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Thanks for your quick replies – I did provide both the username and email address inside the support ticket #951 I created for the forum issue.


Confirmed you at the Support Forum. :)

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hi. we sent you a requst via cmsmasters but noboby answered yet, could you please help us? Request #1015


Please allow up to 2 working days (common issues) or 4 working days (problems which require developer’s assistance) for your ticket or forum thread to be answered.
The cmsmasters support center works Monday to Friday.


Are there any plans to update this theme to allow it to be responsive? I understand it wasn’t the plan when you developed it, but it looks ugly when the window is resized in the middle of the slideshow. It doesn’t update the picture until you refresh the page, and then the slideshow starts all over again. I’m not sure if this is what I had in mind when I purchased it. I would like an honest response to this request. Thanks for your time.


Sorry, no such plans so far.

Does this WP Theme feature password protected galleries?


We have no gallery password protection feature.

I am trying to figure out how to hide the featured image from the actual project page. I want the featured image there on the portfolio page, but when I click “view project” I don’t want it to be there at the top of the post. Any built in functionality for this?


You can use just project images with no featured one – then the cover will show first image from the project.


I guess what I was trying to say is that on my portfolio page I want to have a list of projects with thumbnails (featured image). Then within those projects I have some text and video. I don’t want any of the featured images in the actual project post. The projects don’t include any images so I would want to hide the images from view on the actual project posts. Basically I want a thumbnail on the portfolio page but when you click through I want the thumbnail to go away. I don’t want any images just video on the project pages. Does that make any sense?

Hey there, I’m having a problem updating the social icons.

I first unselected all and saved. Then for a test I just activated the Youtube icon. I pasted the url, http://www.youtube.com/user/SeattleSeniorStyle and hit save. When I return to the same screen it has replaced the url with just a #

I also tried http://www.youtube.com/SeattleSeniorStyle with the same result.

What am I doing wrong ?

Many thanks

You can ignore my question, figured it out.

Many thanks

does this theme have unlimited portfolios? one for category, ‘cat’ and one for category, “dog”, for example?


Of course

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The sorting tools in my Portfolio page sit on a never ending loading loop. I don’t really need these tools anyway. Is there any way to disable them completely?

Here’s the link to my site if needed. http://themagnificentitch.com.au/?page_id=46

Thanks lots


Hi, thanks for purchasing our product! All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket.

Please create a support request there, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

hey there. any news on this: there is a problem with the portfolio sorting. it’s in your demo as well. when you choose a project category with 6 (or more) projects in it, it will cut off the “view project” button. try it in your demo: choose “Albums” and then go back to “All Categories” – the last row will be cut off… please update


Yes, we know about this small issue.. Unfortunately we can’t fix this script to make it works properly in this case. We believe it’s possible to live with, in fact you’re just second one who noticed.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Cannot get this theme to work after four hours. The edit post/page screen is broken – no mce above edit box and text is whited out. Cannot upload pictures, create sliders or anything. Installed twice as per instructions. Tried joining the forum, but no verification email received, so I cannot view the support forum. Help would be appreciated!

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Hello, I have opened a support ticket yesterday I really need urgent help with the homepage slider that is not showing anymore. I can see the thumbnails on the sidebar and also the caption so it’s loading pictures and the slider is working somehow, but the screen is black. http://quintaessenza-snc.com/adriatica/

Please help Grazia


It seems that it’s works fine now, or not?

Hi I have the same problem as Grazia,

I can’t upload any images, my screen is black and I have no visible thumbnails. I have submitted a support ticket – but I really would like to get this to work.


By the way. Is Grazia’s slider also showing black screen for you? If so, probably you would need to check your system parameters, as the slider works fine. See: http://screencast.com/t/mk8h5rbp


Thanks – viewed your forums with no luck. Submitted a ticket about 24 hours ago with all the required details on your system.

Help would be appreciated.


Please specify ticket number if it still not solved. Thank you.

Quick pre-sales questions…

Can I make multiple full-screen slideshows and assign them to different pages? i.e. 1 page uses full-screen slideshow A, the next page uses full screen slideshow B…

Can I turn off the gallery image bar on the right or make it collapsed by default? I don’t want all of the small images on the right by default.

Are you addressing the color issues on I.E. 8? The pop-out menus are unreadable on Internet Explorer 8.

Thanks for your reply



1) Yes

2) Yes

3) This theme not supports IE8 .

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Cant login to forum nor reset the pass. So here it goes.

The buttons for portfolio pagination are misplaced and hidden. When I sort items by name or date (they move around) and I can see behind the 1st portfolio item the button for “page 1”, “page 2”, etc …

Can you fix this?

Thank you.


Hi, thanks for purchasing our product! All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket.

Please create a support request there, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


Firstly, the theme is beautiful, in many ways it is just what I’m looking for. I’d really like to purchase it, but it is important that it be mobile responsive. Can it be used on mobile and tablet platforms? I saw something that someone had asked saying that it was not mobile friendly because of the fullpage slider. is there a way around that for mobile devices whereby you could have them go to a static page instead?




Unfortunately no. This is only desktop (notebooks) theme.

Thanks for the quick response :)

Hi 1. Can the lines in headers be removed? I don’t want any lines 2. How do I remove the “Leave a Reply” Thanks


Thanks for purchasing Pacifico.

1. There’s no option for removing lines in headings in this template.
But you can do this by editing style.css

#home {border-bottom:3px solid #EBEBEB;}

Just remove border here.

2. There is a WordPress function for comments – it’s called discussion.
Here is a screencast about how to disable WP comments: http://screencast.com/t/ZG31ReLIW5td


Thank you

Hi, the shortcode buttons on the kitchen sink seemed to have disappeared for some reason. No matter how many times I click the extend Kitchen sink button, I don’t see the Shortcode buttons at all, please help! thanks..


It’s hard to say what happened. Please, submit a personal support ticket here and provide your wp-admin and FTP data.

HIII …..Since my last purchased theme was not a success.. it doesnt support bulk upload for the sliders..

I would like to know if this one does, I mean the static gallery.

link: http://pacifico.cmsmasters.net/?page_id=890

if this support bulk upload images like other wordpress gallery? or do I have to upload image one by one again? Also. Does it has preload function?

Please helppppp me with thisssssss. thanksss.


Well, there’s no option for bulk slides uploading here as well. You can upload as many images to Media Library as you want, but to activate them all as slides you have to add manually each of them in Slider Manager.


Thank you for the quick reply…...