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How do I make the food menus show up in certain pages ? I have made a page and then I have made 2 food menu´s and set the category´s but I am missing how to link it or have it to show up where I want ?

Hope for a quick response


Here is the answer from my developer:

If I understand the questions correct, we have only categories for menus, testimonials and locations. There is not separate page for each type of this items (no template). Usually you have menu, testimonials and locations in one place – one page. So you can link only to category, and on this page there will be all items shown.

I have made a food menu and categories in the WP-Dashboard. Then I made page called menu and it show up in the Top-Menu on the page but when I want to link the food-menu categories to my page it will not show up ? Can I send you screenshot to make this explanation easier ?


Yeah, sure. Please write directly to Hleb. He will help you. His email is

The live preview is very strange … when I try to click menu´s it goes to the author page ?

Oops, the root folder has been changed. I will fix it.

All fixed now.

I love this theme for a bar and grill it seems well thought out. I have a few pre-purchase questions. Will this theme be compatible with wordpress 3.5? Also there is no mention if this theme is responsive? Most people are using smartphones now especially for finding a place to eat.

I am hoping you say yes to both, I really want this theme :)

It is compatible with WP 3.5 but it is not responsive. There will be a new updated version in next 2-3 months, but we are working on other projects at the moment. One of them is another restaurant theme, just html for now, but should be WP ready in 2 weeks or so. Here is the link:

So the new updated version will be responsive? We prefer this template to your new one its much more practical for what we are doing

It will be, but in next few month. We working on few other projects at the moment.


I am using WordPress 3.5.1. is this theme compatible.


Hi, I just bought and install and I am getting this install error.

++ Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


Because you are trying to install the whole download package, not a theme. Unzip the file you downloaded first. Inside you will find PSD files, Help file and the theme you want to install.

My home page margins are all the way to the left (basically no margins at all). It only happens on the first page. Could you let me know how I can fix this? The website is Thanks

File style.css, line 326: #main-page #content. Remove “padding: 0;”.

Thank you

Hi, I’ve just made a site with your nice theme. See I’ve one problem. When I insert an image into a page an I click on that image, you’ll see the discription ‘undefined’ under the image. (See: To fix this problem I added the line .pp_description {display: none !important;} in the css-file. But when I do this, the discription under the images in the galeries are also gone. (See: Is there a solution that I can put a specific text under the single images or remove the discription and still see the discription under the images in the galeries. Thanks for your answer.

Hi, here’s the answer from my back-end developer:

In the sidebar I think it’s HTML code – so just add the title=”some text” in the A tag. For the menu page, open the taxonomy-restaurant_menu.php, replace this string:

<a href="<?php echo $url; ?>"><?php


<a href="<?php echo $url; ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"><?php>

Thanks again for your answer. The sidebar is not html-code but a AD Banner Widget. So I can’t use the html code. What to do now?

File: /lib/functions/widgets.php

echo ( '<div class="ad-banner"><a href="' . $instance['b-link'] . '"><img src="' . $instance['b-image'] . '" class="banner" /></a></div>' );
replace with:
echo ( '<div class="ad-banner"><a href="' . $instance['b-link'] . '" title=""><img src="' . $instance['b-image'] . '" class="banner" /></a></div>' );

I installed the Theme no problem but all I have is a sample page. it does not look anything like the home page that you show in the documentation. when you edit the page under template my only option is “default template” and “full width” How do I set up a home page with a slider?? There is nothing in the documentation.

If I remember there also should be MySQL database file included, so you can just upload it in your admin panel. Let me know if it’s not there and I can send you one.

you still did not answer my question? How do i set up a home page? When I installed the theme the sample page LOOKS NOTHING LIKE YOUR INSTRUCTIONS I am very confused do I have to install your database thru my C panel PLEASE I NEED HELP this is the most confusing theme I have ever used. HOW DO I make a home page with a slider ? Maybe I should say How do I asign a home page ? I placed witdgets on the home page pannel but I still cant see them

Please contact my back-end developer directly. This should speed up your process. His name is Hleb and his email is I’m sorry you have any difficulties. We’ll try to help you as much as we can.

My bullet points are not showing up.

See text where it say bullet point here

Hi, sorry, I just came back from my holidays, I will answer all the questions as soon as I can.

Hi, I see no styles for the bullet points there. I can suggest 2 solutions in your CSS file:

#content ul {
    list-style: circle;
    margin: 20px 0 20px 20px;


#content ul {
    list-style: none;
    margin: 20px 0 20px 20px;

#content ul li {
    background: url(your_bullet_image.gif) no-repeat left 5px;
    padding-left: 15px;

Let me know if you need any more help.

Ok nothing is easy on this template I am trying to make my menu page work as well as the location page I have created my locations like in your diagram BUT HOW Do I set up the page that shows all my locations? I finally figured out how to get my home page working YOU CAN NOT SET YOUR HOME PAGE AS A STATIC PAGE , you have to set it to “latest posts” The guy who answers these forms always has to refer to the developer so I have to ask the same questions twice. The home page can only be layed out one way if you want a slider. Instructions are just diagrams nothing is explained. I will be asking for my money back. Its the most confusing template I have ever used. Support is on vacation most of the time yada yada, Also template IS NOT RESPONSIVE , MOST PEOPLE USE A SMART PHONE TO CHECK OUT A Restaurant website. On a plus note it is a very nice design thats why I purchased it

1. I’m a web design and front-end developer, so if the question is about design, html or css I can answer it, but if the question is about some Wordpress functions or php then my developer answers it. I sent you his email address so you could contact him directly and wouldn’t have to explain your problem twice. I did it to make your life easier, not more difficult.

2. I was on vacation 4 (FOUR) days this year, so MOST of the time? Come on! Everybody needs vacation from time to time, don’t you think? I’m trying to help people as fast as I can, even on the weekends, but expecting from us support 24/7 is little bit unfair. We are only 2 guys and we do need holidays or just some sleep from time to time, you know?

3. Yes, it’s not responsive, like it says in the description where stays clearly FIXED layout. We are working on the new version, much easier and responsive, but like for everything else, we need time to do it.

1. When I add widgets to my blog right side bar. The first one works fine but the other ones go to the bottom righ. 2. Is there any way to put the homepage widgets on the side like the blog page? 3. For some reason the blog page is the “featured” page. What is the function of the featured page. Where it says news I put the blog but I would like to put it where the blog page is and get rid of the featured page. Would you know how to do this?

Hi and sorry for such a late reply.

1) I think the problem is in the search widget. Could you remove it and check is everything ok?

2) You can use any widgets anywhere, the only question is how they will look there. I might require some CSS work.

3) I don’t understand this part. Could you explain it please?

I took out the search widget and now the social images are at the top right and the other widgets are still on the left.

i see you Archives and Categories are outside the sidebar. That means the sidebar div was closed too early, there is one closing tag too many. Recent comments and Recent Posts are not in the footer tag but before. Please check your divs structure first.

If you go to the home page of and hover a sub menu the white box is behind the main white ground area. It doesn’t happen to any other pages. On the menu page The first menu item has a 91.40 but the cents is cut off. Is there a way to increase the space so the cents show?

1. Style.css line 196.
#main-page #header {
    overflow: hidden;  <-- Remove it
2. style.css line 390.
a.comments-count, div.comments-count {
    width: 80px;  <-- change it to 150px
    background: url('images/template/comments.png') 0 0 repeat-x;

Also edit the image “images/template/comments.png”. PSD files are included in the theme.

Do you provide security patches for this template? It is released using TimThumb and is using an outdated version which is known to be a security risk.

Is it okay to just upload new files from somewhere else or would you provide the update so others are not affected?

I am asking because I run 2 security scanners on my WordPress site and they both flag this file as a security risk because it is using an outdated version TimThumb.

Here is the exact message that is generated by WordFence Security.

“wp-content/themes/ItalianRestaurant/lib/scripts/thumb.php – This file appears to be an old version of the TimThumb script which makes your system vulnerable to attackers. Please upgrade the theme or plugin that uses this or remove it. “

Thanks for your time.

I’m sorry but I don’t know any details about security risks with TimThumb. I heard some of this. I need to update a theme, but I have not enough time to the end of this week. Maybe I could do it on Tuesday. You can try to update it by yourself, I think replacing the files with new version should be enough. But I can’t be 100% sure. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The new Update is ready? I want to buy this theme today, but I need to know when a new version comes out?

Sorry, no time to work on new version at the moment. I’m very busy with other projects. Maybe in a month or 2.

But this version works fine with the wordpress 3.5.2?

When will the responsive version come out because this theme looks weird on different browsers. For instance, the navigation menu goes over the border on the ipad and iphone.

Should be out in next 2 months.

I have two problems. When I insert the code “facebook like box”, it only works when someone is logged on facebook. If the person is not logged in does not work.

Another problem, there is a conflict with the Palazzo and contact form 7? The e-mail is sent correctly, but the page does not update, and User think the email was not sent.

Can you help?

For the first issues – its not related to the theme… We don’t have any Facebook integration in Palazzo, and the widget code you using can’t be affected by the theme.

For the second issue – I need to see it, the form must be Ajax and need to check why message is not showing. Please send me URL.

I fixed the first problem.

I sent the URL to you by message.

Ok I see, it send the message, and get back with successful response, but not showing a message. All I found on the internet is the same issues, which was solved like this:

“My issue ended being an option within a Newsletter I was using. This option created a custom header and footer in every email I sent out fromthe site. Even if it wasn’t coming from the newsletter. That meant emails come and going from CF7 received this custom header/footer as well. Once I figured this out, I just took the custom header/footer, andplaced in in CF7, and checked the HTML box, and everything started working just the way I wanted it to.”

I can’t say nothing more as it is a third party plugin and it is going out of the support scope.

Hi cr3ate,

Typing a word with a ’ gives automatically a slash. For example: Here’s will be showed like this: here/’s. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance.

URL please.

Put \ before each ’.

I just gained a new client whose website uses this theme. When I add a second TEXT WIDGET to the Page sidebar, it breaks the DIV and goes into the main content area. Original developer is out of the picture.

It looks like a problem with the theme, but it also looks like they haven’t upgraded it. Can you tell me if this was a known bug and what version it was fixed in? If so, I will urge them to upgrade. Otherwise, I can put all of the sidebar code in one text box.

Please send me you URL on email Sorry for such a late reply. I’m trying to dig out after holiday.

Nothing is easy with this theme – very sad – it is pretty but I will not recommend to anyone. Yes I have the latest Wordpress version but that should not stop widgets from working and no slider at all. Very disappointing – I expected to install and set it up – nothing but a nightmare. This is what I get:

Don’t tell me I don’t know how to use and install WordPress themes – I manage and install at least 20 a month.

I’m sorry to hear that. This theme is very old and we are working at completely new version. It will be fully responsive, with page builder, many shortcodes etc. Please let me know if you need any help.

Any news on when the update for Responsive Design is due please?

I’m working at the responsive HTML site first. You can have a peak at the home page on

When will this be done? is it worth waiting til its complete before I download the template, or can I update with ease?

I can’t say really, HTML template should be ready in a month, but Wordpress might take a bit longer, so I’m just guessing it might take 2 months. I’m working on few projects at once and doing everything I can to make everybody happy. Please be patient.