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I opened a ticket a few days ago and was wondering how long I should wait for a reply?

Envato #239851



We have no information on this. Our tickets system has no relation to Envato support.

cmsmasters support ticket can be submitted here.

But note: we provide support to our customers exclusively. If you have a pre-sale question, you can post it here in the comments.

senanl Purchased

How do you make it so featured images DO NOT come up in the image slider on the actual project page?

Please don’t tell me to use one of the project images, it never crops them nicely to use as a featured image.


Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!

I’m not sure I fully understood you. But you may change project Portfolio Page Display Type in the Project options here: http://screencast.com/t/WDrIO7CyRDcO
Your project will use a featured image instead of your portfolio content. If the answer wasn’t helpful, please, submit a personal support ticket. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please, note:
All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket in case of need. The cmsmasters support center works Monday to Friday.

Thank you.

senanl Purchased

Why do Featured images used for ‘Cover’ also have to be shown in the project contents, how do you turn that off?


Please, submit a personal support ticket here, we’ll do our best to help you. But can’t give you any guarantee. There’s no option in this theme which hides featured image from the entire project content.

just realised there is a support site – I’ll put my query in there!!


there is support for flickr on this theme? (show flickr images without being sent to flickr.com)


Hi. Sure, we have a Flickr widget. Please, scroll to the bottom of this page – you’ll find it in the bottom sidebar: http://pacifico.cmsmasters.net/?page_id=47

Hi, a simple question. The template is great but before buuy i’d like to know if is possible to set up a custom background for each page.

Just a single image for each page. I have a site to build and this feature is important.



Sure, you can set any background you want – static or moving, one slide or few ones. :)

The answer i wanted. :-)


I’m are having problems with portfolio filtering. I’ve tried to install it on wordpress 3,2 – 3,3 and 3,4 but none of them has worked ? I’ve defined categories, and selected page as portfolio, and opened filtering specification. It tries to load itself, but doesnt happen a bit.


Yes, I’m using 1.1.1 version. I also submitted a personal ticked yesterday, before writing here, but still nobody has returned an answer. I also provided my wp-admin and ftp information. I’m still waiting..


Please allow up to 48 HOURS (common issues) or 72 HOURS (problems which require developer’s assistance) for your ticket or forum thread to be answered.

Can you specify the ticket number so we could speed up the process?


Yes, I provided all the information they could need. Today I had a message from support center. I think my case has started.

Hi! i got the Theme. Is incredible really. fantastic Job. i’d like to ask you a thing. I need to do a “light” version of the theme that mean white backgrounds and grey text. I need to change the body background color manually in the file or there is some option to customize the menĂ¹ and body page bckground without changing the code ?

And i sugest you to add a “light” preset to your 7 styles :-)


Thanks for choosing Pacifico. :)
You can change the layout color/type here. There’s no white layout and we don’t provide coding support, but you can submit a personal support ticket, provide your FTP and wp-admin data – and we will try to help you to set the white color.

Also, please, note:
All support is given through our Support Forums or you can submit a personal support ticket. We’ll get back to you asap.
There’s a detailed documentation in the theme archive. You can easily elaborate your site after studying our “How to”. It’s the index.html file in the \DOCS\ folder. Open it with your browser.

I understand and i don’t want you to tell me how to do, i only want to know if i need to change the CSS manually. and i think the answer is Yes. Only this


Oh, now I see.

Hope you’ll get your web site to work soon :)

Thank you!

Hi, i found a problem. I try to add some custom background images but it won’t work. My images are 1920×1280 less than 200k eachone. i use the upload funcion on the Background manager but i can’t see any image after click on upload. I check my folders and are “777” as requested.


Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!
All support is given through our Support Forums or you can submit a personal support ticket.

It’s hard to say what may cause the issue. Maybe some plugin. Please, submit a ticket and provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials. We’ll get back to you asap. Thanks.


Hi, with Purchace code you mean the TRansaction id ?


Found it :-)

Solved the problem, if you add an image small in Kb but large over than 1440 thinythumb won’t work.

With images 1024×768 all seems to work

luutaa Purchased

Hi, Thanks for creating this awesome theme. I see that there’s no dummy data so we are facing issue setting up theme. Please let us know if you can provide xml / whatever needed so we can put in dummy data.

We will replace the content & images etc. We have all resources we need. We are working on a RUSH job and we need to complete it before this Friday. We ensure that we won’t be using your content / images on live site so you should not worry about copyright etc.

Thanks for your help.


Hello. Thank you for using Pacifico theme and for your kind words :)

Actually this theme has no demo content. It’s assumed you’ll add images by yourself after reading our “How to”. Mostly this theme contained from fullscreen slides, there’s no need in demo content for it – we don’t provide images with our themes. As for widgets, shortcodes and other options – you’ll set up them in minutes.

There’s a detailed documentation in the theme archive. You can easily elaborate your site after studying it. It’s the index.html file in the \DOCS\ folder.
Open it with your browser.

Unfortunately we can’t provide you xml file. Sorry.

Hi, I just downloaded the Pacifico theme. In order to activate it, i read in the instructions that I have to upload the theme to the right directory with ftp. But, I already have a website (also in WP) and that is te one to be repcaced with the pacifico theme.

My Question: how can I activate and develop my new site with Pacifico theme offline or online, separate from my current site, and replace my curren site when my new, Pacifico based, site is ready?


Hi. Thanks for purchasing Pacifico.

Theme installation shouldn’t affect your web site, until you activate it. You can upload theme files in your current wp-content/themes. Just follow required steps and then start to customize your web site with Pacifico. We kindly advice do not elaborate your site offline, it’s better to activate it on a live site. All the data is in your database and wp-content/uploads, so any actions with the theme shouldn’t anyhow affect your information.

For further assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket here, as providing help via comments is beyond our support policy.

k31f Purchased

great theme. thank you!!!! only confuses what happens when loading preloading all images. I think it would be true to preload the first 3-4 and while they are shown to load all the rest. this can be done?

and another noted that if is a random selection of start and end of the case that they are the same and then there is no movement.

thank you


Hi. Thanks for choosing Pacifico.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to skip preloading of all the images before showing the slide. This is the way our slider works. Try to reduce images quantity.

I’m sorry, but I haven’t understood your second question. Can you, please, submit a personal support ticket and provide there screenshots or video about your issue?
Thank you.

k31f Purchased

it is very sad ((( I’m disappointed. make slideshow full screen with poor quality images – stupid. and when a lot of pictures with good quality it is too long preloading process (( for example http://egorilin.ru/


Well, you have too much images in one slider, obviously it’s not convenient even for the visitor. We kindly advice you to divide the portfolio into categories and use few sliders.

By the way, your site looks great. :)

k31f Purchased

is a big problem to do preload all images during the first showing of them?


It’s impossible.

HI! I have quick question. your theme is great. by the way, let me hot to install facebook social comment plug-in instead of wordpress comment system.

is it possible?


Hi. Thanks for being interested in Pacifico theme.

Hypothetically it’s possible, but we haven’t made any tests and can neither confirm nor deny, that our theme would work properly with this plugin.

As it might been known, we don’t guarantee compatibility with any additional plugin and don’t provide assistance in regard with plugins compatibility or help to set them up. One can download them at own risk.


How can I get the sliderimages not to stretch, but keep aspect ratio when I change the dimensions of my browser window?


We use Canvas Tag, which links the edges of images to browser when you move its edge.
But this distortion goes away after page reloading (click F5). So if someone enters the site with modified browser window, he will get just ordinary appearance with no distortion.