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So I see how it works… You leave up comments praising your theme and flag comments that are critical of it.

Steer clear of this theme and the developer.

You were rude. I was trying to help you and asked you to send me the url or access to your website to see what’s the problem is and all I got from you was some offensive comments. I’m doing my best to reply and help everyone, so attacking me because I didn’t reply to you in 5 mins and because I really don’t understand your problem is not fair. I’m sorry I’m not meeting your expectation of 24/7 support. Maybe order full nice new website in one of the agencies for few thousands euro and you’ll be happy with their support. Good luck.


In the Home page widgets, the “featured page”, we can only link the “Read more” button to word press “Pages”, how can we redirect to the “location page” using the “read more” button?

Kind, Dali

Sorry, but you can not do that. The theme to do that would have to be modified to do that. Or you can use Text widget with HTML tags in it to imitate featured page widget. You would have to hire a developer to do it for you.

Please, send me the changes i’ll have to do in the css to hide “The black bar under the banner”.

I don’t know what is the class, i’m not developer i can only paste the new code lines to replace the old code in the css.


Hi there, File “style.css”, line 548: .nivo-caption { display: none !important; }

How can we hide the description under the photos lightbox? If we don’t specify any word, the lightbox show “Undefined”...

Add a line in css file: .pp_description {display: none !important;}

Hi there, thanks so much for this fantastic theme – I would recommend it, it’s super easy to use! :)

One quick question tho – I want to change the h2 red curly font on the front page. I’ve generated the cufon script etc, I’m just not 100% sure how to change the font name to the new one in my jQuery settings – can you help?

Hi and thank you for kind word. It’s very easy. All you have to do is replace this file: SavoyeLetPlain_400.font.js with your own generated font file and change the link to this file in your template –

Hi I am having error with thumb.php. I am setting up teaser widget. /wp-content/themes/ItalianRestaurant/lib/scripts/thumb.php on line 550 Line 550 shows: if (ereg(‘http://', $src) == true) {

Sorry for such a late reply. I need a URL of the page, can’t say what’s wrong without it.

Hi, on my menu page word “PRICE” above the amount is not showing.

Did you change any code in this theme? It always worked for everyone else. I need to look on live page. Please send me your URL .

Others have reported the issue I have as well, without resolution yet. A 10px black bar below the slider. You suggest display:none for captions, but slide captions are not utilized in the nivo slider here. If that is indeed a working solution, which .css page, styles.css or nivo-slider.css, and which line number? My dev site: please and thank you :)

nivo-slider.css line 43: .nivo-caption. Just add “display:none” to this class.

Would like to know as well if the contact form can be adjusted to include more fields? There is a sidebar titled RIGHT contact. What does this sidebar apply to and how might I utilize a the contact form widget on a main page instead of just inside a sidebar. Thanks again.

Hi and my apologies for such a late answer. To include more fields – you need to modify contact.php file. “RIGHT contact” widget area is the sidebar for page with Contact Page template set. You can use contact form widget with any of sidebars (widget areas), but you will need to edit CSS to make it look as you need where you need.

I want to reduce or get rid of the line between the slider and the widgets. I noticed a bunch of other people have it on their sites too. Also, I am trying to integrate a video clip on the home page widget. However no shortcode is working there. Is there a way to over ride it or a different FLV player?

OK, I have talked to my developer. There is no players in this theme. I would say only 10% of themes support self-hosted video. You need to upload your video to Youtube or other site and use embed code.

I changed the slider down to zero and it worked. :grin:

I am unable locate .nivo-caption – I found .nivo-info, i tried added it there without success. Where? :confusedsad:

Add a line to your CSS : .nivo-caption {display:none;}

You referenced “contact.php” but there is no such file, please clarify. Also there does not appear to be a Contact Page template set – can you explain? Thanks much.

Sorry for such a late reply. I’m not sure what do you mean, but if you want, I can send you SQL database copy, so you can have yout theme exactly like the demo. Please send me an email on Thanks.

I am having trouble locating the code to adjust the code below the slider. Inside the widget featured items. :yawn: I brought it down to two widgets. I am trying to get the Video to fit… Ugh, I need help. :depressed:

Hi, I see the video working on your website. You still having a problem?

Hi there! This theme looks awesome. I am about to buy it for a project we have, but I had a question first about the red menu and banner. Is there away for me to change that to a blue? I have adobe fireworks and am graphics proficient.

Hi there! Thanks for a kind word. Sorry for very late reply but I was away for few days. PSD files are included in the theme and you need Photoshop to edit them. I’m not sure if Fireworks can do that.

I have been editing this theme for a client and wanted to point out a major bug that I see others have complained about and you did not post a solution or update to fix it. The default right sidebars do not work, at least not for pages (my client does not use the blog or extra taxonomies). I looked at your code and it only contains the function for adding a dynamically added sidebar. If you go into that function, there is an if statement to check if a custom sidebar has been created. There is no ‘else’ statement to do anything if one has not been. The fix is also not simple based on how your code is written. I really suggest you try to update this and fix the bugs that people are complaining of. This particular one is a major inconvenience. People with a lot of pages have to manually go through and add a custom sidebar for each one? That’s an insane amount of time waste.

1) I apologize for the confusion. The top box is considered a sidebar in this script and I relate a sidebar to the column on the right. I did not mean the right sidebar but rather the top box where the option for dynamic generated sidebar is. Looking through your comments I am not the first one to point this out. If I put a widget into TOP page, nothing happens. But if I generate a sidebar and apply it to a single page’s settings, it appears.

2) Here is the code I traced to find the function. page.php (lines 9-12)

require(THEMICO_INCLUDES . ”/var.php”);

generated_dynamic_sidebar_themico(1); ?>

lib/classes/sidebar-generator.php (lines 64-66)

if($selected_sidebar != ’’ && $selected_sidebar != “0”){ dynamic_sidebar($selected_sidebar); } // NO IF STATEMENT HERE , It’s dynamic sidebar or nothing.

3) Again, I confused the sidebar position. I am still speaking about the top box and my frustration of having to go through all of my pages and manually add a sidebar I had created because the default TOP sidebar was not working.

Thank you.

Thank you, all clear now, we’ll work on it.

The theme has been updated last night. Please feel free to download it and let me know if there is anything else to be fixed or improved.

I added ’’display:none’’, but the black bar in slider just moved from bottom to top.. How do I fix it? Thanks.

Hi, this them has bee updated lately and I’ve turned the banner caption off as a default. Please download the latest version.


I just install wp and upload theme but I’ve a few problem/questions? 1) Widget not working, when I click widgets I’ll see message (“You are seeing this message because the theme you are currently using isn’t widget-aware …), 2) I prepared Location like your introduction steps but it doesn’t show google maps on published page. 3) I create Menu like your introduction steps but it doesn’t show picture and price.

How can I fix these problem? I’ll send link & access info

Hi, Hleb has sent you a reply by email. Thank you again for the purchase.

Hey. Thanks for the previous reply. It indeed helped. I am going to change the color palette of the template, can you guide me where can I find menu-bg.png alike picture but in different color? I need something that will match yellow and orange. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.

Hi, PSD files are included in this theme. Just open one of the files, change the color, cut the image background you need and it’s done.

Never mind. All done. =)

OK, I’ve replied anyway :)

I faced a problem when changed the permalinks. Some pages show “Page not found”. What do I need to do to fix that?

Check it out here Under the Menu menu button.

I see all the pages. I clicked all of it and see no “Page not found”. Which page is missing? Did you check this problem on the default WP theme as well?

Sorry, but how did you purchase this theme? I see no “Purchased” band on your comment box.

What about now? Just had a representative asking questions.

So, anyways, when we click on either Lunch or Dinner under the Menu, we get an empty page with a Page not found on the tab of browser.

So if it’s the same problem on default theme, then it’s nothing to do with this theme. You are doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. Send me login and password to your panel by email and then I’ll see what might be wrong, ok?

Check you mail box.

Access do dashboard is not working now. Did you figure out what was wrong?