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OOPS, Please disregard the above comment. The Google Map works BUT the location isn’t centered. It automatically aligns the Location Pin at the top left corner/origin????

I will test this out for you now and see what can be done ;)

Hi mate,

I managed to embed the google maps within a tab, create a new page and select “Custom Layout” for your page template and use the following,


Let me know how that works out for you.


Hi How easy is this theme to install? Does it function with wordpress? Do I need any widgets to make it function correctly?


Thankyou for your interest.

Outlet is fairly simple to use and install, the widgets that come with the theme, WooCommerce, and the WordPress defaults are optional.

Probably the prefered method of installing Outlet is importing the demo content. We have provided a screencast tutorial here.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi there. 1st of all, many compliments for your template, very well done.

I’m about to purchase it, but I have a question before, regarding the home page: is it possible to mix some other parts together, like the ones in the “elements” or “contact” page template, showing them directly in the home page? I mean I’d like to create a sort of landing page, just a few other pages and obviously the shop.

Please, let me know about that. Thanks and best regards.


Thankyou :)

Yes, you can mix elements from other pages to create your own Custom Layout.


Hi, An elegant and clean looking ecommerce theme. I’m thinking of purchasing it.

Will it support standard WordPress Plugins? I may want to add an Ad Widget and maybe a twitter feed. I may use it as mixed used type of theme—ecommerce and as a catalog.



Thankyou for your interest.

Outlet will function as normal with most widgets or plugins, some plugins have a set style that may not match the rest of the design and would probably need some css adjustments.

I’ll be happy to assist you if needed.

Cheers :)

It it easy to do a “Dark” version of this? Got a screenshot of it to show client? Otherwise I think its perfect. Beautiful.

If its simple to swap background and text and a few other items, no problem. Will this cause problems with WooCommerce?

If no problem, I’m buying ;)

Shouldn’t cause any problems with the WooCommerce functionally as long as you keep to the stylesheets ;)


Thanks. Showing client today. :)


I am looking for a theme that works with the smart coupons plugin from woothemes, if it does then I will more than likely buy it from you :-).

http://www.woothemes.com/products/smart-coupons/ http://docs.woothemes.com/document/smart-coupons/

Awesome theme by the way!

Hi, I e-mailed you a dropbox link to the zip file.

Got your mail, will check the compatibility asap.

Hi Anne,

Sent you an email, the Smart Coupons plugin works like a charm. :)



When using the Linked Products (Up-Sells) feature of Woo Commerce, the products are being placed on the page to the extreme left (no margin space).

Is there a way of correcting this?

Thanks, Shari

Hi Shari,

A fix is in the review queue and a update should be available within the next 24hrs.

Thanks for pointing this out :)


Just to let you know, an update is now available here on ThemeForest with the fix.

How do I create my main shop? When I add the product page and I click on shop, does not appear any. How to let my shop page, with the same face of the demo? Thanks. Follow the link, http://www.kienzle-haller.com.br/2013/?page_id=140.


It looks to me that your shop base page is here and the shop settings have been set to have no sidebar.

You can try enabling the sidebar in the Theme Customiser under the “Shop” settings, then this will give you access to the shop widget area in the widgets section.

For the shop sidebar, the outlet demo uses 5 widgets, Price Filter, Ajax Layered Navigation, Ajax Layered Navigation with color selector, product tags and the outlet social widget.

Note, you will not be able to use the price filters and ajax layered nav for single products, alternative should be used like the shop categories or custom menu widget.

If the problem persists, send me an email via my profile with some details and i’ll be happy to take a look.

Kind Regards

Thank you. I managed to fix the product page and now I have one more doubt. I noticed that the plugin woocoomerce came with the translations. Mo e. Pot, how I can activate it? Thanks


You would use software such as POEdit to translate WooCommerce and Outlet, you can find the PO files in the outlet/assets/lang folder.

There is a tutorial that may be useful in the woo docs.

Great theme,

But i got some startup problems!

1) 1 dont get my homepage and my store page right! the layout is horrible! 2) Also the productpage looks horible (layout)

Can you help me with this?

Just do a quiq clean wordpress and theme install. Still got the same layout http://alsikblos.nl/shop/

Hmm, it looks like some code from the theme like the sidebars are not showing for some reason, probably something simple.

Send me an email via my profile with your WordPress details and i’ll investigate further.


Great Support! Tx

I need to register my purchase at WooThemes? It will not accept the ID that was from Themeforest.



The Ajax Layered Navigation will work as normal and the notice can be ignored. I think by installing the WooThemes updater plugin removes the notice.

Any plugin updates for this WooCommerce extension or the Layer Slider will be announced and an update will be available.


WooCommerce Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation is what I am talking about???

Hi, please check earlier comment. Cheers

Thank You for replys. Can you tell me how to switch to boxed mode. I am looking now.

I got it, I had to reselect the shop page in WooCommerce. Now can you tell me how to edit the wooden background I have in Boxed mode?

I found it in the css, all good. Thank you

Hi dwalley,

For future reference, after you have activated a new theme or have some link issues, its more than likely can be resolved by going to the “Permalinks” settings. By going to this page in your browser it resets or “flushes” the link rulings.


Hi, I have recently purchased this theme and it is absolutely fantastic. Could I get some support on a couple things:

1. There seems to be an issue with the carousel for brands in firefox. It works perfectly in Google Chrome, and IE. However, in firefox it doesnt seem to get initialized but 4 Brands appear regardless of how many have been added and they extend outside the container and cause a horizontal scroll bar to show up on the page.

2. How can I add multiple Google Maps markers for the contact page ?

Thank You


Thankyou :)

1. Ah yes, there is a unnecessary css style in the style.css file in the outlet folder, please add the following style,

.brands-shortcode h4 {
    float: none !important;

Thanks for letting me know.

2. Ive spent a good hour or so trying to achieve multiple markers for the google map and it is possible. The actual script is called mapmarker and there demo shows multiple markers.

The first step is to locate the custommap.js file here,


Remove all the code found in this file and add the following,


In the theme_scripts.php file in the includes folder around line 49, look for this block of code and replace with the following,


Ok, so far the map will display the United States with three markers, but there seems to be a small styling issue, so add this to the style.css file,

div#map img{
    max-width: none;

That should do it ;)


Excellent, thank you for the support. This solved the issue


Congratulations on a fantastic theme. Some really nice touches!

I’ve noticed what might be a bug – it happens on product pages that use the hover zoom. When the breakpoints kick in, the main image gets chopped off on the right and it loses it’s right border. It doesn’t seem to resize. You can see this at http://demo.pixelstores.com/outlet/product/double-strap-dress/.

Thanks in advance!

Hi mate,

Thankyou for your kind words and feedback. :)

Are you referring to the responsive breakpoints? At the moment the product hover zoom does not support a responsive display, this is something we are working on and hope to release a fix soon.

We have included an option to use the current WooCommerce lightbox that works well in responsive that could be used as an alternative if preferred.


Love this theme!! Could you please add Instagram and Vine to your social links for the next version? Pretty please? Keep up the great work.


That shouldn’t be a problem ;)

Thankyou :)

Hi PixelStores, I liked your theme very much, althought my only concern is about the size of the image’s listing and in the product details page.

On the product’s listing: is it possible to show a larger rectangular image for the products?

On the Details Page: is it possible to show a rectangular image? (I saw that the currently displayed size is 455×410, I would like to show something like this one http://themeforest.net/item/shopster-retina-responsive-woocommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/5015734).

Thank you, and keep it up with the good work.


Yes, you can change the dimensions for the product photos, if you prefer to use the “Hover Zoom” product feature a small change to the dimensions can be found in a file.

We have also gave the option to use the default WooCommerce lightbox, to change this product size a little css adjustment would need to be applied.

I’ll be able to assist you with this if required.

Thankyou :)

Is this “css adjustment” something related with the Image Options on the WooCommerce->Settings->Catalog and regenerate thumbnails combo?

Thank you for your reply.


Yes the product images can be resized via the Catalog settings in conjunction with the regenerate thumbnails plugin, however the hover zoom has it’s own parameters to be configured.

Kind Regards

PixelStores, thanks for your prompt repsonse. Does this theme have a CSS override features? Most of the other themes I’ve seen have a section where you can override the default CSS… just thought that would also be a good feature for the next revision. What do you think?



We have included a few more options in the Theme Customizer to change some elements in version 1.2. If you want to apply your own CSS, look for the “outlet-child-blank” theme. You would simply upload and activate this theme and change the style.css to your preference.


Where is the documentation for this theme?

I can’t figure out how to add the Brand short code and documentation cannot be found anywhere…


The documentation is in the zip file from ThemeForest, look for the folder “Documentation” within the main zip, i think you may have downloaded the theme only.

The documentation has several screencasts including how to setup your site like the demo.

The brands shortcode is:

[recent_brands_slider per_page="8" scroll="1"]


I am looking to purchase a theme but I want my site to look similar to your demo. If I purchase this would the file come looking like the preview and then I can edit it the way I want?


Thankyou for your interest. :)

Yes, we have included a xml file that you could import to match the demo site, a screencast is provided if you have trouble with this.


Hi, I have set up my first product with Size attributes, however the choice of sizes in the drop down arent visible until moused over. So when i click on the pull down menu the choice of sizes are invisible. Only when i mouse over can i see the text.

Is this something that can be changed?


Are you referring to the drop down select box seen on this product?

A recent client had a similar problem where the attributes were not displaying in the dropdown correctly, this is something to do with the WooCommerce plugin and the “Product Data”.

I believe the solution is to save the attributes and update the product post. To save future hassle in new products it might be easier to duplicate the post.

I have made a screencast if this helps, i have trouble now and again setting up the variations, but you get a hang of it over time.

If the problem persists send me an email via my profile and i’ll take a look.