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Hi team,

Our website suddenly load very load, please goto http://www.pfculture.net/ to feel the slow perfomance. I have checked server cpu and ram both normal, any idea ?


Hi, I have to choose between purchasing ‘Panes wordpress on one page theme’ and ‘Panes html5 on one page theme’. Can I know what is the difference in their functionality and scope of expnsion. Also, I havent worked on Wordpress before. I’ve only been working on HTML5 and css. If I but Panes wordpress theme, will i easily be able to edit it according to my requirements using html and css. Or do u advise i but the panes html5 theme instread. please advice as I’m in a hurry to design my website n host it. Thanks in advance. I love this theme and waiting for origami theme

taniasiu Purchased

I have tested my contact form on panes theme, when I hit the send button, a message comes up saying, “your email could not be sent due to an error”

However I can still receive the email. How do I get rid of that error message?



Thank you very much for purchasing Panes.

That seems strange. You should have a “Thank you! Your message has been sent.” The contact form does not work with some hostings and their configuration (still we’ve never had the error message on successful sending..). In this case we suggest using the “Contact Form 7” WP plugin. You’ll have to deactivate the contact form in the Theme Options and paste the contact form shortcode into the content of your contact pane.

Hope that will work for you,