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Hello Keenan!

Unfortunately there is no more upcoming release planed for Joomla 2.5 ( http://developer.joomla.org/development-status.html ). Do you plan a Pajuh update to J3 & VM3?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards

Hello Spacepix, yes, please be patient, I’m on my way to convert this templates to be able to run on J3 and VM3.


Thank you for updating! 5 stars again!!!

You’re welcome spacepix :)


hahnlo Purchased

I need some help here, I am trying to change/create the tabs in “BROWSE OUR PRODUCT” to no avail. I kind of managed to change the link by adjusting the existing tabs module but I still could not change the tabs title or add/remove the tabs. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello hahnlo,

I thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. TO change the tabs title please go to Browse Our Product modules > Tabs > Then you could click “add new tab” to add new tab, or just simply click on tabs item and change the title. Then save. Good luck.


Is there a J3 & VM3 version of this?

Thanks Mark New Zealand

Hello Mark,

Thanks for your question. The J3 and VM3 for this templates is on the way process, hopefully it will be ready soon. And surely we will let you know then.


Hello Joshua

How are you? I’d like to let you know that Pajuh is now upgraded to the latest version, please check http://themeforest.net/item/pajuh-clean-and-responsive-virtuemart-templates/4236655



I have big problem installing this theme. I don’t have MySQLi but just MySQL (I don’t know if that is the problem)

but when I have Install your theme on my site www.neo-herbal.si there is everything messed up … also I didn’t saw any option where I could deside if I would like to install data or nothing … like usual when I install joomla.

Please help ASAP – I do have to finish this website within few hours. Can you please respond me on my private mail domen.fras@gmail.com I did send you several messages through contact form on right but didn’t get any answer until today.

Pls help ASAP

Thank you very much


I have figure it out how to fix problem above … with help of other people!!!

can you pls tell me why if I change the skin color my logo dissapear? and return back to default logo


How can I unpublish virtuemart menu button (temporary)??

I need in 8 hours to publish my webpage – but 1st without web shop – that will come later ?


Thank you!


olewebs Purchased

I have a problem with positions, i can’t place modules in the theme. I saw templateDetails.xml and its positions was empty. <positions> </positions> How do i can set a module in the theme?

Hello olewebs.

How are you? I’m sorry for my late reply. How is your website now? do you still face the problem..??

Regards, Keenan

Hello, I am trying to access the demo PAJUH template, but I can not, it redirects me to another template MELLEH, but what I want to show my client is PAJUH. How do I view the PAJUH?

Hello heliogreco,

I’m so sorry for my late reply. This templates is being rebuilt to adapt the latest joomla and will be integrated with T3 bootstrap.


will it be upgraded to 3.3?

Perfect thank you a lot


How are you? I’d like to let you know that Pajuh is now upgraded to the latest version, please check http://themeforest.net/item/pajuh-clean-and-responsive-virtuemart-templates/4236655

Regards, Keenan

Perfect !!!!!!!!!1

I do not like how you do not update your templates to J3.. This makes it hard for me to ever purchase from you again, because now i have clients that i can not update their sites to J3 because of this. :(

If you ever update, please write it in the main template info section i’ll keep checking.

see here http://prntscr.com/6doila

Hello, Sorry for my late reply. I’m updating now, and rebuilt this templates. surely you’ll be notified when the updates is ready.



I really like your template and I suggested it to my client and he loved it too. The think is that we are waiting for Joomla3x version. Could you please inform me when are you going to upgrade it??

Please inform me as soon as possible because I have to purchase it immediatelly otherwise I have to look for something else :( and I dont want to.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Maria

Hello Maria

How are you? I’m so sorry for my late reply. I’d like to let you know that Pajuh is now upgraded to the latest version, please check http://themeforest.net/item/pajuh-clean-and-responsive-virtuemart-templates/4236655


Thank you Keenan

Have a nice day!

Hi everyone, but specially Maskeenan.

Lovely template, but How can I apply a maximenu, in fact maximenu CK?

Thankyou so much

Please check your email. I’ve replied your PM



You’re welcome dxxx.
Cheers :)

First of all, thanks for your great work, iam quite happy with the template.

There is currently only one thing thats driving me mad:

My Logo or website Name keeps scrolling down, jumping into the content of the site. Seems to related to the “back to to” button. How do i configure this behavior? A menu whih scrolls down with the page is nice, but for the start (until i understand how to setup it well) i want to just deactivate the scrolling/rolling logo.

So if anyone has an idea: PLease add a comment :)

Hello stefanten,

Could you please to let me know your url? So I could check the problem precisely.


Very disappointed. I purchased this template and need help. Author has not responded to any of my requests—it has been weeks. I deleted subcategories from virtuemart and a bug appeared in the template. Also having issues finding where in the template certain virtuemart overrides are located, even after using firebug. Need help for this to work for me and author won’t respond. Wasted $60.

I do NOT recommend!


shui726 Purchased

Hi, How can I change the mouse-over link color? Thx.

Hello shui726,

Please go to templates > pajuh > less > variables > find @brand-primary, so you could change its value. And save it.

Good luck,

Hello, the System Plugin zoompelho is missing in the package, where can I download it!?


Hello leslie_burns,

Please PM me here http://themeforest.net/user/maskeenan I will send you the installer file.


how can i change color to black?

Hi, template looks good!

I coudnt find the category module, is it available? So a list of all the categories in the sidebar. And can i see an example?

Thanks in advance