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hi i hv purchased your theme couple of days back. I uploaded on to our server and it worked very well. But within 8-10 hours what I am noticing is that our antivirus starts blocking – js/jquery.themepunch.plugins.min.js , js/theme.js and js/jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js .

Moment, we re-upload all these files again, everything works perfect but which again gets blocked by antivirus within 8-10 hours. That means somewhere your js files are getting compromised.

Any suggestions ?


Hello! That’s the slider files, not theme ones.


Any help in that ?


The thing is that I’m not a developer of that slider :(

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lorenzotr Purchased

Hello, amazing theme.

Just wanted to post a more elaborate answer for the users who are not acquainted with the twitter problem. If your site looks different, just delete the:

            modpath: 'twitter/',
            count: 2,
            username : 'themedev'

Portion of the HTML, and your theme will work as shown.


Yes, that’s correct, you have to either setup your twitter details or remove that portion of the code.