”, you will see there are errors on your install. It are these that make me think it is some kind of update.


as well as a cart-fragments.min.js file.”

Hope this helps.

Hi 1shot.

Looks like you managed to resolve the cart fragments file issue, the WooCommerce docs has some information on the problem your getting here.

Let me know if you require further support.

Best Regards

Hi there,

just to check, the dummy contents in the installable, does it have the latest shortcodes updated?


You could choose to import the pages xml file that has the updated shortcodes, look for the ‘outlet-pages.xml’ file in the XML Content folder.

Outlet 2.1 also supports the shortcodes within the Visual Editor toolbar for your reference.

Kind Regards

hey, thanks for the reply.

Hi I had purchased Viroshop a Modern Responsive WooCommerce Theme and the theme has been removed stating that you are no longer updating it. I am running my business with this theme. So now what do I do? Maybe you can give this new theme to me free or update the Viroshop Theme. Thanks

Hi There,

We are currently updating the Viroshop theme to be compatible with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress version and is temporally unavailable on the marketplace.

Send me an email with any questions you may have with the theme and i’ll provide a fix.

Best Regards


I have another question about the header-logo. How do I define the Logo-file which is used in mobile version? Now it´s using the regular file and this detroys the layout cause of it´s size.

Is there an option in the menue which I overlooked where I can upload a mobile-version? I´m using version 1.9 and since I made a lot of changes in the sytlesheet I don´t really want to update it now and do all the changes again.


Thank you so much!


Great work on the customizations.

I can’t remember exactly if there was another upload logo option in verson 1.9. In 2.1 you can define two logo’s for both mobile and desktop.

You could add the following to the stylesheet to make the logo responsive,

.ps-logo img{
    height: auto;
    width: 100%;

Kind Regards

Ah, perfect, that helped!

Thank you and many regards!

Welcome :)

Presale question:

Multilanguage possible via poedit?



Yes the theme is translation ready. .mo and .po files are available.

Kind Regards

How do i enable coming soon page?

Hi There,

I strongly recommend using the Coming Soon plugin as we will discontinue the current functionality in a future release.

No global settings is yet available for this but it’s sure is a good idea. Currently you would have to either create a new sidebar for your products or use one that exists. In the edit product section as you may already know, you can choose the sidebar and the sidebar location for the specific product.

Best Regards

Thank you for the support. I hope next version will include global sidebar setting for products!. Your product is fantastic

Thankyou :)

Hi, I have just updated the theme and installed the 3 plugins but the website is not looking the same as it did. The biggest issue is that the product pages now have a single enormous (full screen) image, all the product variations in a single line below it and no option to choose the variations or add to the cart. Please help as this is a live store: www.chemoheadwear.co.uk.

I am using a child theme that had a couple of modifications to the functions, style and content-single-product files. I haven’t overwritten these, only replaced the main Outlet Theme files.

And the contact page has broken. The form is missing and code is displayed instead.

And the homepage slider is stretching the slides from 985 to 1050. Why is this and where do I put it back to how it was?

Hi There,

Hope you had a great weekend. I see you managed to resolve the problems you been having.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Kind Regards

I have fixed most of the problems but I still have 3 issues after the update:
  1. The homepage Nivoslider is stretching the width of the slides from 985 to 1050
  2. The top navigation seems to be in a different smaller and more condensed font than before
  3. On the homepage I inserted the code
    [product_categories ids="14,34,37,40,44,47" columns="3"]
    to display the product categories. These used to be shown 3 across but now are displaying as 2 across
Please can you tell me how to rectify these things? Thanks


1. Just checking your site and looks like the NivoSlider is functioning correctly?

2. The font family is the same however we did change the font weight and made the text capitalised.

.ps-global-nav .nav > li > a {    
    font: 600 11px/55px 'Ubuntu', Arial, serif;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    padding: 0 20px;
    color: #a7a7a7;

With a child theme in place you can make or add css adjustments for the theme, i recommend using something like FireBug for Firefox to have a visual style editor in your browser and also will help pin point certain styles for different elements.

3. Yes, i see the problem, please use the Pixelstores shortcode for the time being whilst we investigate for a solution,

[ps_categories title="Shop Categories" ids="14,34,37,40,44,47" autoscroll="1" items="8" orderby="title" order="asc" maxitems="4" itemsdesktop="4" itemsdesktopsmall="3" itemsmobile="1"]

Kind Regads

After the last update, categories are no longer being displayed properly on my website. Can you please advise? Category pages no longer load form the menu bar. If I navigate to a category page manually, it presents a page that includes all categories, rather than the one it is supposed to.

These are major issues.

There have been several struggles in recent weeks after the last round of updates (not to mention our website was down for weeks awaiting those updates to begin with) and I have requested a response (via email and in the comments) but have not received any help. I really do hope this time is different. I have spent countless hours rebuilding my website after the bad updates. Please help.


Also sidebar widgets are no longer updating properly. If I change the arrangement of widgets for a given sidebar and save it, the changes are not served up on a live page. Even after caches are cleared.

This is another one of the things I originally emailed you about before and after the updates started flowing from you again. This menu/category problem is the first you have really responded to and I really do appreciate it.

If for some reason you do not have any of those messages from me any longer I am willing to dig them up and re-send them to you if it means getting this theme working properly for my customers again.

This all comes on the heels of having to completely rebuild the site and my customers have had to tolerate a lot throughout the process. There was an author here who sold a bad theme and I was caught up in it. He has been removed, as have his products. It’s a shame really, as he was given Elite status just prior to everything falling apart.

So I have been trying to get a fully-functioning website together again for a very long time. I apologize again if I come across as frustrated, but I am. I know you are trying to help and I thank you whole-heartedly for that. :)

Ah, the parent links without the sub menu’s such as Shop, Contact and the home icon will work as intended.

Links or the parent with submenus are made clickable to show the dropdown for mobile technology and will not act as a regular link.

A custom link should be made for the parent with the href or url as #

There has been alot of discussion relating to this and is intended by Bootstrap.

The menu itself is developed in the theme_walker.php file.

Kind Regards

Regarding the widgets not rearranging, could you be able to locate to the Developer tools in chrome and check if there is any javascript conflicts in the console on the admin widget area. This is very change behaviour.

Whenever the product gallery images is bigger than the product images, the carousel’s layout is skewed.

what is the recommended size for both product image and product gallery images?



To use the secondary image hover feature, both the main featured image and the first gallery image must be the same size unless you decide not to use this feature.

I’m not sure if you have imported the XML dummy content which i’ll recommend, currently the product image sizes being used is 912H x 822W.

Kind Regards