OZONE - Premium Vanilla 2 Theme

OZONE - Premium Vanilla 2 Theme - Vanilla Forums

UPDATE: Now compatible with Vanilla 2.1! In the latest update I included a “preview” version of the Ozone theme that’s compatible with the latest beta release of Vanilla (2.1b2)! See a live demo here: http://www.secondwindprojects.com/ozone-21

If you encounter any issues, please email themes@secondwindprojects.com

What is OZONE?

OZONE is a premium theme for Vanilla 2 forums. OZONE is a clean theme that focuses on readability and striking a good balance of color and whitespace, subtly enhanced with CSS3 effects.


OZONE comes with NINE different color styles: Ozone, Autumn, Bumblebee, Embers, Forest, Magma, Moonlight, Ocean, and Plum. You’re sure to find just the right style to fit your community! In addition, the each style has its own CSS file for easy customization and creation of new styles.


OZONE is compatible with a wide variety of browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE.

OZONE also includes customization for some popular Vanilla 2 plugins built into the CSS, so you won’t have to worry about your favorite addons detracting from this beautiful theme, including: Voting, Q&A, Quotes, and the newly released Button Bar!

OZONE is designed to work with the latest version of Vanilla 2.0.18!

Version History

    - Now compatible with Vanilla 2.1b2!
    - Many elements redesigned to take advantage of Vanilla 2.1 features
    - Greatly improved visual consistency across all pages
    - Improved display at small screen sizes
    - Tweaked the available color schemes to improve quality
    - The header banner effect is now fixed and is always visible even when scrolling down
    - Dropped support for IE7

    - Added some custom theming for "I Like This" and "Thankful People" plugins
    - Improved consistency of banner effect and added it to the search and tag pages
    - Admin checkboxes on discussions should now actually work
    - Some embed-mode fixes
    - Minor visual improvements

    - New font-based icons for Announced and Closed discussions!
    - A modified mobile theme! Manual install, currently only available in Ozone Blue.
    - Search bar is now on top of the side panel for easier searching.
    - Bugfixes!

    - Two new dark themes: Moonlight and Magma!
    - Ocean has joined the dark side.
    - Added customization for Button Bar plugin.
    - Embedding support (beta).
    - OZONE released!