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Can you tell me what parameters I have to change in order to make the email form send to my e-mail address?


Hi there. Thanks for your message.

You must add your smtp address, mailer address (into username and from area with the password) and your address to AddAddress area. If you can’t do it, please send an email to address with your url and php codes. We’ll check it and let you know. Thanks!

Could someone explain to me how to install,utilize and customize bootstrap templates, I’m totally unaware of this platform.

Hi there. Thanks for your message.

You must use an html editor software. Adobe DreamWeaver, Notpad++, Sublme .etc. You can see details for bootstrap on the Bootstrap’s web site. And North is have a better documentation. You can see it on here; Thanks.

I had a one page design 99% done and when I hit update it added back in all of the demo content/full width sections. Now every time I try to delete/remove one of the demo content sections and hit update it reappears, making me unable to create the site. I have tried updating wordpress, plugins, and uninstalling/reinstalling the theme. Please help!

Hi there. I think you purchased Oxygen’s Wordpress version :) You must contact with FreshFace for that. It’s here; Thanks.


We cannot get a video loop to embed in the background via vimeo. Can we use a looping video header with an embed from vimeo or does the background loop need to live on my cpanel?

Could you please provide the full source files for Demo 3? I would like to see how you added video backgrounds?

Thanks in advance and great template!

Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind words.

You must add your video’s YouTube ID in video div. This feature supporting just YouTube videos. And you when upload the files a server, it’ll work perfectly. If you can’t do it, you can send us an email with your url. Thanks!

Hi. We buy many weks ago a template from you. We do not now why the template is to slow. The web open to slow. Can you verify what happend please. We are going to buy other templates from your company but we want to fix this problem first. Tanks.

Hi there. Thanks for the message. Please send us your url, we’ll check your codes and images for the delays and let you know. Thanks!


On the portfolio section, is there a way to stop the automatic carousel scrolling of images when viewing a specific piece of work?


Hi, sorry I wasnt clear enough. here is the section I was refering to (in red): Is there a way i can pause it to stop it moving to the next image automatically?

Hi there! Of course, please open js/plugins.js file and come to our works > expander area. You just need add ” pauseOnHover: true, ” code into flex slider options. For example;

animation: "fade",
selector: ".project-slides .slide",
pauseOnHover: true

It’ll stop when you hover on there. And if you want disable to autoplay, you can add there ” autoPlay: false ” code. Thanks!

thanks, that did it


I would like to know how can i translate my website with mqtranslate. I use your theme Oxygen One Page Parallax and when i try to translate something with shortcodes, nothing happens and i see shortcode in frontend. There is another translate plugin that it’s compatible with? Maybe WPML. Thanks

Hi there!

I think you’ve purchased Oxygen’s Wordpress Version. Our theme is HTML theme. You must contact with FreshFace for Wordpress. Link is here; Thanks!


Thanks for updating the portfolio dipslay by categories :) i can now choose wich category i want to show. But in my portfolio, i have 2 categories. I use the Onepage (demo3) template. I create a portofolio section where i’m showing only category1. Next i have 4 different sections and an other section portfolio where i’m showing only category 2. Here, no problem, all is ok, thumbnails are good in my first section and in the second too.

But when i select an element from the second portofolio section, the details, picitures, etc… display on the top of the first portfolio section. I would like display details on the top of the portfolio i just selected.

Do you think its possible ?

Thank you

Hi there! I think you’ve purchased Oxygen’s Wordpress version. You must contact with FreshFace for that. Our theme is HTML theme. Link is here; Thanks!

how can i change the image silder there is no information provided in the document


You can change to slider images with the classes. And you can see these background class ways in the css/style.css file. For example;

#slides .slides-container .image1{
And you can see to background images in the images/ folder.


HI wonder if you can help i have a client with your theme and they want the contact us form to have white text as the default

at the moment its grey were can i find the code to alter is it a color setting or a transparancy

thanks in advance


Please send an email to address with your php codes(without password). We’ll check it and let you know.


sent thank you

We’ve sent a describe mail, if you can’t do it or have another problem, please let us know. Thanks!

I love this theme. I just discovered one flaw in the responsiveness: The logo (in the Home Details block) would not scale down on mobile devices. I understand this is no an issue with your demo oxygen-logo-circle because it’s very small.

However, our logo, also a circle is bigger (which it really needs to be to look good on a 1920px resolution) and stays the same size on any resolution. While all the text-classes below it (fixed-text, home-categories) scale down as well and look really nice, the logo does not :-( Is there any CSS trick to have the logo scale down on mobile/smaller resolutions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Hello there! Thanks for the message!

Sure, please send us an email with your url. I will check it and let you know, thanks!


Sincerely, Zafer

Thanks, will get in touch today.

I see the template uses RevSlides, meaning I have to buy the plugin as well?? Or am I licensed to use it, once I bought your template?

Hello there. Thanks for the question.

There is no Rev Slider in the Oxygen, If you want use it, you must buy Rev Slider. But our all other themes are have Rev Slider (Crexis, North, Wisten). If you use our another theme, you will not need to buy. Thanks!

Sincerely, Zafer