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Hi SemiColon team ! Great theme. I downloaded and successfully intalled PageFlow and started to fill in some content. However I can’t find the Client Logos Carousel feature. Is it included as stated in the “Features” section of the page, or is it a plugin we need to add ? thx

Hi SemiColonWen team!

Can you please advice how i can get rid of the services field in the form in the contact sheet? I’ve used the default contact template that came with the theme and just can’t figure out how to get rid of that specific field.

website is: http:asianbeachproperty.com

Thanks Terry

I love this onepager. is it possible to add additional menu slots ?


Hello. Thanks..! :)

Do you mean dropdown..?

Hey SemiColon Team – I am having some issues with my site. In the past 2 days it is acting weird. I have been up and running for several months and now my page is loading goofy. When I go to the site – www.myqaas.com, I am having the footer with the plus sign stay in front of my entire site without clicking on the plus sign. I am as well losing the ability to click on the top menu and have it scroll to that portion of the single page. Please help!!!


I do not know why I never receive replies from you on here. Please do so, I am still having issues and need them resolved today!


Good Afternoon – are you going to release an update for Wordpress 3.5.1 or 3.7.1? I think this may be the problem. If you are not going to I am going to need my money back. Please respond soon!

Hi,i just bought this theme.I installed theme and imported the sample data.i’m having problem THEME OPTION.whenever i edit try to edit any field mainly in ABOUT page no changes are visible??its urget hoping for quick reply.

Hello I dont know why , but slider in header doesnt work , I upload images and refresh site , but I dont see slider there :( Can u help me , please ?

Need this in responsive!! You said you were gonna update at the end of the month in a comment made 1 year ago. In comments from 2 years ago you said it wasn’t possible due to the portfolio and skills section. Since you made a newer comment a year ago saying it will be updated at the end of the month I assume you have resolved that issue. When will you update it to responsive? Only then I can use this unfortunately.

Very Good job!

One quick question! Where can I set a favicon?

Hello, I bought PageFlow in 2012 and have been patiently waiting for “Responsive” capability since then. Is this functionality available? Thank you.