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Urime Faton, ishalla me shume shitje, mpelqeu shume.

Vetem te portfolio dicka spo te bojn imigjat mu hap, keshtu qe rregulloje.


Flm shum Man. :)

flm edhe per portfolio, se pasna vrejt hiq, e permirsoj .

Nice card GLWS :)


Thanks Metrothemes

Awesome work, glws stranger ;)


Thanks csspress :)

dva2 Purchased

Hello. I bought Your template and I have a few questions. Sorry bad English, I’m from Russia. 1) Where to get Russian font? 2) In what file to change the font (only in style.css or even in the other)? 3) How to install a font?


hi Vadim and thanks for purchasing my work.

Can you please send me the template so i can do this for you, or if you haven’t added any content i can make and send it to you ?

Regards, Faton

Nice Vcard man :)


Thank you :)

I am trying to get the contact form to work, do you provide a file that can do along with it? If not, any recommendations on how to get it to work?


can you please send me the link of your site.

I hope you are trying this online cuz locally it doesn;t work.

The link is: http://grapeandgrainexchange.com/contact2.php

Yes, I have been trying online.


hi Sheilamaridesign.

seems like you don’t have the last update which had the contact form included.plz re-download the template and u’ll have the working contact form but make sure when replacing the files cuz it may affect your current design.


I cant get the italics tag to work – any pointers would be appreciated.


plz send me the link of your website and tell me the element which u want to make it italic


here’s the link: http://www.vincevawter.com

and it’s the body text in the blog that i can’t seem to get to italicize

Really nice work . good job i bought the vcard and have liked it .


Thank you so much :)

Hi, I bought your template which is beautiful and super affordable. Thanks for that! But for the life of me, I can’t make the more info pop up boxes work. I’m working with DW, but I have very limited knowledge, emphasis on very limited. Could you please tell me how to do it? Here’s the link: http://funmakerbooth.com/dev/ Thanks G


Just wondering how to slow down the default slideshow on the index page. The graphics are cycling way too fast! Thanks in advnace.

hi i am trying to add next and previous button to the lightbox but no luck doing the same plz can u help me with the same

Thank you


hi Deven,

The lightbox provided in Overlay is an old light version which doesn’t support the “next” and “prev” navs, i’ll keep this in mind and will add the latest lightbox in my next update of the “Overlay”.


hi strangerr i really like your template i am currently using it online right now. cant seem to use the “leave a massage form” on the contact page . my website is ariblau.com , can you please give me a step by step on which file to edit on dream weaver 6 , and what to edit so that users can send me a massage and ill go to me email – thanks stangerr


HI Cifuentes

All you have to do is :

open the “contact.php”

and put your email there like this :

define("__TO__", "yourcontact@bllablla.com");

thank you for your help it was fast and on point . i am very happy with this template.


I would like to know if I could use WPML plugin language on this theme.

Is WPML plugin compatible with Overlay – Creative Vcard?


535themes Author Team


dreamtr Purchased

do you have a plan , update this theme to responsive ??


hi and thanks for purchasing my work. no we don’t have any plans to update this template