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hmm.. looks similar to Abrax

the slider is custom or is MIT ? Looks the same



Hello Zoomlt,

Thank you very much for your words, I’m really appreciated. Undoubtable, Abrax is so gorgeous Joomla Templates, that’s why I’m so glad you’re considering this template is similar with Abrax. But, if you ask me whether this template is similar to abrax, firmly I would say “NO”

And about the slider I use Joom Image Rotator, there are plenty free joomla slider module in extensions.joomla.org that is similar to this module.

Thank you very much for your attention. And as an author as well, I pray for your good sales as well

Have a nice day, Keenan

@Zoomlt -> i guess its not looks similar to me. @maskeenan -> nice template.. good luck


Hello Selvamanikandan,

Thank you very much, good luck for you too

@Zoomit – I disagree. There are similarities, but doesn’t look like it whatsoever in my mind to cause any concern.

@Maskeenan, looks awesome man. Great work. I wish you all the best. I’m really liking the Joomla templates coming to TF lately and this definitely has potential for good sales. Best of luck!


Hello Our Web Media,

Thank you much for your compliment, I’m so touched. Good luck for you too Have a nice day


hello,i want to know if this template is really what i lookng for. Can you give me access to the backend? I need to know how the portfolio works.

i also have this questions:

1) The thumbs are automaticly generated? or I have to make it manually? 2) Where it comes from the text that appears in the hover image on the gallery?

Excuse me for my english. Have a nice day!



Portfolio works by combining 2 modules : Tab GK4 modules and Animate Hover module. You need to create multiple Animate hover module to display those images/thumbnail and assign it in position that has been defined on tab GK4 module.

The thumbnails are not automatically generated, you need to provide those thumbnail manually and upload them to your intended directory. There are also many module parameters to set and manage this thumbail. such as : you’re freely to insert you own thumnail title, description and also url.

No worries about your English, My english is not good too, ;). Well, I do hope I can answer your question. Looking forward to your purchase ;)

Best Regards, Keenan

formad Purchased

Hello bought you’re great template, i was wondering where you bought the images in the front slider.

Kind regards, Matthijs


Hello Matthijs,

Thank you very much for purchasing my template. I didn’t bought them, I got from deviantart.com, you can go there and search what do you want. you can choose to buy or get as free.

Thanks again for purchasing my template, Regards, Keenan

which tweeter module your’e using, bos? i will apply into arapah.



bas bos bas bos…:D :D Ojok gawe boso inggris mas, ra mudheng kie aku…:D :D

iku gawe Tweet Display back mas, iki link-e http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/social-web/twitter-display/14052

piye, gak download panekah pisan tah? hehehe, ngarep mode:on kie…:D :D, btw suwun mas yo wes percoyo karo template-ku. Sukses gawe sampeyan

The site seem interesting, but i need to know if there is a module for the comments in the blog post


Hello Ziusurda,

Thank you very much for your words and suggestion. It might be considered on my next update. And actually there are plenty joomla comments plugin in extention.joomla.org that is compatible with Joomla 1.6, we could only donwload install and configured it.

Thanks anyway for your suggestion. Best Regards, Keenan

ra mudheng ra iso dodolan cak… akhire aku gawe tweet-e JA cak. aku pertimbangke pake module iku. aku durung tuku maneh, jebol bandare… satu klien meh rampung, artine arep diwenehi rejeki maneh :)

*anggota forum iki podho mudheng ra?



gak urus mas mudeng opo ora…, lah sampeyan pikir mereka2x ngerti tah soal arapah, panekah lan eatoreh? lah wong iku boso meduro, suka2x kita ajalah hehehehe. Wes sip ngunu lho mas website-e sampeyan. sumpah aku ngesir karo logone peyan. sopo sing gawe?

logo? aku buat sendiri mas.order ta? aku arep munculkan karya2 yg pernah aku buat. cari2 web portfolio yg pas.


Insya Allah mas, nek onok orderan lagi tak lempar ke sampeyan. Aku mbiyen beberapa kali entuk orderan logo mas, cuman tak tolak’i, lah soale ancene gak iso gawe logo, hehehe

Awesome template . Good luck with sales.

dilarang ngegossip lho :D


Makasih mas…., Hehehehe, bosen mas ngerumpi di FB, sekali-kali ngerumpi di TF khan gak papa

clean joomla design, great work mate :)


Thank you very much, Mabuc…

Hi! I am interested to buy the template. But I have a question. Is the template compatible with Virtuemart? Hope to get your reply soonest.


Hello Jakapan,

Thanks you very much for your post. glad to know you’re interested in this template. I can’t answer exactly about this compatibility issue. as I haven’t tested it yet for virtuemart. but. I think it should be okay, as long as virtuemart itself are compatible with Joomla 1.6. Anyway, I’m so sorry for setting you to wait for my answer up to 3 hours.

Best Regards. Keenan.

do you have a 1.5 version?


Hello, No worries…., I will provide it soon ;) thanks for your messages.

How long is “soon” for the 1.5 version? I am interested and would buy it if you provide a 1.5 version aswell. thank you!


Hello Terimo,

Thank you very for your post…, I’m so sorry I can’t say the exact date for this thing, I do hope I can provide it quickly. And Surely I will let you know.

Regards, Maskeenan

are you going to be providing an updated version for Joomla 1.7? As i tried using the Ugrade built in to 1.7 and i got an error message.



Sure, I’m also thinking to upgrade it. But, you might try to update it by yourself. You need to update the joomla version to Version 1.6.5 first before upgrading to Joomla 1.7. Then as this panekah are running on Natively T3 framework for Joomla 1.6. You might need to modify these files on the T3:
  • /plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/joomla/modulehelper.php
  • /plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/menu/base.class.php
Honestly I haven’t tested yet, but here modified files I’ve got from http://id-joomla.com, you can download it http://www.id-joomla.com/images/fbfiles/files/Patch_T3.zip

But securely I think you rename the original one before you paste these new files.

Good Luck, Keenan


Thanks Keenan. I will try that and let you know how it turns out.


Hello, Now Panekah is fully Support and compatible with Joomla 1.7, Please Enjoy.

Hey there I’ve bought your template and when I click on the cpanel on the front, nothing changes. I can’t change the background colour either. Can you explain why it isn’t working?

cheers Cody

kevztar Purchased

Great template, that’s for sure. Keep up your good work. But, where can I get some support? There something not good with my On Hove Module but I can’t figure out what it is. I am not a coder ;)

Thanks for helping!


Hello Kevstar,

Thank you very much for purchasing this template. And Could you brief me and specify your problem with On Hover module? I’d like to try to do my best to help.

About the support, You can leave in this discussion board or leave me a PM. I do hope I can provide support forum for my items.



I just download this template. im trying to install it white the Extension Manager of joomla 1.6.4. but i it dosnt work is there something i dooing not oke?

Grtz Dimitri


I just want to let you know that CPANEL is not working correct under Firefox 6.0.2 on MAC /Lion. I cant change the Profile – is there any solution to fix that problem?



Hello Jochendolderer,

Thank you very much for purchaing my template. Unfortunately, I have no Mac, I’m worried I have no exact solution for you. but could you please to check your site caching system, go to your administration page > global configuration > System > cache Setting > Cache : off, also please go plugin manager, please find System – Cache, then disabled it.


hey maskeenan,

thank you for your help, i will try it soon! so far i’ve worked with the default theme and disabled the cpanel.

but there is an another question i have. where can i change the basic template files, espcially the main template php file? i want to add some new module positions.


Hello Jochendolderer,

To add new module position, you need to specify where would you place your new module position. Maybe you need to check and try the files inside on template > panekah > blocks, those file handle some modules position. You might also need to check the folder templates > core > etc > layouts > defaults.xml file. I’ve defined many positions on this file.

Good luck

do you have a screen shot of the different module positions on your template?


Hello Rans,

thank you for your messages, you could see the modul position here http://joomla.themesoul.com/panekah/?tp=1