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When trying to install Outlet theme I get this error after uploading:

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

Then same thing when I try again. I am using godaddy for hosting and have WP installed, and I am VERY new to this. I have installed other themes with no issues, but for some reason this one will not upload. Thnks.

I’ve also researched all the trouble shooting tips to no avail.

Hi There,

This may be caused by your host but it may be as simple as uploading the wrong file. Once you have downloaded the .zip file from ThemeForest unarchove this file, within the folder you will see the “outlet.zip” file, this is the zip to be uploaded via your WordPress admin.

If you are sure your uploading the correct zip you could also try via FTP.

Unarchive the outlet zip and upload the outlet folder with the style.css to this directory via FTP.


If the problem persists send me an email via my profile and i’ll investigate further.

Kind Regards

I’m not a native speaker. It’s really hard for me to customize the site. It will be very nice if you have the video of how to customize the role site you have provided to us!


Send me an email via my profile with some WordPress details and i’ll be happy to setup your site as of the demo with no additional cost.

Cheers :)

Thank you so much!!

I have sent an email to you . Thank you again for your help


What’s the suggested dimensions for a logo size that looks like the Outlet design? I realize that in order to see the entire logo I have to enter in the exact dimension of the original file.

Also, is there a way to “shrink” the logo in Theme Customize, so I wouldn’t have to worry about original dimension sizes?


Thanks for the response. I’m using a retina computer and created the logo using Illustrator. The dimensions, however, that I’ve made with Illustrator’s art board (i.e., 185×35) would end up being a bit larger after it’s been saved, even when using the 72ppi format. Will using photoshop allow me to get the exact dimensions that I used prior to saving (hope that made sense).

Also, if the dimensions aren’t exactly twice as large as the original file, the retina display won’t work?

That’s correct, the retina image should be twice as big than the original with the resolution 72 pixels/inch. So if your logo size is 185×35, you will need to create another logo that is in high quality with the dimensions 370×70.

Cheers :)

Awesome, thanks. Is there a reason why I can’t see the retina version on the demo if it was setup correctly and I have a retina display?

Thanks again for the support!

Hey again,

  • When I tested the “Subscribe to our mailing list”, it sent me to Feedburner, which is no longer up and running because of Google’s close of GoogleReader. Is there an option in the WP Dashboard to change this?

  • Also the Outlet Twitter widget doesn’t seem to be working properly.


Hi Chris,

Please send me an email via my profile, we will discontinue the use of Feedburner in the next update and will integrate Mailchimp for the subscription feature, i have instructions for this.

What is currently showing for the twtter widget? I know twitter has recently updated there API and this may be the cause.

Kind Regards

Thanks, will do. Right now, the twitter widget (when in the footer section) only shows the Title that’s entered but in a dim/inactive color (i.e., gray font color instead of the white one that exists for the other widget titles)

Thanks Chris for pointing this out, please check your email.


We recently purchased this theme. It is very nicely done but we are having a couple of problems. The main issue is the responsiveness of the theme. E.g. when you resize the browser window on a PC, the site will scale down and the navigation bar changes to a mobile optimised style with a dropdown +/- system. But on actual mobile devices (we tested with Kindle fire HD, Samsung mobiles and ipad and iphone) it doesn’t resize, it is just a smaller version of the full site with the standard main menu>submenu look. So basically when viewed on a mobile device, the theme acts and looks the same as the full desktop version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

We added the line of code to the header.php file and it worked! Thank you for the quick response! :)

Also, how would we go about updating the whole theme to 1.2? Would we have to downlaod it from here and uplaod it to out server again? We are a little worried about it overwriting our current theme settings etc…


Thats correct, you won’t delete any settings if you upload the entire theme unless you made changes to the core files.

In the documentation look for the changelog with the modified files, you can overwrite these files via FTP if preferred.

Kind Regards

Hello again,

I would like to seek your assistance with two new issues I came across recently.

1. The brands slider does not seem to allow more than 6 brands at a time. The slider itself works as expected, but it only shows up to 6 brands. The short code I am using is: [recent_brands_slider per_page="12" scroll="1"] I am trying to display 12 brands.

2. I would like to disable the AutoScroll feature for the full_slider. Turning it off using the ‘Slider Properties’ section of the WYSIWG Editor does not seem to work.

Can you please point me in the right direction?

Thank you


1. Try using the following shortcode,

[recent_brands_slider title="Brands" items="12" scroll="1"]

2. Yes, you are right there is a bug, for the fix look for the php file theme_scripts.php, outlet/includes/theme_scripts and find this block of code around line 70.


And replace with…


That should do it ;)


Fantastic work! This solved the issue.

Thank you


The magnifying glass in the search field on the mobile version seems to be displaced just below the field instead of nestled inside it, like on the desktop version—for both demo and my actual site. This is negligible, but it might be safe to assume others may have the same issue.

Was it an intentional design? If so I have no qualms with it.


Hi Chris,

I have responded to your email :)


OK. I liked this theme and downloaded it.. 1. The Menu Will NOT save 2. Cannot change font of text 3. hurry up with the background color change, this is absurd

Actually, I want my money back…I will take up with Theme Forest I guess. This Theme was not ready for sale!!!

Hi There,

Unfortunately i do not have the capabilities to please every buyer as many have different ideas on how they are going to use Outlet and what features they expect from the theme. i am however very open to suggestions on ways how to improve Outlet and help as much as i can to achieve what you want.

We have provided some colour options in the Theme Customizer however if you want to change the appearance of the theme quite drastically i recommend using some css in the Outlet Child theme.

You can upload the outlet-child-blank.zip and activate like a regular theme and add your own styles to the style.css file.

To change the background colour from the white, you would use the following css,

body {
    background: #fff;

The reason we didn’t include an option for the background colour is because we are taking into consideration with the layout and colours used for the elements, a dark background will conflict with the black text for example.

The font for the menu css can be..

#menu, #menu ul, #menu ul li, #menu ul li a {
    font-family: 'Ubuntu', sans-serif;
    font-weight: 500;
    color: #a7a7a7;
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;

If you have an idea of what colours/font you want i be happy to provide you with the css you can use.

Regarding your menu, have you selected the default menu locations and updated them?

I have also replied to your email.

Kind Regards

Hi Pixel,

For some reason when i create a new sidebar it isn’t showing up in my widget area. Any clue as to why?

Great theme by the way :D


Hi Benji,

Not entirely sure why the new sidebar isn’t showing on the widget area, just tested and seems to be working down my end.

Are you using any special characters for the sidebar name? Are the sidebars being displayed in the “Sidebars” area?

If its ok with you i would like to look further into this, send me some login details via the contact form on my profile.

Thanks :)


I have a client who may be interested in the WooCommerce feature down the road, but just needs a website for now.

I can disable this until then, right?

Also, how flexible is this with custom colors? And can I eliminate the slider from the homepage. The more basic for this client, the better! Just want to make sure I can do that with this theme =] Thanks

Hi There,

You can disable all the ecommerce functionality such as removing the cart, add to cart buttons e.t.c. and use the theme more as a catalog, later on you can enable this.

The sliders are completely optional and you can mix and match different content from other pages to your preference.

For custom colours you can change the overall theme colour (orange via the demo) to any colour and the header colours.

If you want to change specific colours for certain elements i recommend you install the outlet child theme, with this you can use something like Firebug to inspect the element styles and use custom css for the child theme.

Happy to answer any more questions you may have.

Kind Regards

Dues to historical reason, product images we have at the moment have the same width. Once uploaded to the shop, it looks fine apart from the inconsistency in height. Is there anyway we can set fix height for the product list boxes. We want to just fix it to the highest so that the row height is consistence. So if the image is too short then there will be a whitespace and align image to the middle.



You can set a fixed height for the products with a bit of css,

ul.slide-products li.product a img, .woocommerce ul.products li.product a img {
    height: 200px;
.caroufredsel_wrapper {
    height: 310px !important;

Bare in mind the image will be stretched in height if the scale is smaller.

I recommend uploading the product images with the dimensions 912W x 822H, this will give enough room for the image to be cropped well and for retina.

Kind Regards

First off…This is a beautiful theme! I’ve nearly completed a client’s new website but having now seen this I may just stop and start all over again with the purchase this theme. I have one important question prior to doing so though. It may sound silly but i’m gifted at asking silly questions.

I have a client that’s temporally restricted from online/e-commerce sales. I would like to use this theme and activate the e-commerce store once the restriction is lifted. Can this be done? Would the theme still function with this limitation? Thank you in advance for your reply.

Hi There,

Firstly thankyou for your interest in Outlet, any questions you may have don’t hesitate to ask :)

By restricted i believe you already have products posted but the ecommerce functionality is disabled and therefore no one can purchase any products, i.e. add to cart buttons removed, cart disabled?

If this is the case then yes, Outlet provides a catalog mode which i think is something you be interested in, you can publish/edit products, create pages, as usual and when your ready to go live you can enable the ecommerce functionality.

Kind Regards

I have a problem when generating the thumbnails of the products. The first product feature image, goes perfectly as tumbnail, but when I add the images into product gallery, the images are weirdly. I’ve changed settings in woocommerce the size of the thumbnail to the same size single product, used the plugin for the renegerar thums but not work too. Follow the link for example. http://www.kienzle-haller.com.br/2013/?product=disco-promocional

Please help me.

Thank you.

OMG! Thank you so much =)

Just one more simple question. When I add the product appear in the sidebar categories, it is possible that only appear sub-categories of the selected category? Thanks =D

A couple of things you can try.

For a more fluent navigation and product browsing you can set up some product attributes and create a “shop category” attribute with your sub/categories to be your terms. Once you have allocated the attributes to your products you can then use the “WooCommerce Ajax Layered Nav” widget for your shop widget area to display them. More info on this here.

Another option could be to setup a custom menu with your shop categories, we have made it so sub-parent links will be hidden with parent menu items. like a slide down menu until they are clicked or on the same page.

Kind Regards

Hello, Hopefully this is an easy question but I can’t find documentation or anything obvious within the theme.

On the demo site you have the footer divided into four widget columns. How do I do that on my site?

Thanks for the assist!


In your WordPress admin locate to the Appearance > Widgets section, you will see the “Footer” widget area where you would place different widgets.

The demo uses the current widgets, text widget with this code,

<p style="margin: 5px 0 30px;"><img src="http://demo.pixelstores.com/outlet/wp-content/uploads/logo1.png" alt="" /></p>
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean lacinia tincidunt nisi.

Best Sellers widget, custom menu widget and the outlet contact information widget,

With the Outlet Contact widget you can add line breaks for the address,

Outlet LTD<br />123 London Street<br />PO BOX 321, Sydney

Kind Regards


I would like to add image thumb in blog posts list on home page. Is it possible, and could you please explain how to do that ?


Hi There,

Yes this is possible with some additional code, perhaps another shortcode.

What i’ll do is add this to the next version, if you can bare with me on this feature. :)

Best regards

GREAT THEME! Two question though… can I import products based on xml or csv – and link them to respectively medias (filename = SKU)? Secondly; I would prefer the shop to be all english (mine is a mix based on local word press version)... do you have an english translation I can use to overwrite all local language terms?


I would recommend using a thrid-party plugin to import your products via a csv file, you can try the following,


I know WooThemes also have a CSV import extension but it seems there extensions page is down.

By default Outlet is in English but you can translate the strings using software like POEdit. You can find the .po/.mo translation files in this folder.



Hello, how do i remove the brands box from the homepage? Thanks.

Hi There,

When you edit the page, look for the recent brands shortcode. If you imported the sample xml file you would remove this block of code,

[layout_box bg="lines"]
[recent_brands_slider title="Brands" items="4" scroll="1"]


Thanks for your help! One last question, how do I turn on the magnifying view that appears at the side of the images and not the load slideshow view in a lightbox. Thanks

When you edit a product, down on the right column you will see the lightbox preferences.


Hello, there may be a bug with the Product Lightbox’s hooverzoom function.

When using the Hoover Zoom, and if you have product variation setup, each with it’s own variation picture, the Hoover Zoom would not function property.

When a variation is selected from the dropdown menu on the product page, the default display image does not change to the correct photo setup in the variation.

The Hoover Zoom would also display a distorted image (one of the product variation image) when product page is first opened.

Any fix to that?

Thanks for your help.

Hi There,

Unfortunately the hoverzoom lightbox is not yet compatible with the product variation images and the WooCommerce lightbox would be the alternative solution for now.

I’m getting in contact with a developer of mine to work on this function as its slightly above my knowledge in the coding area and will hopefully release this feature in the forthcoming update.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Best Regards

Two questions please.

1) What is the best way to display out of stock sign on the product listing page?

2) How do I change the top header which says “Shop” to the category name that it is currently in?

Thank you.


1. To make a product out of stock you would change the “Stock status” in the inventory section when you edit the product, this will display an out of stock message on the product page.

If you want to display the message “Out of Stock” on the product listings like in the shop catalog you would be required to add some code to the functions.php file,

add_filter( 'out_of_stock_add_to_cart_text', 'custom_out_of_stock' ); 
function custom_out_of_stock() {
    return 'Out of Stock';

This will change the current “Read More” button text to out of stock if you further want to develop this you can find the template to add your custom code to this file,


2. Locate to the following file,


and look for this line of code,

<h1 class="page-title"><?php if ( $options['outlet_shop_title_text'] <> "" ) { echo $options['outlet_shop_title_text']; } else { echo 'Shop'; } ?></h1>

replace with…

<h1 class="page-title"><?php woocommerce_page_title(); ?></h1>

That should do it.


thank you.

HI. Where can we find the recommended image size for Carousel Slider and others? Thanks. Great Theme by the way. JF

I founded it in Dummy Content … :)